Cleaning your CCW gun.

Cleaning your CCW gun.

This is a discussion on Cleaning your CCW gun. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Don't know if this has been posted before but... My CCW gun seems to gather a heap of dust while in the pancake, so every ...

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Thread: Cleaning your CCW gun.

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    VIP Member Array Sheldon J's Avatar
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    Cleaning your CCW gun.

    Don't know if this has been posted before but...
    My CCW gun seems to gather a heap of dust while in the pancake, so every couple of days I blow it down to remove the lint, inspect the mag, I give it a total breakdown cleaning and re-oil about once a month. Of coarse I do a total cleaning and inspection after a round at the range. The mag is checked every time before I go out the door.
    But once a few years back I had a friend that had been CCW for some time, and during a typical bull session I asked to see his .380 STAR (that was what I carried at the time too). When he handed it to me I dropped the mag and when I attempted to open the slide to inspect the chamber the action was rusted closed! I quickly reinserted the mag and handed it back to the guy and told him he needed a gun smith badly.
    So hence the poll how religious are you about keeping your CCW gun happy?
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    Mine gets the dust/lint removed almost every time I wear it/them. As for going an extended time without cleaning (enoughso to rust closed), I try to fire carry guns at least every few weeks, so they get cleaned afterwards.

    I cannot imagine how long the gun hadn't been fired to have rusted shut!

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    I dont clean it very often, just after trips to the range. I do wipe down, check lint and function daily though.
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    Member Array mslaughtertx's Avatar
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    I use a silicon cloth daily to take care of lint and smudge, though it only gets a true cleaning after a range visit. Though it is a Glock! They like it dirty.

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    VIP Member Array friesepferd's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    east TN
    depends on how often i shoot it.
    when at school i shoot around 3-4 times a week. so i do a normal cleaning about 2x a week, and a run with the bore snake when i shoot but dont clean.
    now im on christmas break so i only shoot 1x a week. so i have been cleaning it once ever 1-2 weeks.
    pretty much i clean every other time i shoot. and run bore snake through when i dont clean.
    i have gone a lot longer. never gotten to the point where the gun doesnt work as well. but i have gotten to the point to where i have disassembled and wondered how the heck it was still working fine.

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    VIP Member Array David in FL's Avatar
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    Central Florida
    Like others......really gets cleaned after a trip to the range. That usually ends up being every couple of weeks or so.

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    Member Array Tye_Defender's Avatar
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    I won't clean it unless I can shoot it afterwards.

    Or should I say, I won't carry it unless it has been shot since I put it together last. Not sure why, but I just feel more confident that it will function when I need it if I have put a magazine through it since it was put together last. That means I probably don't take it apart and clean it more then once a month. I will wipe it down, etc. regularly to keep it looking nice and the lint out of the works.

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    Member Array DrBart2's Avatar
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    Once a month and always immediately after shooting it (range time). I try to spend some time at the range at least every other week, so the gun usually gets cleaned more than once per month.

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    VIP Member Array tns0038's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by mslaughtertx View Post
    I use a silicon cloth daily to take care of lint and smudge, though it only gets a true cleaning after a range visit. Though it is a Glock! They like it dirty.
    I’ll have to say I agree, but I do that with all my guns.

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    2-3 times a week. Clean it after I shoot it!
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    VIP Member Array glock27mark's Avatar
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    after each trip to the range, if i notice some dust. if im bored.(a clean gun is
    a happy gun)
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    I don't shoot much in the dead of wintertime, so I don't field strip and clean my guns as often as I do the rest of the year. But I have a bore-snake in my range bag near my loading bench. It's there that I dry-fire a lot, and so I run the snake with break-free on it through the barrel at least every week.

    I do a field strip, clean and lubricate, pretty much always after I shoot it at the range.
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    Member Array tdpalmer's Avatar
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    I try to shoot at least every other weekend if not every weekend, so my carry gun gets a cleaning every week or so. I check it daily before putting it on, and de lint as needed.


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    Senior Member Array jualdeaux's Avatar
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    I clean it when I shoot it.

    I have a glock 26 that was my yard gun all summer. it had grass all up in it from all the mowing I did with it. I really wanted to take it and shoot IDPA with it at last month but it was cancelled due to rain. I decided to go ahead and give it a cleaning anyway. Even with all the crap in there it functioned fine.

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    I clean mine after a trip to the range. I'll wipe it down every couple of days.

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