Shooting hand damage.

Shooting hand damage.

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Thread: Shooting hand damage.

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    Shooting hand damage.

    Fairly local shooter I see now and again - called by this evening, mostly a social visit to shoot the s***. I was aware immediately of some bandaging on his right wrist and asked about it.

    Seems he had been playing softball or something and severely sprained the hand/wrist by an awkward hit - missed hit I suspect. He had had carpal tunnel a ways back so maybe was predisposed. He even had some pain in forearm muscles.

    Immediate question from me was regarding his carry. He admitted he could not hold the gun (Glock 19) - certainly could not draw and even trigger finger useage was too painful. He did not either think recoil would be other than ultra painful even if he were to try.

    He did tho have a fix - thanks to two things. A left hand Kydex rig he happened to have been given was attached on right side - so he could cross draw, which he said felt way better than left side rig position and draw from there. Second to this was his ability to shoot weak hand. .... due mainly to him having had the foresight to include this assiduously in his range practice.

    We unloaded and cleared the gun and he proceeded to demonstrate - I was to put it mildly, impressed! He even managed to get his right hand up to provide something of a two hand grip - tho still not sure if would have been decidedly painful with firing, yet a while.

    I reckon it's gonna take 10 to 14 days of care for this strain to mend - but was relieved he was so adept at weak hand use. Brought it home to me that the weak hand practice I do is way inadequate and I shall have to do significantly more. Something I knew but this was a good reminder.

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    Good thing he trained both hands.

    Shows why you should train with your off hand as i do with my right hand i shoot just as many rounds with off hand and my normal one

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    I train some with the off hand. When I do I shoot one hand only. The only way I'll go to the off hand is if the strong hand is out of whack anyway; so, I don't even bother with a two handed grip when shooting with the off hand.
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    I was giving this thought today. Reason being, I have an injured right hand. I seem to have pinched a nerve in my hand while at work. I'd estimate that I have about 50% grip strength and 75% mobility in my right hand. Granted, my grip stength is fairly impressive, so I'm confident I can hold and fire the gun. Manipulation is another matter, as I also have some numbness in the hand.
    So, for now I am carrying my right hand rig reversed on my left side. Nearly a mute point, though, due to my current work/gun situation, detailed in the .380 thread.
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    I make it a habit to practice with my weak hand. I do need to find a way that I am comfortable with to carry and use my left hand for the draw. I never thought about that.


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