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How many hours a day do you carry?

This is a discussion on How many hours a day do you carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I, too, cannot carry at work and to top it off, it is against policy to even have a weapon in my vehicle- even in ...

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Thread: How many hours a day do you carry?

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    I, too, cannot carry at work and to top it off, it is against policy to even have a weapon in my vehicle- even in a lock box while on company property. That being said, I only carry when running errands after I return home from work. On the weekends I average 7 hours a day. I selected 3 hours on the poll as this is my daily average for the week.
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    Well, I answered 12 hours which is what the weekend days work out to. During the week, when I am at work and can't carry because my employer is a big stupid company that doesn't get it as most do not, it is realistically, 5 or 6 hours.

    I probably should have just picked the average of the entire week which is about 8 hours but I wasn't quick enough to think of that tonight.
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    I probably average 14 hrs a day, less on my days off, and more on work days.

    There has been times when I've carried days straight when working, but I didnt think I should factor in those rare circumstances.
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    I can't carry at work or even bring my gun with me so I would say that I carry about 6 hours a day during my work week. On the other hand, on my off days (3 days a week) I carry evey moment that I am awake.
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    12 on workdays, 24 on weekends.
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    Right now I only carry around the house. Once my permit comes I will carry all the time except at work. I work at a school. And we all know BG never go there so carrying is not allowed.


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    On & off duty - always.
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    I carry when I'm out and about. Don't always carry at home. I also carry the 3 days a week I'm at work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon1 View Post
    Probably, on average, about six. As a public-school educator, I cannot carry during the school day. Also, I cannot carry while participating in one of my civic organization activities. Otherwise, I carry the rest of the waking hours.
    As an educator I am in the same boat. However I carry as much as I can away from school. My P-3AT is in my pocket right now as I type this.
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    Givin that time line of 16 on and 8 off I would say mine would be about 14 to 14 1/2.
    About one hour in the mornings and another before going to bed at night.
    I am one of the lucky few as I am able to carry at work so I take advantage of that.

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    Member Array skippythenurse's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Houston, TEXAS!!
    I say 16 hrs. However, there is an exception. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I am in school from 10:00 til 18:00 but still carry before the first class and after the last class. In between, it is locked under the seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    In effect - that means all day - from rising to going to bed. Might seem odd to many as I sit here at puter with very little chance of needing it...
    Doesn't seem odd to me as I sit at my computer armed. 99.8% of all home invasions are unexpected. (Okay, I made that statistic up.) But statistically, in all the home invasions that have occurred recently, the victims also had very little chance of needing a firearm those particular days.

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    Can't carry at work, so its after hours and weekends for me....1-2 hours on a weeknight and 8-10 on a sat/sun.

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    I only sleep 4 or 5 hrs a night. The rest of the time I am armed.
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    I voted 15 hours a day, to adjust for a 7 day average. Six days a week I carry all waking hours. On Sunday it's illegal for me to carry at church, so there's probably 3.5 waking hours on Sunday I'm not carrying. Then there's the fact that lately I find myself sleeping 8.5 hours a night sometimes. So a 15 hour a day average seems fair.
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