How many total rounds do you carry?

How many total rounds do you carry?

This is a discussion on How many total rounds do you carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I saw a couple of threads where people discussed how many magazines they carry, but I did not see anything about how many total rounds ...

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Thread: How many total rounds do you carry?

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    How many total rounds do you carry?

    I saw a couple of threads where people discussed how many magazines they carry, but I did not see anything about how many total rounds people carry.

    So, as an example, say your magazine holds 10 rounds. You also have one chambered, plus another 10 round magazine. Your total rounds would be 21.
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    1 in tube
    8 round mag in gun
    2x8round on belt.

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    During a regular work day: 25 rounds (two x 12-round .40 caliber magazines plus one in the chamber).

    During a warrant execution: 49 rounds (four x 12-round magazines plus one).
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    Depends on what I'm carrying. 34 at the most, 18 sometimes, never less than 16 though.

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    At Work
    I think this has been posted before.
    But anyway:
    Off Duty
    1 In Chamber
    1 15 round mag in gun
    1 15 round mag on belt

    31 Total Rounds

    On Duty
    1 round in Chamber
    15 Round mag in gun
    4 15 round mags on belt
    76 rounds total

    Though I still feel for the most part if I can't finish what needs to be finished with the 16 rounds in the gun, I don't think another 15 will be much help.

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    Nov 2005
    1911 9mm
    2 or 3 x9+1 = 19 to 28rds. total

    1911 .45 ACP
    1 x8 or x10 +(1 or 2 x10)+1 = 19 to 31rds. total

    - Janq
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    22 rounds of .45
    Three 7-round metalforms, plus one in the tube.

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    46 total rounds of 124 gr. Hydrashocks for my G19. That's 16 rounds in the gun, and two spare mags.
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    My usual off duty is:

    6 + 12
    5 + 10

    I carry both guns at the same time and they are revolvers. I have a total of 33 rounds at my disposal, but I need to do a few reloads to shoot that many times.

    On Duty it's:

    15 + 30 (Handgun)
    30 + 30 (Rifle)
    5 + 5 (Shotgun)


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    Sep 2007
    Never less than 12 but usually 25.
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    Jul 2006
    On Duty:
    G23 - 13 +1, 2 15 round mags on belt, 2 13 round mags in bag on passenger seat. SW 640 5 shots, no reload.

    75 total

    Off Duty:
    Usually G23 13 + 1 and a 15 round mag. 29 total.

    Sometimes G27 10 + 1 and a 15 round mag. 26 total.

    Sometimes Kahr P40 6+1 and 2 7 round mags. 21 total.
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    G19 full gun and one reload= 31
    S&W 442 full gun and one reload= 10

    I do keep a couple of left over 10 round mags from the dark days in my car.

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    Schlubbing around the house - 14 to 27.
    Working - 27 to 40.
    Working some particular jobs - around 130.
    Working some particular jobs in some particular places - 350+
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    1 chambered with 13 round inserted
    and 1 spare 13 round magizine = 27

    I never so much 'counted' rounds as I cared about reloads.
    I was taught early on, and nearly every training event since, emphasized
    having 'reloads' combat ready. A couple of speed loaders, speed strips, clips, and magazines......whatever. ALWAYS have a reload ready. Two is the overall magic number I have been taught, but I tend to only carry 1 extra mag off duty.

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