Have to fly

Have to fly

This is a discussion on Have to fly within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not pleased but I have no choice due to time constraints... I have to fly. Only been on a plane post 9-11 once...3 years ...

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Thread: Have to fly

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    Have to fly

    I'm not pleased but I have no choice due to time constraints... I have to fly.

    Only been on a plane post 9-11 once...3 years ago.

    I've read Delta's web site and plan to lock the glock in my checked luggage as per their instructions. The part I'm fuzzy about is how I get it to the checked baggage. Do I have to tell them it is in there and let them fondle it then pack it back inside the luggage or do I pack it away and don't worry about it.

    I'll be flying out of columbus ohio to FL and driving back. It also appears that my trip back will have me locking up the glock thru georgia...too bad...she gets claustrophobic. LOL!!!

    Thanks for all the information.

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    TSA should also have some rules. I know this has been talked about before. you can search past posts to find out more.


    My understanding is: Just off the top of my head. ( I have never checked a gun before)

    you have your lock box in a checked bag. Ammo in a different part of the checked bag.

    inform the staff when you check your bag. they will have the forms..etc

    They do look at it and some other things.

    Don't just lock it in your bag and say nothing.

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    I will expect that you go to book-in desk ... leaving a margin of extra time. Announce that you have a firearm in your checked baggage.

    Probably they will ask you to open baggage and show the gun case as being per requirements. They may or not need it opened - seems often not needed. An orange label will be issued, which IIRC you sign, and that goes inside with the gun case. Close up baggage and, job done - usually.

    Whether TSA takes a peek depends but once the orange label deal is done that's pretty much it. I have been able to carry my ammo in a secure MTM box, in same baggage ... but some airlines seem to want it separated - all depends on specific airline requirements it seems.

    Have a good flight!
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    last time i felw with firearms i was told to orient the muzzle towards the outside of the plane. but that was for work and, on world airlines(they don't do civilian travel). don't know what TSA's reg's are but i doubt that its as miserable as it seems when you read the regs.
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    First my condolences on needing to fly. Fortunately I retired before 911 and haven't had the misfortune to be on an airplane since. Prior to retirement I flew over 100,000 miles annually. I miss "being" in the many countries I visited on business, but I sure don't miss "getting" there.

    As to the requirements, it appears from what others have said that you can be assured that your weapon will be well labeled for the benefit of any thieves who might be interested.

    Am I mistaken?

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    I would only show up 30min earlier than you normally do.
    Extra time shouldn't be needed, but you may run into a
    Guns - locked case, no ammo inside the case (unless it is in a box [i.e. factory box, plastic box, etc] - they just don't want it in a mag.
    You can purchase extra baggage insurance at the check-in counter. Just put the weapon where it will be in route and do your normal wait-in-line thing. Then "declare" it at check-in.
    Ammo - some type of case so they are not loose. You are not required to show the ammo, just the case.

    I've only checked ammo, but this past Christmas the lady though I had a pistol because the case was big (50BMG ammo) & proceeded to get the tag, etc.

    Denver International is good to go on firearms, etc.
    STL, not so much ....always on a power trip, always (TSA threatened to call the police and have my father arrested because he set the bag down on the cart to hard, that's one experience with them we've had.)

    Like P95 said, Always check the carriers website or call for their rules.

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    Per TSA:

    Nothing on the outside of the bag is to indicate that their is a firearm in the baggage.

    In short: Declare unloaded firearm to ticket agent, do not use Sky Cap or let them handle your baggage. Sign Unloaded Firearms Declaration, you may or may not have to show the handgun to the ticket agent. Put handgun in locked hardsided case in luggage and plave on top of luggage with Unloaded Firearms Declaration to top of the gun.

    It's really that simple.


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    I have flown a number of times but only on Southwest so I can tell you their procedures.

    You go inside to check in (not at curbside check in) and you tell them you have a weapon. The Southwest Ticket Agent will give you a card that you have to fill out with NAME, FLIGHT NUMBER, and CONTACT INFORMATION, and then place the card inside the weapons case. The agent may ask to see the weapoan and to prove it is empty (but not likely). Then you take your bags to the TSA checkin point and TSA inspects the weapon and locks it up and your bag is on the way.

    There are no marking or tags on your bag outside announcing the bag has a weapon in it.

    I have done this a dozen times with no problems.
    Timmy Jimmy

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    How long until you leave for your trip? If it's about three weeks or more, go ahead and download/send in the New Hampshire non-resident pistol permit application. It costs $20, and is good for 4 years - and will cover you in Georgia.


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    More than likely I'll be flying out of Denver to Ohio on Frontier Airlines this week. They're procedure is pretty much like everyone else. Declare at ticket counter, do decleration, go to TSA for check, and it's on it's way. They do permit the ammo and unloaded firearm in same case (which has to lock also and you retain key after inspection). Ammo has to be in original factory carton or similar.
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    Go to the how to section and read Limatunes post.

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    Thanks Timmie Jimmie, I'm flying Southwest this weekend. I went to their website for info and also to TSA's. On the TSA website look under "Traveling with Special Items"--There's a page there for firearms & ammo. Based on the info there and at SWA, I can carry ammo in the magazine as long as it in a mag pouch or holster and (for SWA's req) in a cutout of the hardsided case to keep it secure.

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