Patience is all it took

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Thread: Patience is all it took

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    Patience is all it took

    I remember some time back, posting about a buddy of mine who didn't want me carrying around him. Well I told him I wasn't going to leave my gun at home, and we didn't hang out for quite some time as a result of that. I believe now he's starting to come around, this past Saturday, we went to go see Cloverfield (aweful movie by the way). He asked me if I was packing in the theatre and I asked him "Does it matter?" He responded by saying "I guess not." So maybe he's finally coming around to realizing that I'm not going to change. You really have to be patient with some people.
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    My former brother-in-law (I'm a widower) used to be like that. He bought into the standard media line of "but...but... nobody needs to carry a gun!!" He has slowly come around. It probably helped that I was patient with him and also took him shooting.
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    All it takes is a little education!

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    I wonder what these weasles, sorry I couldn't resist that, would think of themselves should their wife or girlfriend get raped in front of them because they didn't have something to manage the situation with, ie., handgun.

    Oh no! I did it again. Let me try once more.

    "Seeing as how civilization has advanced so far perhaps it's time for us to make a special effort to understand the unfortunate criminals among us and thereby forestall any urges they may have to do us harm."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    All it takes is a little education!
    and some polite persistence!
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    We had a great conversation at work today. One of the docs is into guns, and she's thinking about getting a CCW. She had asked about where to buy accessories, and really doesn't know much. I gave her last weeks "Shotgun News" just for her to look through. Another doc said that "Guns just give people a false sense of security". I couldn't get him to explain, so I asked him "If you're attacked, what would you use to defend yourself". He replied "A baseball bat!". So I asked him where he carried it, if he just had it on his shoulder, or if he tried to conceal it. He said "well, I don't carry it around with me", so I asked him how he would be able to use it if he was attacked. I said that in my case, the gun is always with me, so I KNOW how I can defend myself. That pretty much ended the conversation. A few minutes later, as the anti gun doc was in with a patient, the other doc started talking about not being able to understand that attitude. I just said that there's a name for people like that, they're called "VICTIMS"!

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    You need to show the sheeple that we are just regular people, not the stereotypes seen in movies and TV. My CHL class was a real eye-opener for me: all ages, races, and men and women.
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    My wife, who never really had a problem with my guns.....has finally come around to the fact that I wish to have something with me when we go out of the house. I know because at Christmas, all the pant were a size too large and the shirts were XL's......she said, "so won't show". I said thanks and kissed her on the cheek. Now, if I can only get her to the range...........
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    My wife was against me carrying at first, and I just kept talking with her and eventually she came around. Now when she finds them, she sets aside gun related articles from the paper for me on Sunday.

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    My wife loves to shoot but wasn't comfortable getting her CHL, and not really comfortable with me carrying in public.
    Until the night we came out of Drug Mart and found a greasy looking individual trying the handle on her Buick.
    He turned as if to confront us, at least until I thrust my hand into my pocket and seized the handle of my Charter.
    I never drew, not a cross word was uttered, but I was locked onto the threat and he knew it: he retreated, got into another car and made haste to depart.
    Subsequent conversation with the local constabulary revealed they'd arrested the same individual later that night, weapon and threats involved.
    The wife has withdrawn her objections to my carrying.
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    It's good to see he's coming around. Stay patient with him and be sure no to push your point too much. If you give him enough room maybe he will warm up to the idea enough that he will eve realize you are right.
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    Your buddy is lucky to have you as a friend. Most people would simply give up on a friend like that. Stay true to yourself and help guide him along.
    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
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