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Thread: Baiting?

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    Do you ever bait yourself when you carry concealed? In other words do you feel empowered when you carry? Do you walk up to a group of shady characters on a street corner or do you avoid a possible dangerous scenerio by maybe crossing the street beforehand to avoid a possible confrontation?

    Myself I avoid when all possible situations that may put me at risk even when I carry.


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    LOL..last thing I ever looked for was many, it found me though..
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    Because of my concealed carry and the extra responsibilities, I am now more aware, and avoid trouble better than ever.
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    The last overtly stupid thing I did was the last time I can recall being in condition "white", keeping in my intended direction through a group of shady characters on a street corner. Funny you mention that. That was ~18yrs ago and I haven't done anything remotely like that since. What happened in that situation and a half dozen other incidents turned me for good. Now, I'm fairly adept at listing to the "radar" and little hairs on the back of my neck. I certainly change directions, ensure I've got space or cover as needed, ensure I can see incoming with some warning, and so on. The number of times I've had close misses tells me I'm doing the right thing, and that the "radar" is reasonably accurate. Good thing.

    So, do I ever feel empowered and go looking for situations to bull right through? Hell, no. Quite the opposite actually. I feel able to defend, if my back's up against the wall. But I feel a solid responsibility to think and act in my security's best interests at all times. And that never includes turning off the brain, keeping the head down, heading knowingly into (or through) trouble when it's apparent trouble's waiting.

    Since carrying and training, I have yet to have a truly bad experience. I believe it's due to my increased situational awareness, preparedness and demeanor (which has got to be evident to a discerning eye). That's a good thing. That's the whole point.
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    I actually am more circumspect in dealing with other people. Because of the potential for trouble of epic proportions I always go the other way. Heck, I run 25 to 30 miles a week. I haven't met too many BG's that do that, so I am more than prepared to run away as fast as possible.

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    Is this a serious question?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryD View Post
    Because of my concealed carry and the extra responsibilities, I am now more aware, and avoid trouble better than ever.
    Well said. If you take ccw seriously, then you gain a heightened siuational awareness. From my experience, you tend to avoid going to places where bad may happen. One simple example is that I always pay at the pump rather than going into the stop and robs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    Do you ever bait yourself when you carry concealed? In other words do you feel empowered when you carry?
    I feel empowered to stay away from trouble.

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    Not that stupid.
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    hopefully too old to be that stupid. But there is always that possibility I may have to relearn a lesson or two. Hopefully not.
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    Unfortunately, that's the feeling many people get when they pick up a gun. I feel no more empowered with it, than I do without it. I just know that I have a better chance of survival, but it's all about awareness, and the mindset. The gun on my belt or in my pocket is nothing more than a tool, just like a knife or flashlight. I certainly don't go walking around at 2AM in the darkest areas I can find, walk up to shady people, I avoid them, and I don't go to drinking parties either. If I do need to go out during the early AM, I feel a bit safer going out at such times.
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    Geepers, I would never walk through or near a group of shady characters. It's better to have a gun than not have a gun but it's strictly for last ditch self defense. Having one certainly doesn't make me feel empowered.

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    The OP was kind of a silly question, but I have to say, as a newbie about to apply for my first LTCF, I am VERY aware of the heightened necessity to stay out of marginal situations. Seems to me CC is easy when there's no threat, and it's easy when there is a clear threat of death or serious bodily harm to you or a loved one. The scary situation is when you're in a hostile situation that has NOT escalated to a threat of deadly force. The risk of drawing is high in those circumstances -- what happens if the bg dares you to shoot, approaches with open hands? You warn him to stop, but he still approaches? You back up, but you're against a wall? He's coming within lunging distance, but he has no weapon? If you let him come closer, he'll try to grab your gun. If you shoot him, it's unlawful use of deadly force.....

    Not sure about the legal conclusions in there, but the need to avoid such ambiguity will be a BIG reason I am more circumspect if/when I carry.

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    This entire thread reminds me of a quote I saw here a few months back that has stuck with me since I first read it:

    "Don't go anywhere with a gun if you wouldn't go there without a gun."

    I maybe off a little on the exact quote but it is pretty close.
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    I agree with those that have said it's a silly question. For those with the defensive mindset (we seem to use the moniker "sheepdogs" around here), you have the responsibility to avoid danger and avoid ever having to use your weapon whenever possible, and even thinking about "baiting yourself" should put doubts in your mind about rather or not you should be carrying.

    Not to hijack this thread, but on the general topic...

    Does anyone here ever dress like a bit of a "shady character", to avoid attention from other "shady characters"?

    I'm not talking about looking like a bum, or a ganster, but for instance, when I was doing my Christmas shopping downtown, I wore bluejeans, a hooded gray sweatshirt with a well-used vest over the top, and a black stocking cap.

    The homeless people begging for change, the "shady characters" around the edges of the parking lots, etc... ignored me completely.
    Once inside a store, I'd take off the cap and vest.

    Anyone else do this?

    Pete Zaria.
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