How big is the company you work for?

How big is the company you work for?

This is a discussion on How big is the company you work for? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many people work at the company where you are employed? Just kind of want to get a feel for how different companies handle CCWs....

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    29 9.67%
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Thread: How big is the company you work for?

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    How big is the company you work for?

    How many people work at the company where you are employed? Just kind of want to get a feel for how different companies handle CCWs.
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    I work for the U.S. Justice Department.

    Firearms are issued. I guess you could say we have more than 250 people employed there. The "control" and regulations, Policy and Procedures regarding firearms is exstensive, to say the least.

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    At my plant-----several hundred. Worldwide------for the company?? Thousands I'd imagine.

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    Me, myself, and I.


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    Self-employed. My boss is real slave driver, but at least he allows me to ccw on the job.
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    Store level - Maybe 20 employees total
    Corporate level - Thousands maybe?

    I work for Mcdonalds Corporation.

    How are so many of you guys and gals self employed? I've been searching for away to be self-employed, and most of the online things have left me skeptical.
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    20K+ over 120K worldwide.

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    I work for a school district, so I am assuming they have over 250, since my school is over 100 and there are over 20 schools in the district. No guns allowed, State Law, or is that federal.. eather way. I wish I could carry sometimes, schools arent as safe as they once were.


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    I work for the Department of Homeland Security.
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    I work for the US Forest Service, so voted for >250.
    I work at home though so don't have to worry about not be able to carry at work. Although if I did work at my home office (missoula, mt) I would not be able to carry, it being federal property and located on a university campus.
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    I work with an IT consulting firm. We only have about 30 or 40 folks, split between two offices. Our clients, on the other hand, include everything from smaller local firms to massive multi-national beasts.

    Since you mention wondering about company is pretty gun-friendly, but the building we lease office space in is not

    And each client has different rules. To top it all off, I'm still wrangling with the best method to match my clothes. We usually wear dockers and a button down shirt, but I'm having a heck of a time making it work....
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    I work for the biggest grocery store chain in Texas and i can't CCW while working. My job is pretty physical so its better i leave it in the car.

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    I am a state corrections officer. At my institution, there are about 200 officers. Statewide, many more. The inmates carry more concealed weapons than we as officers do.
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    There are ten of us here.
    CCW is fine. I write the policies (plant manager).
    It's a very pro gun company. I carry daily as does one other. It's not uncommon for a long gun to be in the corner in my office (usually a new purchase waiting to go home).

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    I'm pretty sure you will find that most large companies will be anti-carry. I work for a big company, not Wal-Mart big, but pretty big. The company is worldwide, but I only know the US rules.

    According to the rules "the possession of weapons of any type" is "prohibited because of its adverse impact on the work environment". No definition is given for what is considered a weapon or even when possession is prohibited. I make the assumption that they mean possession on company property and/or on company time.

    Also, since there is no definition of "weapon" in the rules I do my best to use common sense. A knife is a tool as long as it is used as a tool. A hammer is a weapon whenever it is used as a weapon. I do not carry a gun while on company property, etc. but I do carry a knife (actually more then one) and almost anyone that works with me knows this because I use them several times a week to do various things (ie a tool). If management ever asked me about this section of the rules I would try to explain that it is a tool and reference the multiple times per week that I use it as such, but I doubt it will ever come up in the part of the country I am in.

    On a somewhat related note, If I was ever in a situation at work where I needed a weapon I would make whatever use of whatever was available (hammer, computer monitor, or even one of those "tools" in my pocket) and then face the consequences for possession of the big scary black computer monitor weapon, or whatever weapon I happened to use to defend myself.

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