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"I feel really safe with you"

This is a discussion on "I feel really safe with you" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good post and for my 2 cents women always want to be protected and defended...

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Thread: "I feel really safe with you"

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    Good post and for my 2 cents women always want to be protected and defended

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    Quote Originally Posted by kairo View Post
    When her hands slid down my side, I got made, and she was like, "what's that?" Showed her the XD and she says, "Ohhhh. Now I feel really safe!"

    Another girl comfortable around firearms. Good news for me
    Sounds like she could be the future Mrs. kairo. Good luck with her, she sound like a keeper!

    Now just take her shooting and get her to get her permit! We always need more lady shooters and carriers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtbiker View Post
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I married a southern girl.
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    Where self preservation is concerned, if you're not cheating, your not trying...

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    My wife says that same feeling of being safe with me is one of the reasons she lowered some of her other standards (looks) and married me. So I win double, pretty wife whos just a bit outta my league who likes me to carry guns.
    "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

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    And marrying someone who shoots makes infidelity less likely, too!



    Yeah, that's a good thing.

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    Everyone should watch all of these chapters 23 in all.

    Freedom Broadcast Network
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAGLOCK23 View Post
    Everyone should watch all of these chapters 23 in all.

    Freedom Broadcast Network


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    Quote Originally Posted by glock27mark View Post
    did the turkey make it to the dinner table???

    I don't know how many times we've looked out into the yard with 30 or more turkeys marching on through and said "Which one of those would we like to dine on tonight?" Belive me, there are some BIG turkeys around here. Of course, we can't kill 'em and gill 'em, as Uncle Ted would say, 'cause it's in town.
    Taggart Snyder
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    Man, all this talk about guns, and look what happened this morning. I hate when they follow me home
    My first 1911 style gun, and first .45

    He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day

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    Great thread guys! Being a single dad in a carry state I am happy to say that more times than not the gals I date have no problem with me carrying. I don't tell a new date at the beginning of the date but if we were gonna do some hugging I would definately clue her in...gotta show her your a nice guy first! :)
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    Ahhh someone is about to be bit hard by the 1911 bug :)

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    Great story, and thread.

    My experiences with women and CCW have all positive over the last 20+ years I have carried. Especially if they see you as mature, rational, and not on some ego trip because you can carry a firearm -- kudos to the OP for keeping his calm and handling the situation nicely.

    I was on a second date with a woman last summer -- we had driven to the beach for the sunset, and were sitting in the truck as darkness fell. My Officer's 1911 was safe behind the seat. Another truck pulled in front of mine, and stopped about 75 feet out -- revving the engine, then pulling donuts. There wasn't another vehicle or person on the beach for a half mile or more either way, and it was really starting to get dark. After about a minute of them pulling this crap and me starting to feel the hair on my neck stand up, I asked her to slide forward. I reached back and pulled out my pistol as I sort of apologized -- "I don't want to startle you, but . . ." Then I started the truck and started forward -- and they took off.

    Her reply? "My man's gonna protect me!"

    I think it's a primeval thing -- women want to be protected, and men want to be cared for.

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    Yeah for C paul lincoln,

    "I think it's a primeval thing -- women want to be protected, and men want to be cared for."

    When i read the OP, I was laughing at those street punks and saying to myself awesome. They were probably trying to maintain their "image" and got something they didn't expect:) I find most bullies and intimidators immediately stop when something doesn't go their way or some thing unexpected is said.

    10rnds was probably more than needed for that group. But, now you have a reason to tell your self to carry that 16 rnder plus another 10 right

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAGLOCK23 View Post
    Everyone should watch all of these chapters 23 in all.

    Freedom Broadcast Network
    Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the link. Haven't seen that site before.

    Also, congrats to the young man that started this thread, both for the cool response and for the obviously-highly-intelligent gf.

    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- George Washington

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