Are you ever asked not to carry.....

Are you ever asked not to carry.....

This is a discussion on Are you ever asked not to carry..... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; an "event" by your wife/SO? Do you agree in order to keep the peace? I've been carrying for 15 years, so nothing new here. ...

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Thread: Are you ever asked not to carry.....

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    Are you ever asked not to carry..... an "event" by your wife/SO? Do you agree in order to keep the peace?

    I've been carrying for 15 years, so nothing new here. Yet this weekend, we're going to a pretty high falutin' party......think Mayor, former Lt Governor, civic and business leaders, etc.....and as I'm getting dressed, she-who-must-be-obeyed says, "you're not going to be carrying tonight are you?" Of course I respond that she knows that I always carry and tonight isn't any different. She then says, "please don't". That's it, no explanation, no reason, just "please don't".

    So what do you do?

    Personally, I didn't really answer. When we were ready to leave she came up and gave me a little love tap right at 3:30 and seemed pleased not to feel my K9. Good thing she didn't check for the Seecamp in my rear pocket though.......

    So, dumb to risk marital disharmony or better armed and let the chips fall as they may?

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    Nope, she knows what the answer will be. She knows that I am good at carrying, and no oops moments will happen.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Guess you will be sleeping on the couch tonight, eh?

    One question, though. With all those dignitaries, did they have metal detectors?
    Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse or Rapture....whichever comes first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    Guess you will be sleeping on the couch tonight, eh?

    One question, though. With all those dignitaries, did they have metal detectors?
    She never knew......but if she had found out, I don't think that I would have liked the reaction!

    Private residence, no metal detectors.

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    No metal detectors....and not illegal for you to's called concealed carry....just ensure you conceal from your wife too ;)

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    I have had that happen....same type of situation...was too expensive steak...and alot of 'important' people....I have to admit...I did the same thing...moved to a smaller more concealed option...she didn't know about...I felt like I was in the room with a bunch of politician and elected officials, so I was already surrounded by liars and never know what could happen...LOL

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

    NRA Certified Instructor--many disciplines

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    I'll admit that I asked JD not to carry a few times, and it wasn't because I didn't like guns it was because I didn't like who he became when he holstered up.

    It wasn't that he was careless, flippant, or arrogant, if anything he was the opposite.

    When he put on a gun he became this gravely serious man who seemed to have electrodes attached to his ears or something. It was like he was back in war and it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to smile or share a light hearted moment.

    So, if we were going out on dates or anything where I WANTED to have a moment of shared glee with my husband I would ask him not to carry.

    Once he realized that you CAN have a good, clean, fun time AND carry a gun he became a LOT more enjoyable to hang around while armed.

    When we started to carry together it was just as natural as getting dressed.

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    Glad everything worked out good for ya. For some reason my wife has the opinion that it’s ok to carry a mouse gun in my coat or back pocket to those kinds of gatherings, but carrying the Glock 19 is out of line.

    I think she is always worried that someone will notice the OWB carry, and does not want to make a seen. And she knows from years of experience that no one will ever notice a P3AT 380 or similar gun in my pocket.

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    I guess I'm fortunate in that my wife doesn't ask me to not carry, but she knows what my answer would be. When she first discovered I carried, she started to object. I blew up and informed her clearly that I don't need her permission to protect her or our daughter, ever.

    That stands until I'm dead. I do not need, nor will I ever seek, her permission to carry a weapon. And if she wants to object, I'll make it clear again.

    My decision, not hers, period. If she can't accept it, she is free to find someone else to live with. It is non-negotiable.

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    Yes, my mother asked me one time if I was going to carry when we went somewher I can't remember and I told her yes, this was followed by my girlfriend explaining to her how I carried everwhere and she let the discussion go. Mom was more afraid of someone seeing it the me actually haveing it their.

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    That is interesting that your wife would suddenly change her mind like that; I have a lot of liberal family members who come back here to Texas for the holidays, and of course love to espouse their views regarding gun control on me. I was inundated with all kinds of explanations as to why I shouldnt be carrying, and how "scared" and "paranoid" I must be to do something like that, to which i replied that it wasnt paranoia or fear, but resolve they did not possess and were jealous because of it. I told them all that deep down inside, they secretly wanted to do what I was doing, they just didnt have the guts to refuse to be a victim.

    My point was aptly proven a couple of days later when we all went down to the Majestic theater in San Antonio to see "A Tuna Christmas"; Wallking out of the theater to the parking garage, 5 very unsavory characters were walking down the street towards us. Almost immediately, all of my liberal family members turned to look at me in unison, and I responded by patting the coat I was wearing right about where the gun you see as my avatar was riding in its time-worn Galco jackass rig.

    When the "danger" was passed, and we got back to my parents house, of course everyone was curious; My parents were astounded that I was "armed" during our family dinner. I told them that I am always armed when we go out, and told them that is precisely why I always sit facing the entrance of every restuarant I eat in. Then, my brothers' soon to be bride (they got engaged Christmas eve) asked my wife if she was worried about the fact that i carried a gun all the time, to which my wife replied "no, I never worry about it. The only worry I have is that he is not in my line of fire".

    To which she pulled her own Stainless Ruger SP-101 .357 out of her purse.........

    God, I love my Wife....
    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined". - Patrick Henry

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    My x-girlfriend had the nerve to ask me that more than once and even called me paranoid. I laughed, then I reminded her of the incident at the childrens hospital in Atlanta what could have happened.... (...and she wants to be a cop... ).
    " Refuse to be a victim, make sure there is a round chambered ! "

    Just call me a pessimistic optimist !

    U.S. Navy vet 1981-1992

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    I'd carry anyway - my wife knows not to go there with that question. It's our responsibility to protect our families and going out unarmed will be when Murphy rises up and gets you.
    The most exhilarating thing in life is getting shot at with no results.
    - Winston Churchill
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    U.S. Army (72G) 1975-1980

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    nope, my wife only says(if oursurroundings seem odd)youre carrying right.
    and ofcourse i say yep.
    (SHERIFF BUFORD T. JUSTICE) "what the hell is
    the world coming too"



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    We went to an out of town wedding last weekend, and I carried my full size XD45. My fiance is fine with the fact that I carry, and she was the only one who knew I was carrying at the wedding.
    During the reception, I spent some time talking to her sister's husband (we both have infant children and carry permits, and he's into guns and hunting). He remarked a few different times that he wished he'd been carrying. I found out later that his wife, who apparently wears the pants in the relationship, had told him not to.
    G17, G26

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...

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