12+ months of ignorance.

12+ months of ignorance.

This is a discussion on 12+ months of ignorance. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok - not quite what it sounds!! What this does mean is, that to at least the average folks, my carry is seemingly totally effective, ...

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Thread: 12+ months of ignorance.

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    12+ months of ignorance.

    Ok - not quite what it sounds!!

    What this does mean is, that to at least the average folks, my carry is seemingly totally effective, at least with regard to our biking friends. I know Bud considers vests ''shout carry'' - well maybe they do to BG's and other CCW's but otherwise and allowing for vest use a lot with bike riding, which is pretty normal - others sure don't know.

    We've known these guys actually well over a year and spend good biking time with them, including a few times this summer enjoying their swim pool. I was in habit of changing into and out of swim gear out of sight so gun still never seen, not wanting to be made.

    Two or three weeks ago tho they called at our place and wife brought them out to my office, where of course I was open carrying. I decided to ''come clean, as I trust them implicitly and they are pretty pro gun. There was no surprise or problem. Since then they have no prob' with my open carry when we visit them, meaning I can take off the darned vest.

    Out riding yesterday and stopped for a break - comment was again on this subject - ''but Inever had any idea you carried''!! In fact they asked was I carrying then - of course I was but, they still didn't know for sure.

    They were even more interested when the NAA mini appeared from vest pocket!

    I now have not only my dear wife due a range trip but, one or both of our friends, who may yet after some training decide they too will carry.

    This is quite an unusual instance as I, like most, do not announce that I carry but am prepared to do so with trusted friends.
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    Not complicated really--people do not look for guns, known many who carried and a very few who really looked at others.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    I've been carrying for about 8 months, and I'm still amazed how unobservant people really are. I don't believe that I've been "made" in all that time, even when my cover shirt seems to be printing to some degree or other
    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry

    They were even more interested when the NAA mini appeared from vest pocket!
    Chris, this makes me think about a passage from the book: "On the Border With Crook", a history of General George Crook. His adjutant was the author, named John G. Bourke. They were stationed in Tucson after the Civil War, and it was a pretty rough place.
    One of the local characters was an ex-Marshall named Milton Duffield...a pretty salty fellow, by all accounts. One night, they were at a local dance:

    "There was a "baile" given that week, and Duffield was present with many others.People usually went on a peace footing to these assemblies...that is to say, all the heavy armament was left at home, and nothing taken along but a few Derringers, which would come in handy in case of accident.

    There were 5 or 6 of us (all friends of Duffield) sitting in a little back room away from the long saloon in which the dance was going on, and we had Duffield in such a good humor that he consented to produce some if not all of the weapons with which he was loaded.
    He drew them from the armholes of his waistcoat, from his bootlegs, from his hip pockets, from the back of his neck, and there they all were...eleven lethal weapons, mostly small Derringers, with one knife"

    "I surrounded 'em"- Alvin York

    "They're ain't many troubles that a man can't fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six"- Jeff Cooper

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    Here in the Northeast, it's getting to be that time of year..vests will be coming out, and ohhhhhh..finally, most of us will be carrying our larger framed guns once more. As for me, the only thing that stands out, is a person that is wearing a jacket in 80 dgree weather. that tells me he/she's hiding something.. Vests are common place here, so it's not an issue most any time of year......It all depends on how you carry, and to what degree you wish to hide the weapon.

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    When your a Biker of course the vest doesnt say ive got a gun as much as the normal guy wearing it..

    I just thought all Bikers carried guns Now is the time o fyear i can start to think about owb carry as its cooling off i might actually be able to carry my new Wheelie i going to pick up soon in a OWB holster as it gets cooler

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    I now have not only my dear wife due a range trip but, one or both of our friends, who may yet after some training decide they too will carry.
    Good story. It's always good to hear of more quality people that are considering joining the brother/sisterhood. I'm sure you are an excellent ambassador for CCW, and that you will make their range experiences pleasant as well as educational.


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    I have been CCW-ing for over twenty years ( very close to twenty-five)
    I have had my gun exposed by accident four times. Mostly due to cheap holsters. I am happy to say it has been years since my last unwilling disclosure.

    The funniest story I have about my gun falling out of its holster was when I went to a friends house. There was a group of guys ready to play some basketball, and standing around choosing sides.
    I sat down on the pic-nic bench, leaned back, and out from my shorts front pocket my Seecamp 32 falls to the grass. There was a guy that didn't know me...he pointed to me and said "he's on my team".We all had a good laugh, I wasn't thrilled that it happened, but it did. Lucky for me that time, I was at a friends house....the other times, I wasn't so lucky.

    I really don't like disclosing that I am packing...it is all around good way to be.
    Could you imagine you're with a buddy in a gas station, and a BG comes in with a gun, and your buddy says, hey...you got a gun, do something.

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    I don't eventell the girlfiend when i am or not packing. Better to suprise everyone than have a problem as chameleon points out. I only had my gun accidently fall out 1 time. Damn , cheap vest holster didn't have a thumb strap. I can get away with wearing a 5.11 vest with hunting type shirts and no one seems to be the wiser.

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