Turned down a good job because of CCW

Turned down a good job because of CCW

This is a discussion on Turned down a good job because of CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had the opportunity to get a pretty good job, but I turned it down because the job is at Letterkenny Army Depot (Federal property). ...

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Thread: Turned down a good job because of CCW

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    Turned down a good job because of CCW

    I had the opportunity to get a pretty good job, but I turned it down because the job is at Letterkenny Army Depot (Federal property). I choose not take that job because I refuse to go disarmed. All because I can't have the gun in my car on base, meaning I have to leave it at home. I refuse to go disarmed to and from home, if I choose to go out after work etc... it was one of those darned if you do darned if you don't situations. What would you have done in my situation?

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    You have to go with what you are comfortable with. If you are not "starving" and can sit back and pick and choose your jobs, there is no reason not to pass on this job. There are lots out there right now, so take your time and pick the one you want/like.
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    Well the way I see it, the better job that I have the more guns I get to buy so I probably would have taken the job. JMO!
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    That's a rough one..

    If I hated my current job or did not have a job I think I would of gone for it. I understand your feeling and I agree but you have to eat also.

    That's just me and I respect your decision.
    Take care..

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    Everyones situation is different. Not being able to have the gun in your car really limits where you can carry. If you stop at the stop and rob or anywhere else on the way to or from work, you can't carry. Sometimes we have to compromise. You compromise the job or the carrying. You obviously felt comfortable in your decision. I'd say I'd have a hard time taking that job too.

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    I probably would of asked if there was any way I could check my gun with security when coming on and off the property...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    What would you have done in my situation?
    The same.

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    Maybe become a member of a local GYM or Gun store that rents Lockers. We do at our store. We have people comeing in picking up there carry guns because they work in DC.
    When your on ARMY property you just pray that the MP has a Good Qual score with that M9.
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    I hear ya. I'm a Fed and can't have it at work - so am unable to carry to and from work. And this place is in the neighborhood where one should be carrying. Oh well, 31 yrs. down, 3 1/2 to go. I really respect your decision with, no pun intended, sticking to your guns.
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    Respect your decision...but with the economy, retirement, medical... govt job security is a wonderful thing. I would not have done what you did...would of taken the job, worked it for a few months to see if it was really that bad not carrying, find a working friend that lives nearby or in general look for a workaround. I'm sure you would not have been the only one at the facility with your concerns.


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    If it were a significantly better job, I would not let the prohibition keep me from taking it. If the pay and benifits would be advantageous to my family, and long term career and retirement goals I would have taken it. Government benefits and retirement are very good.
    Personally I do not feel unsafe when not carrying, but others do, and I have no quarrel with them. Each has to do what he will.

    But if you are uncomfortable when not carrying then you did the correct thing for you.


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    Given that im unemployed at the moment, id have taken it, lol. Aside from that, its a tough call. I take it theres no way to park nearby yet off the property so that you can leave the gun in the car? No way to check your weapon at say, a guard shack or whatever?

    If I was currently employed, and unless I had a really ugly need to leave, I probably wouldn't have taken the job either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    ...What would you have done in my situation?
    Accepted the position.

    Being retired military, I'm accustomed to working on military installations. My decision to accept this contractor position was heavily influenced by the pay and retirement plan. (You gotta do what's most important to you.)
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    that would depend on how you feel about your current job
    and pro's and con's of new job. in my position now i'd
    take the job.
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    yea, that can be a hard decision. i applaud you for standing up for what you believe in, and good luck finding another job
    Wo die Notwehr aufhört, fängt der Mord an
    (Murder begins where self-defense ends)
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