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"I feel really safe with you"

This is a discussion on "I feel really safe with you" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A few months back my wife and I (married 33 years) stopped at a convenience store while traveling. She got out first while I was ...

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Thread: "I feel really safe with you"

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    A few months back my wife and I (married 33 years) stopped at a convenience store while traveling. She got out first while I was still busy in the car. As she got out I was watching her because there was a "street person" nearby, and I speculated that he might hit either of us up for a buck or smoke. Nothing happened and after I went in I asked my wife did she see anything "concerning" outside? She denied seeing anything, and after I told her, she admitted she didn't even see this guy. She admitted that she feels very safe when she is with me, and I took that as a nice compliment, but I can't be with her all the time, and she needs to enhance her own situational awareness. After that little scenario I can tell she is doing much better about observing her surroundings.

    So, with that being said, encourage your lady friend to keep her eyes and ears open, even when you are there or not. Maybe she'd be agreeable to get her cc permit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by taggart View Post
    uttered the phrase "I'm glad you had your gun" when we heard something hit the side of the house one night and I went out to investigate. (Just a turkey, dazed and confused )
    My wife always appreciates firearms more as well when things go bump in the night. Also, when I'm out of town working every once in awhile she always keeps my XD40 close by. We're getting closer and closer to her feeling comfortable enough (and feeling the necessity) for personal carry. The sooner the better in my book.
    Tad A.

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    Way to stay aware and sidestep what could have been an ugly confrontation. I remember the first gun conversation my wife and I had on our third date. If I remember correctly her response was "I'll never live in a house with any guns in it". My brilliant response was "then I guess we won't be having date number four". Well four kiddos later we are blissfully happy and she is a dang good shot with her M&P
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    thats great!
    seems like a great gal so far!
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    +1 for spare mags

    Have you met her family yet?


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    Quote Originally Posted by USPnTX View Post
    "I'll never live in a house with any guns in it".
    Reminds me of a George Strait Song, "Famous Last Words Of A Fool."

    My question to the OP is did you immediately identify your plan had the situation got worse. You already evaluated that you were outgunned. Did you quickly come up with a plan to deal with your disadvantage in case it turned for the worse?

    BTW, the GF sounds like a keeper.
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    Smile But can you dance?

    Glad everything worked out great for you...up to now. If you can't dance .. don't tell her.
    Unless you slow dance and carry in front waist band.
    OK I admit .. I'm a clown.
    Hey I ain't much to look at but at least I can dance.

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    Opposite happened to me recently. A gorgeous woman contacted me on MySpace and we struck up a several-week conversation online, never meeting. She found me through a Harley link and is wanting to ride. When she finally spotted a couple of my 1911's on my photo page, she asked me if I could leave the gun at home if we ever did get together. What a shame to miss out on such a hottie!

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    The ultimate would be for you two to keep the relationship going, and her end up carrying, that way your odds get way better.

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    First, you did very well. You didn't show fear but you also didn't disrespect the thugs in a way that would have otherwise escalate the situation...

    Second, you don’t necessarily need three times the bullets than there are potential aggressors… with 'street aggressors’ my experience is that when you drop one of them (even with a punch) the rest will fold.

    Third, you brought up an interesting point. I noticed that when I carry, which is not 100% of the time, I feel more confident too and it manifests itself in behavior, actions, and reactions. I guess knowing that if the sh___ hits the fan, I have something to rely on and therefore I feel like I do not have to react to every show of aggression towards me just to “intimidate” them…

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    Quote Originally Posted by kairo View Post
    Another girl comfortable around firearms. Good news for me
    So, how long before you take her to The Range and Dinner, for a Saturday spent together? Maybe - just maybe - the next time you pass that group of over-achievers you'll have a comrade-in-arms on your arm to watch your back.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    Nice MATURE way to handle that situation.

    You have a great opportunity to show this new "person of interest" the best of the CCW world.

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Thanks for all the comments guys. I'm only 22, so I try and maintain an utmost air of professionalism whenever I'm carrying. Last thing we need is some young punk hot-rodding around with a firearm.

    I do carry extra mags on occasion, indeed, my extra 16 rd. mag was in my vehicle. oops.

    I had thought about turning around and just walking away, but I refuse to live my life in fear of others. I have every right to walk down a public street unmolested with my girlfriend, and I'll be darned if I'm going to cow to the public image that some young hoodlums display. I will live my life how I wish, backed up in the security of knowing I have cold steel to defend my freedoms.
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    2 points for the young man with the fine lady
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    dazed turkey

    Quote Originally Posted by taggart View Post
    Actually, MY girlfriend actually uttered the phrase "I'm glad you had your gun" when we heard something hit the side of the house one night and I went out to investigate. (Just a turkey, dazed and confused )
    did the turkey make it to the dinner table???
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