How to Handle Being MADE????

How to Handle Being MADE????

This is a discussion on How to Handle Being MADE???? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello Everyone, New to the forum this is my 1st thread so sorry if it is in the wrong forum. I have had my CHL ...

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Thread: How to Handle Being MADE????

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    How to Handle Being MADE????

    Hello Everyone, New to the forum this is my 1st thread so sorry if it is in the wrong forum. I have had my CHL for about 5 years now, but recently made the decision to carry fulltime on my person instead of the usual "i'll just leave it in the truck" routine. My question is how does everyone handle a situation when you've been made either by family member or friend discovering the weapon during a hug or bending over a lil' too far and the stock sliding out from under the shirt, etc.? I guess i'm looking for any humorous comments(or quotes you may have used in the past) that could be given to help lighten what could easily be a tense situation for those involved. By the way I've been a member for just about a month and this site has really gave me informed views on many subjects I'd previously not considered, Two thumbs up guys!
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    If it happens, and they ask "Is that a gun?" I just answer "Yes it is." and if they want to discuss it I will talk to them about it. It's up to them if they want to freak out or not. If they do and they don't want to have anything to do with me when they find out I am not a sheep then that's fine. I try not to be friends with sheep anyway.

    If they can't handle the fact that I am responsible for my own safety and I do not rely on the police to protect me then that is their problem. Life is too short to worry about the reaction of sheep to people who claim their own lives as theirs.

    And by the way, Welcome to the forum from West Tennessee.
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    Personally, i can't answer you. I have been "made" at least once and most likely a number of times. No one seems to care one whit. In fact, not too long ago a cousin from kalifornia came to visit and when we were leaving we did the hug thing. He beat me to the low position and smacked his hand really hard on the sights. I'm surprised he didn't start bleeding. neither one of us said a thing and just moved on. Neither one of us also cared.

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    Also, when "hugging" friends and/or family members... be the low hugger. It forces them to hug high ... thus avoiding discovery
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    How do I handle having it come uncovered? Change my mode of dress. Either your shirts are inappropriate, or your covering garment is. While you can manage it to some degree via moving in a different manner, in the end your clothing simply isn't covering the weapon as you move normally.

    Uncertain whether you're IWB, OWB or other. If IWB, you can go with a model of holster that allows you to tuck your shirt in outside of the gun, between the gun and belt. That way, no covering garment's required, really ... though, it still helps.

    How do I handle hugs? I direct the arms to where they need to go. Like many find, it's relatively easy to do, if you "go in" with your strong arm low. That forces the other's arm high and over your shoulder. With a little practice, you'll find they won't even know it. As a lefty with a 5' tall mother, for example, hugging her is as simple as going in on the left side, with left arm low. Predictably, she goes high and all is well.

    During family gatherings where hugs-a-plenty are expected, I often simply adjust to pocket carry. Makes things far simpler, in terms of keeping it out of arm's reach.

    Then, there's the option of just divulging that you carry. It can make things easier, in a way. You may lose the free and easy companionship of some, sure, but then there will no longer be the secret to manage. Some do this, particularly in open-carry states. Your call.
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    I'm usually very good at keeping people from 'making' me. When I'm close to people I usually keep my arm or at least my elbow aginst my strong side.

    ...BUT, one night this past December I was at a Christmas party with my wife. Somebody handed me something & I used my strong side arm to take it from them....well, when I had my arm extended a doctor, who works with my wife, had come up behind me and put one hand on my shoulder & the other right on top of my firearm!

    He was taken aback but he didn't freak out. He leaned in closer & asked me in that was a firearm. I told him it was & his response was "Is that legal here?" He meant 'legal in Virginia', he is from Maryland.

    A couple of days later, he talked to my wife & told her that at first, he was a little concerned that I had a firearm on me....but after thinking about it, he said that of all the people there, he was glad I was the one carrying. He now wants to try to get a permit in Maryland (good luck with that!).
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    I have never been accidentally made that I know of. There have been times where people probably have had the chance to be suspicious. I just keep acting my natural self and pretend that I am invisible.

    Those who do know who would be on the fence about it generally accept it with no problems at all. I am always happy to answer questions and have a frank discusion with someone about firearms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ride4TheBrand View Post
    Also, when "hugging" friends and/or family members... be the low hugger. It forces them to hug high ... thus avoiding discovery
    At 6'5, that can be difficult. Most times I can do right arm down, but I have a lot short gal friends where even that is awkward. I just started carrying, so I've yet to be in that situation.
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    I don't worry about it. My family knows, my close friends know, and if a stranger chooses to hug me, that's HIS problem.

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    If you're looking for humorous comments, here's a few I've read on other forums:

    1. It's an insulin pump
    2. Blackberry/PDA
    3. Colostomy bag (nobody will ask about this one )

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    I don't worry about it. My carry mode is IWB 99% of the time with a tuckable holster, usually with shirt untucked. I like my shirts long to start with so I remain covered even when stretching. If I am carrying OWB I am going into someplace to eat that serves alcohol. Gun is shifted to 3:00 position and arm is kept over it for the most part.

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    i just go to the mall with one of the girls i hang out with and find a better cover garment. (primary reason for bringing them is an extra set of eyes to make it actualy conceales secondary reason is they actualy make me dress semi fashionable seeing as i don't realy pay attention to fashion much)
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    For the first time in 11 years I was made, and it was by my doctor.

    Last week I was in to see her for a sinus infection. While she was checking my lungs, she got around my backside, lifted up my shirt and said, "oh, i'm sorry". I said "what for?" She said "your gun, I didn't know you were a cop." I said "i'm not. "Oh...".

    There was a little more conversation, but she basically got back to business.

    Good times.
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    Been packing a while and the only people who have "made me " are my LEO friends. Have a trick that I've been using for awhile that really works to break up the printing of my weapon. Usually a jeans and Harley t-shirt kinda guy. Carry my .45 IWB at 5:00. Have a cell phone holster with the plastic clip that I attach at the 3:00 position on my belt. Tuck my shirt between it and my jeans and it kind of makes a big pucker. Give it a try and see if it works for you.
    I'm 5'7" and 160 lbs and the .45 disappears under my shirts. Also find dark colors help. JMO.
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    "It's not a gun,I'm just happy to see you..."
    I use the "insulin pump" thing too.
    Since I pocket carry no one has made me,that I know of.My family and a few close friends are the only ones who know for sure.
    "Just because I'm paranoid,doesn't mean they're NOT after me...."

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