Locking gun in a Honda CR-V

Locking gun in a Honda CR-V

This is a discussion on Locking gun in a Honda CR-V within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have read various threads about locking guns in the car. I am a little apprehensive about that, but if I have to I have ...

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    Locking gun in a Honda CR-V

    I have read various threads about locking guns in the car. I am a little apprehensive about that, but if I have to I have to.

    I own a Honda CR-V. There is no trunk. I am not sure how much room is under the seat. I was thinking of purchasing a COM lock box. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with that, or any other lock box, and storing it in a CR-V.

    Also, any suggestions on how to drive with it so that it is easily accessible? I have seen several posts about car holsters, but there is really no place to mount it such that it would be inconspicuous and within easy reach.
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    For secure storage I use a Life Jacket firearms lock. I have it bolted to the floorboard by the left side of my seat. When I get out and have to leave the gun locked inside I pull the seat all the way forward and it almost completely covers it. It is not a safe, but it will prevent my pistol from disappearing if someone ransacks my car when the gun is locked inside. It is not good for ready access, just secure storage.

    For access I cannot help you with the CRV question. If you don't have to move the seat a lot I would suggest putting a kydex holster between the seat and console. Placed such that it is parallel with the seat belt it will be fairly inconspicuous, and covered with a bandana or small hand towel, practiaclly invisible. It is right where you would be reaching if someone was making you get out of your car or get out your wallet.
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    I own one of these and it works fine and will fit under the back seat of a Honda Pilot. Center Of Mass Central but I also have a home made care safe I made using a key pad lock box from wal-mart.
    I drilled the back and installed a large eye bolt with double nuts on the inside. I then ran a kryptonite cable with the key lock around the back seat mounts of my F 250 and I have a nice little safe that can store a full size 1911 a couple of magazines and a 50 round box of ammo, just in case I have time to swing by the range.


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    Just go to your local LEO supply store and pick up a pair of handcuffs. One end around trigger guard and one around seat post. They may get into your Rice burner but they won't get your gun. As far as driving check your state laws, NC allows you to carry loaded as long as it is in plain sight ( for those with no permit) if you have a permit this issn't a issue.
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    I have many a time wedged things in the seat springs. Thieves look/feel under the seat, not "under" the seat.

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    Im also leery of locking mine in a car or truck, but sometimes ya gotta do it. I have one of these in my Reg cab F-150 and my wife's Taurus.

    MidwayUSA - Secure-It Standard Pistol Security Box 8-1/4" x 6" x 1-3/4" Steel Black

    It fits right under the fold down jump seat back, and isn't very visible. In my wife's car, it fits into the center console seat section, and again, isn't very visible. It came with a nice strong cable to attach to a seat leg or other bolted down part of the car. It also has mounting holes in case you want to use real bolts to bolt it to the floor or whatever. Not exactly easy to get into should I need it, so for now im just keeping it holstered when driving.

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    I have a COM regular lockbox in both my cars, one of which is a little dodge neon. I asked the guy working the counter at my gunshop if I could leave him my Drivers' license so I could take the box outside and see if it would fit under my seat. He didn't have a problem with that.

    As for access, I simply won't unholster just because I'm getting in or out of the car. That leaves me carrying IWB even driving. When I'm in the ghetto or a drive thru ( or anywhere I'm in fairly continuous motion, and/or can't see everything well enough to have great situational awareness), I'll do the ghetto tuck and pull my coat around my back and tuck my cover gaarment behind the holster for quicker assess.
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    I also have a COM lock box. The cable is tied to the under seat hardware.

    My weapon is always on me when in the car. I would only trust a holster mount system that would be permanently affixed to the vehicle. I would not want a handgun flying around in the event of a wreck.

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    I have a 01 Honda CRV and carry in it often. If i have my revo, I just tuck it down between the passenger seat and the center console. I have a Mika's holster and it works nicely. As for the locking. My glove box is lockable and that is what I use. Keep in mind that I am only locking up for short periods of time (when I run into my boys school to pick him up). I have locked up for longer, but I don't like it. Of course the car gets locked as well.

    On another note....

    I don't know what year your Honda is, but mine is in the shop for a complete head replacement due to the fact that the valves were never adjusted. I bought it from an individual in July and it just blew up. Only has 112k miles on it. The dealer wanted 4200.00, but I having the work done for 1500.00.

    Needless to say I am not happy and have been considering selling some guns to help fund the fix. Definitely not happy about that.

    If you don't know. The valves on the Hondas should be adjusted every 30k miles. The Honda engines also tend not to make noise when they are in trouble. If anything they get quieter... or so I have read. I am a member of a CRV forum. I highly suggest that you check it out and do a little reading on your V. There is lots of good info there.

    Here is the link and sorry for hijacking your thread. Just don't want others to make the same mistake.
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    I also use a COM!

    Center Of Mass Central
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    Get the wafer lock replaced with a pin tumbler lock or a tubular lock. Opening an F-150 and that box takes about 45 seconds.

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    I've got a COM also. Use it both in my Jeep and in my 1967 MGB. In the jeep I also lock it in a locking center console. I bought an extra cable so I have one in each car. The MGB it fits under the seat nicely. Of course it's not a long term storage thing.

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    Be careful drilling into the floor. Very fragile things lurk right underneath! The handcuff idea is OK, but most use the same standard key. Many BG's have a key or two on themselves at all times to escape.
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    +1 on the COM safe. Was only about $35 and works great, when locked up it's about the size of a medium hardback book. Steel lanyard comes out of the safe, loops around the driver's seat supports, and loops back onto itself.

    Sure it's not Fort Knox, but it's got to be about the best bang for the buck protection wise. If someone just breaks a window and grabs what they can in a few seconds, it's enough protection against that. I also like that when I pull it out from under the seat, I can grab my piece under my knees and even a person standing right outside my window would be able to see almost nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCHornet View Post
    One end around trigger guard
    Just remember, polymer trigger guards can simply be cut....at least they won't get the handcuffs.

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