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Almost made in a suit store.

This is a discussion on Almost made in a suit store. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by TerryD I'd be happy to share the location. It's the Men's Warehouse on Shelbyville Road across from the Oxmoor Mall in Louisville. ...

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Thread: Almost made in a suit store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryD View Post
    I'd be happy to share the location. It's the Men's Warehouse on Shelbyville Road across from the Oxmoor Mall in Louisville.
    I keep seeing Mens Wearhouse mentioned as being gun friendly--Many locations, many forums. If I ever start wearing suits, I will go out of my way to shop there.

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    Another unsolicited plug for Men's Wearhouse. They made a couple of suits for me a few years back and never even batted an eye when I had them fitted for IWB.

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    Way cool. Gotta love Ky.

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    great post

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    I want my new suits made a little bigger in the areas where a shoulder holster will be. I don't know how to go about this. I guess I'll bring an empty one with me and try to explain.

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    I buy my suits at Men's Warehouse. The only thing they comment on is the fact that I carry a couple of Revolvers instead of a plastic Uberpistol.

    They are really good about fitting my pants, accomodating the IWB and the Ankle Carry and "beefing up" the weakside pocket for pocket carry. They also sew a Gun Patch in my jackets. I've never had a problem at a Men's Warehouse, and I like the way I look. Lots of LEO's shop there, as well as CCW's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryD View Post
    He said, "i'm sorry, I should have asked first. But if it's because you are carrying a pistol, don't worry. We are gun friendly here."

    He ended up measuring me with my pistol in plain view, and we couldn't be happier. And he still gave us 10% off the sale price!

    I have no need for a suit, but I was so thankful, I bought 3 more sport jackets and 2 complete suits. I DON'T EVEN WEAR SUITS!
    I'm sure you'll also tell two or three friends, which will mean far more than a couple of suits, in the long run. To say nothing of your repeat business, for other items. This sort of honest treatment can help cement a long relationship.

    That is how the economics of such a sea change could work in favor of business. It should be plain to see, yet the fear of guns, guns, guns blinds folks to the simple reality that folks who carry are not the enemy and can be a financial boon to the business.

    Kudos on the ambassador work. Looks like it couldn't have gone better.
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    We were going a a cruise and I needed a suit for supper. We went in a C&R clothiers, and the salesman asked if I would like to be measured. My wife, without thinking , says "Sure, please do" No where to hide now, when he got to my waist it was obvious what was there. He looked up at me and I said " I have a permit" he said "so do I don't worry about, but let's go back here where the other customers don't get freaked out" Overall it was a very good experience, we even talked guns a for a while. BTW, I too walked out of there with two suits and several shirts and ties!!
    Maybe more businesses will read posts like this and realize CC is good for business.
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    Carry On!

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    need more stores like that around.
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    I bought a suit at Macy's a couple of years ago.

    The salesman looked at me a little funny when I asked that we do the measuring in the dressing room instead of out in front of all the mirrors. But, when we got in there and I showed him why, he was cool with it, never said another word about it.

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    Add the Mens' Wearhouse across from the Rivergate Mall north of Nashville, Tennessee to the gun friendly list. I've bought a couple of suits from 'em.
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    Great story! I've shopped there before I carried, now I know where to go for my next clothing upgrade!
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    I haven't bought anything from Men's Wearhouse in a long time, but they will definitely be getting my future business. I'm close to that store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fish View Post
    To avoid "showing" I left holster and pistol in car.
    I brought a paperback book about the size of my holster to make sure the waist size was correct (just stuffed it in my pants at waistband).
    The sales woman asked what the book was for, and since I couldn't come up with a make-believe explanation, I told her the truth.
    Not an eyelash was lifted.Please note my state of residence.

    P.S. Permission to use paperback for this purpose is granted without any payment of royalties.

    ************************************************** ***
    For those in the area it's the Men's Wearhouse on Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach.
    " Keep On Packin' On The Bimah"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossman View Post
    great post

    My views are a little different than the majority on this forum, so I figured I would post something... "nicer" for once.

    But I am sure I will make somebody upset before the day is done.
    "Nice grips, weird choice of etching" Rocky

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