New Ally at Work

New Ally at Work

This is a discussion on New Ally at Work within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; word has gotten around the office now (which i figured it would) about my carry habits. the head of accounting and payroll, who i'll call ...

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Thread: New Ally at Work

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    New Ally at Work

    word has gotten around the office now (which i figured it would) about my carry habits. the head of accounting and payroll, who i'll call Rev, approached me yesterday at lunch. he's pretty friendly and funny, if a bit of a dork, and we speak quite often.

    "so, is it true what i heard?" he asks.

    "i dunno, what didja hear?"

    "i heard that you brought a piece to work!" he laughed.

    "well, i did, but i think i'm going to avoid it from now on," i lied.

    "hell, as long as you have a permit, i don't see why you can't!"

    i said that i didn't like it, but i just wanted to avoid trouble, to which he replied: "well, i hope you can keep a secret, because i'm gonna start shopping for a gun tomorrow." i choked on my soda, just a little bit.


    "y'know, i gotta take bags of checks to the bank every week and deposit 'em. that's about 50 grand, minimum! itt's not cash, but some scumbag won't know that. he'll just think i have bags of money. downtown's not like it used to be, man," Rev said.

    "yeah, i hear ya. that carjacking last week, the shooting downtown know, i moved here from NYC to get away from that..." i groaned.

    "well, the city fathers wanted to create urban growth," he joked. "anyway, where do you think i should start shopping?"

    we spent the next 30 minutes discussing local shops, revolvers, semi autos, calibers, holsters, getting a license, and practicing. i'll be meeting him tomorrow afternoon at our local gunshop.

    score 1 for us!

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    Sounds good, just hope "Rev" is not on a fishing expedition. Until I had personally seen him carry several times, I would be very hesitant to let him know I still did, if I ever did at all.

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    Nice work there.

    Like SZ said, keep an eye on him for awhile. Sounds really good though. Nice to have others with the same mindset around you.
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    Good job . Take " Rev" at face value for now , meet him to shoot , assist him with firearms purchase and permitting all you can . Then stress to him that Concealed is Concealed and you will never ask him if he is packing , he is to return the favor . No one will go thro the trouble to buy a gun , go to the range with you ect.. to burn you at work so dont sweat it as long as he follows thro .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    The "Rev" may have a very nice tax deduction going for unreimbursed employment expenses. License, gun, holster, ammo, training, gun safe, cleaning supplies,...

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    Don't forget to offer opinions on safety courses and training, too.

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    Keep 'stroking' THAT hunting dog...
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    When you work in a 'close' is easy for it to get out...but, it is SO much better if no one knows...

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    Very unfortunate that the word got out!
    Good to have an ally though.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
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    That's very unfortunate.

    The fact that I am now on Airport property means carry is a big no, no regardless of how I feel about it. But when I used to work for privately owned companies...7 years and no one ever knew, and my boss "was" my closest friend at the time.

    I would make it a point to bring up concealed carry "manners", in a positive way and try and help him on his purchase and getting his license.
    "Nice grips, weird choice of etching" Rocky

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