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What would knock a BG out?

This is a discussion on What would knock a BG out? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I believe two things are certain. 1. There are no gaurantees 2. Bigger is ALWAYS better......

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Thread: What would knock a BG out?

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    I believe two things are certain.

    1. There are no gaurantees

    2. Bigger is ALWAYS better...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    This kind of stems from the thread about the .380 and how I said I'd pick one round of a .45ACP over five of a .380 any day. My question is if you need to drop someone quickly and incapacitate them so they don't have the opportunity to shoot back, what would you need to do that? Everyone one says a well placed shot will stop anyone, and I understand that, but if it were a close quarter situation, gun to your head and you had one shot to knock the BG over to the point where he isn't getting up and shoot back, what would you use?
    I would use a prayer. I am not doing anything while the gun is at my head - it's that simple. I am not faster than a speeding bullet & bullets won't bounce off my head - so comply until the situation has changed - meaning gun is not point blank at my head or other parts of my body.

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    Do they make a concealable LAW?

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    In my humble opinion the only handgun caliber worthy of serious consideration is the .45. But as said a million times: “The best is what you have available”.

    I would personal keep shooting until the threat is eliminated, despite the caliber.

    About the nervous system trauma stuff. I work for the DoD in the medical field. One patient I recently saw had a hand grenade blowup in his face. The shrapnel tore through his eye socket and turned his brain into Swiss Cheese. He stayed on his feet long enough to kill multiple enemy combatants. And even though he has some problems still to this day, he can function in daily life, take care of himself, and hold down a job, all with chunks of steel still lodged in his melon!
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    Why would you let yourself get into a situation where you were trapped into a confined space..always leave yourself an out. Then you dont have to worry about carrying an icbm with ya.
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    THIS IS MY OPINION.......Almost every defensive shooting course or class try to teach you to move and shoot or changing position then shoot . So if someone had a gun pointed at my head or direction , I would try to change position out of the line of fire then shoot . Another scenario is to move as you push the gun then fire .....it my save your life more than just standing there and try to draw and fire ???? If I had only 1 shot it would be .45acp .

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    one shot stops with handguns are anomalies. As others have said, it's not going to happen unless you hit the brain-stem.

    in the scenario in the OP (gun held to your head), you're going to have to do something to get his gun off line before you even try to go for your own.
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    If there is a gun to your head, its too late to be thinking about shooting unless you have some sort of deal worked out with this "BG" where you are allowed one shot to try to save yourself and he promised not to do anything until you had fired. Even in that situation I would not risk standing still and trying to shoot - say I could place my .500 S&W Magnum to the back of his head - I still wouldn't want to do it if he had a gun to my head.
    I would, however, not hesitate to fight back. I have seen it demonstrated - I hope I never have to be the demonstrator - but it can be done. Push the gun one way, and move your body the opposite way. Do it quickly. People's reaction time is way behind the power curve in situations like this - use it to your advantage.....or just climb into the trunk like a good boy and hope for the best.
    This is quite the far-fetched scenario, and I'm of the same opinion as most here who implied that caliber/one shot stop/etc... is not the be all end all solution for anything. Its just a tool. $0.02 JMO


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    .45 ACP, 10mm or .357mag in common handgun rounds. Even at that none of these are a guarantee.

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    .50bmg or 40mm buckshot tends to leave a hole big enough to make them think twice about continueing. but realisticly nothing i own (rather than use for work) realy would work with the defined paramiters. as has already been stated there are instances of people takeing greivouse wounds that should kill them and yet continueing to fight. for more information on this look up congressional medal of honor winners.
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    Someone else mentioned the Taurus Judge. I don't own one but I would say two rounds of .410 to the face should stop just about anybody. Trouble is how do you hit the face if they are moving. The best answar is probably couple rounds of .45 to center mass followed by more if necessary.

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    The .41mag is the best defensive round ever developed, but the pansies of the day when it was developed couldnt handle it, the recoil was to much but a .41mag loaded with a 210gr LSWCHP is one hell of a fight stopper period. even better then the 158gr LSWCHP for the .357.
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