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How big is the company you work for?

This is a discussion on How big is the company you work for? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Currently working in a corperately owned business,so it depends on what you mean by the company? On a store level (meaning my immediate coworkers) its ...

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Thread: How big is the company you work for?

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    Currently working in a corperately owned business,so it depends on what you mean by the company? On a store level (meaning my immediate coworkers) its only me,and two other guys up front (counter) wich means 9 total,...BUT our corperate owners are in japan (sumitomo tires//falken tires) but we have ALOT of corp. offices in the states,and over 7,000 stores,so,...LOL

    The new place I'll be working is locally owned//operated,and alot smaller level. (yet somehow makes more profit per shop,while offering fewer services!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEFan View Post
    About 1500 or so. Here is what you won't believe. I work for a Government Agency, not LEA, it is in California, and my office is a Government Building. Believe it or not, NO PROHIBITION ON CARRYING!
    I work in the same building about 100 feet from BigEFan!
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    lol....there is no option to select "unemployed" in the poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    I work for the U.S. Justice Department.

    Firearms are issued. I guess you could say we have more than 250 people employed there. The "control" and regulations, Policy and Procedures regarding firearms is exstensive, to say the least.

    ...ditto...except I work for another three-letter Fed agency.
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    DoD employee here...I think there's a couple million of us.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ree View Post
    My employer is a software company with about 3000 people in MN, MA, and India with lots of We have a blanket no weapons policy.
    What a coincidence. I also work at a "small" software company located in Redmond Washington. Perhaps you've heard of it.

    No CCW while at work
    Your second amendment rights are showing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BT1911 View Post
    Major defense contractor. No firearms allowed on the property.

    But they provide a lock-up as long as I am shooting after work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I have a couple of different jobs... my main bread and butter job is about 25+... I'll get sent home if I show up without my guns.

    My other jobs are my own deals, usually just me and one or two others depending on the job at hand... I send myself home if I have no gun, and send my help home if they dont bring one too.
    I want a job like where I have to carry. Have a positions in Colorado??

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    Mine has 45+ people swelling to double that during summer. There is a policy restricting carry but it is not well communicated. Work is a leased building and therefore has less restrictions than other company owned building. My LEO has told me to carry, the more the better in his mind. So, I am not consistent, but if I do you'd never know. If I don't it is not far in the parking lot.

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    About 150 in my office, but over 600 worldwide. "No gun" policy in the office, but no restrictions on personal vehicle/parking lot.

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    I work for the Great State of Alabama so I guess that's around 4 million
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    Quote Originally Posted by takurpic View Post
    Me, myself, and I.

    Me too!
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    I work at a local family-owned gun shop.

    I also am prohibited from carrying while working. The most I can do is carry to and from work, but I have to unload and put my gun in the safe before my shift starts.
    Lima - you can't carry at work??? That surprises the heck out of me! Is the owner anti-ccw or just worried about liability?
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    I worked in a lil town Barbourville

    I was a NICS customer service rep. When you guys used to have the ffl's call in a was one of the folks who were running your background check. We also have immigration and a homeland security contract. Now I'm taking care of my mom who's in the last stages of cancer so it's just her and me now.
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    I work at the university I attend part time (Penn State branch campus, about 5000 students) and for the US Army Reserve, both of which employ a lot more than 250 people and both of which prohibit carry in no uncertain terms.
    - Kurt
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