Spiffy new website

Spiffy new website

This is a discussion on Spiffy new website within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just discovered this website last night. I thought I'd share it with everyone here www.carryconcealed.net You can see up to date laws by clicking ...

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Thread: Spiffy new website

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    Spiffy new website

    I just discovered this website last night. I thought I'd share it with everyone here


    You can see up to date laws by clicking on the interactive map, you can choose to see what states honor your permit and what states your state honors. It has an option of clicking all the permits you have and what state honors them, and even what states don't honor your non-resident permits, that would honor your resident permit. Its a very user friendly website.

    You can even make a trip list and have a list of states you're going to travel thru and it gives you in detail what you should and should not do while driving thru those states. I'd rate it better then handgunlaws.org. Let me know what you think or if you have seen it before. Enjoy

    www.opencarry.org is another useful website as well
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    been to c.c. net not a bad website. interesting articles too.
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    I've seen it before and used the map on occasion. I just can't get the map to export to jpg or pdf. No worries. nice site though.

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    handgunlaw.us has a good map.

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    Great site, the pic of the burglar gave me a good laugh
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    Great site. I loved the burglar behind the burglar bars!

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    Useful site...'bookmarked'...

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    yup bookmarked it...that will be a rainy day read...or a snow storm read...depending on the season

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    great link...thanks for posting
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    I'm am really glad of this trend. Just look at how many concealed carry sites are out there nowadays.....

    There are all sorts of other signs that CC is spreading. All but 2 states issue at least some form of carry permit to other indicators like the backlog of the custom gun leather makers.

    These are all GOOD signs.......

    (just nit picking here, but their banner at the top shows 2 Desert Eagles.....not the easiest to conceal.....)
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    Good to know about, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jualdeaux View Post
    I've seen it before and used the map on occasion. I just can't get the map to export to jpg or pdf. No worries. nice site though.
    I believe that what you need is a screen capture utility on your computer to save images of flash animation or whatever this might be. I know that I will get that capability when I replace the iTrash I am using now with a new Windows computer. BTW, that (screen capture capability built in) is one of the good points of my iMac.

    Before anyone who is really wowed by Apple computers gets upset, I know of all of the great aspects of Apple products (that is why I bought this one) but after five years of ownership I am very much looking forward to owning a PC. I have my reasons and I believe them to be valid and well-informed.
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    Thanks for posting the link. I had not seen this site and I found it very interesting and well done.

    I especially liked the CCW trip planner. You can click on the states you plan to travel through after entering the state your permit is from and it will tell you if you are good to carry in each state while driving on your trip. Pretty cool.
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    Looks like a good site.
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    Thanks for the links folks.

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