Guns at Home

Guns at Home

This is a discussion on Guns at Home within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just wondering how many of you besides me have a firearm at arms reach at home all the time besides me. For instance, I have ...

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Thread: Guns at Home

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    Guns at Home

    Just wondering how many of you besides me have a firearm at arms reach at home all the time besides me. For instance, I have my Walther P99 right beside me as I type. I have it on the table at night when we watch TV. We do live in the boonies in the middle of 30 acres.

    Kids are all grown up so it is just the 2 of us and no chance of a kid getting ahold of the gun. I always put it out of reach when company shows up to be safe.

    Just wondering if I am the only one paranoid
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    I have a Kahr P9, two extra magazines, generally within reach in my bedroom and really everywhere else (It's my carry gun). I have a Seecamp LWS .32 and spare loaded magazine downstairs in a kitchen cabinet all the time. Urban Virgina can be dangerous.

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    I have a p3at in the kitchen and a springfield XDsc 9mm in the bedroom top closet.I have on my side right now a G27.

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    My arsenal is rather smaller than I'd like it to be (this is a direct function of budget) but since I live alone (minus my GF who's here a few days a week), I keep my guns scattered throughout the house.

    Cheap (Stevens model 67, 18") 12 gauge pump action between the headboard of my bed and the wall, loaded.
    My mossberg 500 12 ga. in my home office, behind the door, with a full magazine tube and empty chamber, safety off (rack the pump and go).
    My 6" S&W .38 Spcl revolver in my living room, hidden under the coffee table, loaded.
    My .22 Beretta 21A in my bathroom, hidden behind the magazine rack next to the toilet, loaded.

    My garage is the only area with no easily accessible gun. But my garage has lots of other fun implements of destruction...

    Pete Zaria.

    [size=1]Edit: I did consider the wisdom of posting this here, but I'm 99.998% sure that nobody on Earth except my GF and best friend actually know who Pete Zaria is, or where he lives. I use proxies when I surf the web, so I'm not too worried about it.[/size=1] edit 2: why don't the size tags work? :(
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    It depends... I do a lot of times if not on purpose just by default.
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    i keep my S&W M&P 40c either in its iwb holster on my side when i am awake or in the holster setting on top of my gun safe while i sleep either way no more then 2-3 feet away

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    Fine, but you have to resist the urge to shoot the bad guys on TV.

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    I have a G26 with a extra G19 mag with me at all times in the house.
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    On the property I generally throw my SP101 357 Mag in my front pocket of my jeans or if I am wearing sweats I throw it in my fanny pack... In the house I have a Sig P220 sitting in the drawer of a night stand 8+1 in DA mode...

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    If I'm wearing parts, 1911 on my hip.
    If I'm sleeping there's TWO 1911s on the nightstand with extra mags for each
    (one is my Warrior with attached TRL-1 and 10 round mags)
    along with my rem AOW 870 within arms reach from the bed
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    Theres something to reach for at all times....

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    I am wearing my G23 right now, and have several loaded pistols in the open safe under the bed (10 feet away?) The Glock should get me to the safe for additional fire power. The upstairs safe is also 10 feet away with a Winchester Defender, Mini-30 loaded with 30 round mag, and M-1 carbine. Should I bring up the HK-G3 too?
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    There has never been a break-in an occupied home (other than domestic dispute) in my town in 105 years, so no. Unoccupied break-ins are extremely rare.

    But all the doors are locked, defensive landscaping, and I can get to a firearm in about 30 seconds (it's a humble abode).
    Go Glock - until you can afford H&K

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    Almost always...

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    If my pants are on I am carrying. If there not on then the 12ga is in arms reach. Just old and paranoid I guess.
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