Car Wrecks, Guns, & Stuff (Long)

Car Wrecks, Guns, & Stuff (Long)

This is a discussion on Car Wrecks, Guns, & Stuff (Long) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; On the way to work this morning I was rear-ended by another driver while I was stopped at a red light. He was doing 40 ...

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Thread: Car Wrecks, Guns, & Stuff (Long)

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    Car Wrecks, Guns, & Stuff (Long)

    On the way to work this morning I was rear-ended by another driver while I was stopped at a red light. He was doing 40 MPH, so it rung my chimes pretty good when it put my head through the back window of my little truck. Over the next half hour several things came up that I thought might be of interest. These include:

    1. The space between you and the car in front when stopped.
    2. Why Blue Tooth ear buds for your cell phone are a bad idea in violent situations.
    3. Police officer reaction when informed you are armed – with multiple guns.
    4. What you should do with your car/truck gun(s) before allowing your car/truck to be towed.

    To start with, I have a nice case of whiplash and a mild concussion, but the emergency room doc thinks I should be OK. I’m also on muscle relaxers, so if what I write here sounds a little rummy there’s a valid reason.

    Space when stopped:
    I always leave the best part of a car-length between me and the car in front of me when I’m stopped. Today traffic was a bit heavy, so I left about twice that much distance. The impact of the crash drove my truck forward about 50 feet before it came to rest against the curb. It came to rest against the curb because I was able to yank sharply on the staring wheel when I felt the impact, and avoid hitting the car in front of me. Maybe maneuvering room is a good thing.

    Why Blue Tooth ear buds are bad:
    I usually use a Blue Tooth ear bud on my cell phone when driving, and was doing so this morning. As I was sitting in my car after the impact trying to call 911, I couldn’t figure out why my phone wouldn’t work. After a full five minutes (remember I’m still rummy from the impact), I realized my ear bud wasn’t on my ear any more, and was nowhere to be seen. It was still on and close by, because it was still disabling the built in microphone and earpiece in the phone – making the phone useless. I had to walk about 40 feet away from my truck in order to disengage the ear bud and make the call. I was later able to navigate the phone’s menus and disable the ear bud. I’ll be changing over to a hard wired ear bud real soon.

    Police officer reaction to weapons:
    When the police arrived the first thing I did was to inform them I had a permit and had weapons in the truck. Utah law requires this. I keep a handgun and a rifle in the truck at all times, in addition to my carry gun. They didn’t bat an eye other than to ask where they were, and to mention they may have to be secured before my truck was towed. This is consistent with several other occasions when I’ve informed police officers that I’m an armed permit holder. In each case, it wasn’t an issue.

    As I had my wife (a nurse) on route to come get me and take me to the hospital, I declined ambulance transport, and asked if one of the officers could give me a lift home (1 mile distant) so I could meet my wife there. They said they would give me a lift but almost insisted that I leave my truck guns locked in one of the officers’ trunks and pick them up later. I insisted, that since I was going home, that I be allowed to take them with me and drop them off at my house prior to going to the emergency room. The officer who wanted to retain my guns reluctantly agreed to let me take the guns with me. I can only imagine how much time and red tape it would have taken to get them back, if I had let the police retain them.
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    Very good to hear that your injuries don't seem to have been worse, given how hard you were hit! Fifty feet??? Wow. I do tend to leave room in front of me at a light, but certainly not that much... (FWIW, if I can see the car behind me slowing to a normal stopping distance, I let myself close up a bit more, though still leaving maneuvering room.)

    Thanks for the recap, and the good information. On my phone, turning off the Bluetooth headset is a function directly on the calling screen, so it is only one button push away, not a detailed menu navigation. Switching back to wired is one option, but you might also upgrade to a phone with a better interface for that sort of thing.

    Good call on having the guns transported to your home. It might not have been terrible getting them back from LE, if you have a reasonably gun-owner friendly jurisdiction, but you certainly had the easiest solution at hand.

    Here's to a quick recovery!

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    Glad to hear you are OK, relatively speaking. One comment, I wear a blue tooth too. I think all you would have to do is turn off the phone then turn it back on. Easy to say but I am sure hard to do with your bell rung. I love my blue tooth and won't be giving it up in the near future though but you have some good suggestions.

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    I was in a motorcycle accident two years ago. Our CCW's are linked to our drivers licenses, but I wasn't carrying. Later in the hospital, the investigating officer told me they searched the ditches for an hour looking for my gun, even though I wasn't wearing a holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    I was in a motorcycle accident two years ago. Our CCW's are linked to our drivers licenses, but I wasn't carrying. Later in the hospital, the investigating officer told me they searched the ditches for an hour looking for my gun, even though I wasn't wearing a holster.
    I am greatful that they looked tho. 1 less chance a bg gets another gun. imo.
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    yikes. glad to hear you are ok.
    good insight. im always for not getting too close to other cars at stop lights.
    as far as blue tooth goes, you should be able to disconnect it using just your phone by turning blue tooth off.
    glad to hear that the cops were reasonable and responded well to you having guns.

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    Good grief Harold! Glad you came out as good as you did. Years ago I was rear ended like you and I also had left enough space to shoot up onto the curb instead of getting sandwiched. That space cushion really does pay.

    Take care of that head and neck!
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    Thank God you are OK. It was an interesting read...

    Other than the "staring wheel" typo you being on drugs didn't come through. In fact, your writing is better and clearer than most of ours on this board.

    Shoot Straight

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    Glad you are ok. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I'll never need it, but...

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    I used to drive in Newark, NJ and we learned real fast to keep some distance between you and the car in front so if someone tried to carjack you had some room to get out quick! Also because of big rigs and other drivers not paying attention when I come to a stop I leave some distance at first, check my rear view to see if the car/truck behind me is going to stop, and if its not, I got some room to get out quick!
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    Glad to hear you are OK pard
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    Totaled my wifes Mustang two summers ago when I hit a motorcycle who ran a stop sign. Blew the airbags and through crap all over the vehicle and kind of put me in a daze for a bit.

    When the police showed up, I informed them that I was armed and they never even asked for my CCW.

    6 months later was in a three car rear-ending, where a soccer mom hit the guy behind me who in turn hit me. That time I did not tell the officer I was carrying as I did not think it was important and I was not hurt beyond the minor whiplash.

    Over a million miles driving in 20 years and these were the first accidents I had ever been in.

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    hope you heal up fast.

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    Glad you are ok, and I hope you heal up soon.

    Good insight on the bluetooth. I was rearended a couple of years ago, but I had my bluetooth in my shirt pocket. That has been a typical habit of mine, and consequently I was able to just pull it out and call 911. I have done that without ever thinking of the scenerio that happened to you.
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    Glad everything turned out as good as it did. I always leave plenty of room between vehicles. My only comment on the Blue tooth is, talking on the cell phone while driving is dangerous in itself.

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