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Would you carry to a job interview?

This is a discussion on Would you carry to a job interview? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Don't carry. If this is a job you really want any sort of disclosure or idea will probably destroy your chances. There is too much ...

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Thread: Would you carry to a job interview?

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    Don't carry. If this is a job you really want any sort of disclosure or idea will probably destroy your chances. There is too much of a chance that some sort of accident that will disclose your carry condition. Bumping into a door, an arm on a chair, or any one of multiple other minor things that can happen. The risks and stakes of disclosure are much greater during this specific time than normal.

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    i'd carry. but then again considering the jobs im most likely to apply for i'd fit in better if i were armed.
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    I have carried concealed on job interviews before. In fact, the job that I currently hold I was carrying concealed for the interview. And they have a no weapons policy for their employees. But I wasn't an employee at the time. I flew from Mobile Alabama to Memphis Tennessee for the interview on their dime and they put me up in a very nice hotel for the night. My gun went with me.

    So, the answer to your question is, yes I would if I felt I could do so effectively and there was no reason to think they might ask me to disrobe.
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    I agree with the don't carry crowd. You won't get the job because you are carrying, but you could certainly lose the job if you were outed.

    Don't make the mistake of asking their gun policies during the interview process either. If you can find them out through the company literature, observing others(spotting someone carrying), or seeing posted signs, if any, than great. Otherwise you can ask someone later assuming you decide to take the job, or when you are offered the job you can ask then(if not being allowed to carry is a deal breaker for you).

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes. What type of place are we talking about here? Is it an office, warehouse, retail...what type of environment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    and there was no reason to think they might ask me to disrobe.
    Doesn't sound like a very fun job

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    I say yes carry, as was stated earlier your gonna be nervous. but if you are nervous enough that you need to worry about being made then dont. i've carried to more interviews then i care to admit and was never nervous about being made.
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    I would say NO............why risk a good offer from the Employer. First impressions make a huge difference. What if they are Anti-gun? You just might find yourself in muddy waters if the PD shows up while you're being interviewed.
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    nah i would leave it in the car
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    interview carry

    Quote Originally Posted by Natureboypkr View Post
    nah i would leave it in the car
    thats what i do,i just lock in up in my car.
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    I am going to vote with the don't carry crowd even though it hurts to have to do that. I think that even those who say they wouldn't be nervous at an interview would actually end up with some nervousness and having the firearm with them would increase the stress. You don't need that.

    I have a similar situation. I am about to leave for jury duty. As a reserve officer I could carry in the court house and do on normal occasions. This is not a normal occasion. So the guns, mags, knives will be locked in the Center-of-Mass in car gun safe.

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    I would carry, I carry everywhere else that it is legal to do so. If I had any concern at all, I'd just switch to BUG in a pocket holster - it looks just like the bulge of a wallet.

    That said, it's a personal issue. If you think it would distract you, or "throw you off your game" - then maybe you should leave it in the car or at home.

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    I have to vote with the don't carry, You can never tell whats going to happen at an interview, and you want everything to go right. Leave it in the car.


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    i dont think i would
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    I have been wondering about this one myself, since ive been doing some interviewing recently. I havent carried into one, but the question also crossed my mind if I should. I dont think im going to for now. im not really keen on leaving my weapon in the car though, thats for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tns0038 View Post
    I totally agree..
    +1...if you carrying would have any effect on you negatively...ie take your mind off the task at hand....then I would not carry.
    IF on the other hand..if would make you more comfortable...the opposite would apply...

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