Leaving Guns @ Range...

Leaving Guns @ Range...

This is a discussion on Leaving Guns @ Range... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK...so I have a really wierd question. I'm a volunteer EMT on my college campus. There is a local range, like 2 blocks from campus. ...

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Thread: Leaving Guns @ Range...

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    Leaving Guns @ Range...

    OK...so I have a really wierd question.

    I'm a volunteer EMT on my college campus. There is a local range, like 2 blocks from campus. That means I can be at the range and I'm still within the recieving range of the paging system at school.

    That means that theoretically I can go shooting while I'm on duty, or at least I can respond to calls from the range.

    I run into an issue with not being able to take my pistols or ammo onto the campus, so my question is this: Can I leave the pistols at the range?

    I'm going to go talk to the owner tomorrow. The range is small, I think it's like 10 lanes. It's family owned, and apparently it's pretty decent, even if it is a little bit expensive. I plan on explaining the situation to the guy, and asking him if it would be possible to leave my whole bag, weapons unloaded, cases locked, behind the counter for the hour or 1.5 it could take me to handle the call.

    I was wondering what you guys thought...

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    If you can trust the owner not to sell your guns and they have a good place to store them, and are willing to do this, it's probably not a bad idea.
    They may have reservations about being responsible for your equipment.
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    I cant say from experance but i do know one guy who leaves guns at the range all they time they store them in the safe for him ..

    Why i dont know but he is almost like a employee there.

    So someplaces will and in you shoes i cant see someone turning ya down

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    If you trust him and he's OK with it.......

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    who all would have access to your guns? Would you trust everyone with access? Personally I wouldn't want the risk of someone I don't know handling my guns. But then again , my guns are for defense.

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    I dunno about that. I'd be VERY concerned about that type of property being in a state of "unsecured" status, as it not being under your comlete control while you're out in public. You may want to consider the legal aspect of it all, should the weapons "dissapear" If there is a individual storage locker in the building, and only you have the key, I'd say go for it, but if not, you might want to think about it..just my own opinion though

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    I reckon Jim if your assessment of the folks there and your judgement tell you it's OK then should work fine.

    Sounds like this is short term/occasional only, as against long term. If gear actually in safe custody then it does seem a most helpful option for you.
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    There are ranges here that offer gun storage, I think they have lockers you can rent and keep your firearms there. You might be able to find a place like that.

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    Where do you store your guns when you aren't on the range? What transportation do you use to get to the range? How do you carry your guns to and from the range?

    If you are going to ask the range to keep your equipment if you get punched out on a call, then you and they need to be prepared for them to keep your equipment overnight. Eventually, you will go on a call that keeps you past closing.
    - Tom
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    Never leave your guns because some one could decide to shoot them or they could disappear. Thus, your name is connected to the firearm. My answer is no. I am a Professional Mental Health Counselor and I work out of a school. I have to leave my guns at home. I just make the extra trip home to get them before going to the range.
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