Could be a stupid question..Weight loss

Could be a stupid question..Weight loss

This is a discussion on Could be a stupid question..Weight loss within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, so me and a buddy go out shooting yesterday to try out his new p3at. I own a p3at that i carry as a ...

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Thread: Could be a stupid question..Weight loss

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    Could be a stupid question..Weight loss

    Ok, so me and a buddy go out shooting yesterday to try out his new p3at.

    I own a p3at that i carry as a backup gun (or primary if that's the one I can get to first, like in winter when it is in my outer clothing) and I also carry a springfield armory XD 9mm on my right hip at 3 o'clock, under my coat and shirt(s).

    I also have a Bersa thunder plus .380 with double stack 15 rd mag that i typically use for my "car" gun, one I keep on the seat while i drive for accessibility since the other two are usually buried.

    Ok, here is the background for my question: my wife and i decided to go back to where we got married for our 5th anniversary, so we have to leave all our rights and self defense stuff at home while we are in Hawaii. I understand you can't even give a bad guy a dirty look there while he's robbing you at knifepoint, but that's beside the point.

    Anyway....In an effort to look better the second time around in Hawaii, I started a weight-loss campaign a couple of months ago. The first time i was there, I was 205 pounds.....I'm not going for another 3 weeks, but this time I'm already down to 165. (I had been holding at 180 the last couple of years.)

    Here is the "meat" of what i am asking:

    I have recently been practicing a lot more with my Bersa and Kel-Tec, since my XD is usually buried so deep on me and it's the middle of winter here.

    I have lost about 15 pounds in the last month or two, and while practicing yesterday i noticed 2 things:

    I kept drawing my xd and the whole holster would come out with it. Ok, I need to tighten up my pants a bit to make the clip grip my belt better. (I use an uncle mikes IWB holster for my xd)

    The other thing I noticed was that my hands are a little smaller, and that I kept gripping the XD slightly lower than normal, and not getting the grip safety depressed enough to fire the gun.

    I decided that I needed a lot more practice this weekend since the dynamics of my carry and draw have changed due to the weight loss.

    Am I crazy, or is 15 pounds of weight loss really enough to change your whole world when carrying? I know I will be watching that more now as I try to stay more fit.

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    I have recently begun a weight-loss program...19 down so so far...21 more to for your question...

    No, OMO...but I don't think that your holster should come out when you draw...+15 or -15...
    I use IWB Fist holsters w/a clip...thjey never comes out. In fact, I can draw without a belt on and the clip still holds the holster in place.

    From what you say, I think you need to work on your rig...the right holster should always work...lose a few pounds and one should just have to take the belt in a notch or two...should still work.

    As far as the grip...pure muscle memory...OMO...2000 more practice draws and things should be fine.

    I'm no gun expert, I'm no trainer, just sharing my opinion...most people on this forum will have one...

    May I add, I'd like to see the holster for your trailer carry (avatar)...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Uncle Mike holsters are okay for the range but terrible for CC. First get a good quality holster and you won't have the problem with your holster. I can't see how 15 pounds is going to change your hand size or grip. I suggest more draw practice. The lemon squeezers can be difficult for small to medium sized hands. I might suggest trying a different weapon if things don't get better. Oh and congrats on your weight loss.
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    As an avid bodybuilder for many years I can tell you my body works differentely when I am heavier and when I am very lean.

    Your speed will increase, your heart will love you, remember those old sex positions that you had stopped using, etc, etc. It only gets better when you are fit.

    I recentley gave up my old way of training and concentrate more on training like a UFC fighter.

    If you have bassicaly taken of three off the yellow jubies below then things change everywhere.

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    My fingers get thicker when I'm lifting weights, and thinner when I'm doing more cardio. Maybe its just water retention - I don't know. But muscle memory should solve the grip problem like retsupt99 said. As for the holster coming out - sounds like your holster doesn't work too well. Maybe you can reward yourself for losing some weight and spend a litte on a different holster that will work better for you. Just my two cents. And congratulations on your anniversary, and your weight loss!!


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    yes, it makes a huge difference.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    That photo reminded me of seeing 20lbs of beef fat on display in some health club years ago. It seemed odd as a marketing ploy, but perhaps effective. I'm sure that weight reduction close to that scale occurs somewhat all over the body...not just from the obvious places.

    have fun in paradise!

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    The holster was solved already by tightening the belt a notch. I had gotten so used to my pants being a little more loose that i simply didn't think about the holster not having the same grip. I have that under control, I just have to remember that there is a certain tightness that is needed....and maybe not the loose cargo pants i was used to wearing when a little heavier.....several tries with regular jeans today seemed to work just fine.

    I also noticed my grip was better, more snug and higher on the gun. My wife may have put her finger on it...when my shooting partner showed up yesterday, i had JUST come off the treadmill after a 6 mile run....maybe part of it was fatigue. Wether it was that, or being conscious of it today, I don't know...but 25 draws today and every one of them was perfect.

    Thanks for the input, though, all makes you think quite a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    May I add, I'd like to see the holster for your trailer carry (avatar)...
    Gotta use a shoulder holster when i carry that one, or it makes me walk funny...
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    You can solve the holster problem in 1 of 2 ways:
    1) Enjoy all the Hawaiian food you can, and once you get back, start hitting Olive Garden and buffets as much as you can. Problem solved!
    2) Take a big-a safety pin, preferrably a 3" or 4", and pin your IWB holster to your pants. Place the pin on the outside of your pants and stick it through to the holster. Since that might draw attention and we don't like to do that with our CCW equipment, hang your keys on the safety pin. Problem solved!

    Now, as far as not clenching the grip safety, that also can be solved in 1 of 2 ways:
    1) Safety wire will work for tying the grip safety down, but it can be hard on the hands if you don't tie the knot just right.
    2) Duct tape will also work, and it's smoother on your hand. It also comes in black if you want to color-coordinate. So I'd go with the duct tape.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Yep, 15 pounds will make a big difference in a lot of way you never even expected.

    I'm glad you are sliming down. Everyone should strive to be as lean as they can be, it will extend your life and improve your quality of life more than you know.

    I remember the first 20 pounds I lost when I started working out and how surprised I was to find that I could reach my gun better, I could conceal it better, and I was a bit faster on the draw.

    I'm not sure what your target weight is but it sounds like you have made a good start. Keep it up and you will be very happy with the results you achieve. Good luck!
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