I need to do a "sign inventory"

I need to do a "sign inventory"

This is a discussion on I need to do a "sign inventory" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Based on some current discussions here, I think I'll pick a Saturday to go around to the stores I normally frequent and check for a ...

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Thread: I need to do a "sign inventory"

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    I need to do a "sign inventory"

    Based on some current discussions here, I think I'll pick a Saturday to go around to the stores I normally frequent and check for a "no weapons" sign. I'll make a list of "who's naughty and who's nice" toward concealed carry. I might also send a letter to some of the "naughty" ones, like my local mall.

    I really don't like Home Depot in the first place. So.... *if* they have a "no weapons" sign and Lowe's doesn't, maybe I'll spend a wad at Lowe's, then send a letter to Home Depot with a copy of the receipt letting them see how much business they missed, now and in the future.
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    sounds like a good idea,let us know how your search goes.
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    Have fun and enjoy the day.
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    Never seen a Lowes or Home Depot posted.....as far as the other places, if you don't know there posted it isn't a problem. If you go looking then you DO know and have no choice but to avoid them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Never seen a Lowes or Home Depot posted.....as far as the other places, if you don't know there posted it isn't a problem. If you go looking then you DO know and have no choice but to avoid them.

    Just a Yankee talking, but I think any corporation that vested in NASCAR would not post. Just not a good business move on either's part.
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    Be sure to "LQQK" everywhere for the no weapons signs..our local theater thinks it's cute to have the signs at the BOTTOM of the entry doors, abt 2.5 inches off the ground.

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    I have yet to see one, and to be honest, half the time I do not look. It's concealed, therefore it does not exist.

    There have been a couple of places that it had crossed my mind that they might bar (I seem to remember Dicks Sporting Goods as one of them), but amongst all the signage on the doors and windows at the entrance, no "No Guns/Weapons" signs.

    I know that there is a big set of guidelines for Public places, but private business...I thought that Colorado was pretty explicit on the Must Post rule, but damned if I can find the guidelines for it now. Even the definition of "Public" can get a bit hazy

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    sticks has it down

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    Be sure to "LQQK" everywhere for the no weapons signs..our local theater thinks it's cute to have the signs at the BOTTOM of the entry doors, abt 2.5 inches off the ground.
    In Tenn, that likely wouldn't make it legally enforceable. My course instructor (retired THP, SD employee) mentioned the local mall which is posted- but not "properly"- and said that it would not legally hold up.
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    i guess im lucky. i have only found one no gun sign around here, which was recently removed.

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    The day I changed the world. (well my world anyway)
    Last week I noticed a “No Gun sign” on one of the doors to the local supermarket.

    So I got on the web and look up letters to write about this and see if I could get them to take it down.

    This is what I sent them. Some of it is taken form other letters I found on the web.
    I also called the Pitt county sheriff for my ccw Facts.

    ***************, NC 27834
    Store Phone: ***-***-***

    I stopped in this store to pick up supplies for Sundays church meeting last Friday. Upon entering the store, I noticed the “No Guns” sign posted one of the doors ( law requires all entrances Be posted) . I cut a 180, went back out the exit doors, walked to my truck, upholstered my gun and locked it up.

    Often the signs are not posted due to distain for gun owners or a hatred of the Second Amendment. It is often posted due to lack of knowledge of the law, or that the store owner has been misinformed that they are required to post.
    Few merchants realize the ramifications and backlash that a "No Gun" sign entails.
    North Carolina businesses may think they are making a "safer" environment for their employees, while in fact they are putting them in danger by posting a "No Gun" sign, as well as missing prime revenue. In this economic climate, no one can afford that.
    By WILLINGLY posting a "No Guns" sign you are only forbidding law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed handguns into your establishment. All so called “gun-free zones” only disarm the law-abiding and actually make it safer for the criminal.

    Gun owners are a well-behaved, law abiding, well-funded bunch and to deny them access to a store’s goods doesn’t make any sense at all. Word travels fast in the gun community as to which businesses are gun friendly and which ones do not like gun owners.
    I can’t come in my favorite store? I have spent $200 a week for years at Krogers on groceries, pet food, business supplies/food and now I am barred from my favorite grocery by the "No Gun" sign. Do you want my business?
    By placing a "No Gun" sign, on a store was essentially saying: Hey robbers, come on in, there are no guns here. We are defenseless. And declaring that any given business is "defenseless," any thief is encouraged to hit that place.
    Criminals have long preferred unarmed victims. No criminal wants to encounter resistance or get shot when they get their "crack money." Therefore, placing a "No Gun" sign endangers employees as well as shoppers.
    I would also like to inform you that all handguns in the store must, by law, be completely concealed. You or your employees would never know there are guns on the premises. There is Zero chance for some one getting freaked out.
    Further, I would like to inform you, citizens with the licensees who carry concealed firearms are NOT felons, have never been judged mentally defective, are fingerprinted, had a federal back ground checked and have personally been given their license by a county sheriff.
    Now how much Do you know about your other customers?
    I called pit county sheriff department and they tell me they get about 15 requests for the carry concealed licenses per week. These are not cheap! The class you Must take is 200-300 (depending on the instructor) and the filing permit with the sheriff is $100.00 people are not going to pay 300-400 dollars to be in a victim disarmament store. You will be losing approximately 15 customers a week. I understand a full-service Wal-Mart with grocery across the street from you. Estimates say that it siphons off 24-58 percent of your business weekly. You need valuable customers like me to stay loyal to you. And from what I’ve heard, Wal-Mart does NOT post ‘No Gun’ signs."
    At this time I would like to inform you that I and the members of my church have noticed your sign, and we are going to respect you wishes, by shopping else ware as long as you have guns banned. And will not do business with your store until the sign is removed.

    “No Gun” signs turn law-abiding customers away – while advertising a “safe working environment” to criminals!

    (Contact info sniped)

    _______________________________Their response___________________________

    Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co.
    We know and understand that you have a choice in where you shop and are grateful that you've chosen to do so with
    us. Be assured that your concerns are being shared with the store manager.

    Thank you for shopping at Kroger. There is nothing more important to us than making sure your shopping
    experience meets your expectations.

    Dawn **********
    Consumer Affairs

    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    Today I drove by and the sign was gone!
    I am feeling really good right about now.

    This was all about 2 months ago. I'm just reposting it here.

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    For a pleasant vacation, travel to FL and look for 'signs'...now I have heard a person or two post about one, but I've lived here since 2000 and have yet to see one.
    They mean absolutely nothing here.
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    GREAT JOB Thoth8!

    I have yet to see any place posted. Letters will be dispatched upon seeing them ...
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