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Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED)

This is a discussion on Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Jeff F Living in probably one of the safest places in the country I feel one is plenty. Not a lot of ...

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Thread: Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff F View Post
    Living in probably one of the safest places in the country I feel one is plenty. Not a lot of here
    One of my first exposures to rifles was at the home of my great uncle, in Casper. Way back when, the hills south of town (within 50mi) were stunning in their ruggedness. The people matched, in all of the best ways. Hardy, self-sufficient, capable, quick to friendship, yet quick to anger, strong yet reserved. Not a lot of wool to be pulled over the eyes, out there.
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    In New Mexico we are limited to just one CCW on our person. I only carry one pistol, which varies depending on the activity that I'm doing, in order to comply with the letter of the law. I realize that I should carry two if I want, but I don't ever want it ever said that a CCW permit holder has no respect for the law. I only ask of God, and require of my government, that I be allowed to defend my family or myself. And one gun should ought to do it.

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    On my own time, I regularly carry two, one being my foundation gun, an SP101 snubby, and the other being anything from another SP101 to a larger sixgun to my duty SIG P229. Having typed the long version of my reasons quite a few times, I will make it short this time and say I carry multiple handguns because I am too lazy to carry speedloaders and spare magazines. OK, seriously, I find it just about as easy to carry another whole snubby as it is to carry a speedloader, and I like being able to access a serious weapon with either hand. I am fairly ambidextrous, for one thing, and I am cognizant of how easily one hand may be injured or occupied doing something else important. I also know what it feels like to arrive home after a busy night shift on police patrol, and discover that a broken mainspring had relegated my duty sixgun to being a fancy bludgeon. Perhaps most significant, I live in a free state, and if being free to carry one feels good, then two is better.

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    Just one here, but I have no problem with people who carry two or more. I see the wisdom in it and logic in it. I just don't feel I need two.

    Before I could legally carry my husband used to carry two guns. One for himself and one for me. He also used to carry a small J-frame a few times when he felt it necessary.

    I know one other person who regularly carries two. I don't think he's "paranoid" or weird at all.

    I would probably carry two every now and then but it would involve either ankle carry as my pockets are usually WAY too small for another firearm, or yet another holster on my belt, and I'm sorry but I can't fit ONE MORE thing on my belt or I think I wouldn't be able to stand up, not to mention concealment would start to get difficult.

    With a spare mag, a knife, and a gun it's getting challenging already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tns0038 View Post
    Back when I worked for the Feds and had to go to meetings with BG’s
    You just confirmed what we all suspected, the feds and BG's working together.

    But, today as a private citizen, with CCL I never do. Just don’t see a reason. If I think an area is that dangerous I don’t go there.

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    g-23, and naa guardian 380. Not much hassle except for finding the pocket space.
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    I carry one: Kimber Ultra Carry II. Sometimes, if I am in deep concealment, its the snubby .38. Carry a knife at all times (3 1/2 folder). If I am heading to Phoenix, I'll also carry the Cold Steel Peace Keeper II.

    Been wanting a Kel-Tec P3AT for my bug for a while but will have to see. Wife came out of the blue yesterday and suggested I look into buying an ATV for hunting and camping with the boys. Soooo, felt it best to lay low on the purchase of a $275 gun in favor of a larger catch.
    The old sheriff was attending an awards dinner when a lady commented on his wearing his sidearm. 'Sheriff, I see you have your pistol. Are you expecting trouble?' 'No Ma'am. If I were expecting trouble, I would have brought my rifle.'

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    I do because I keep a gun in my glovebox sometimes while having one one me
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    On a regular basis, I have my SA1911 on my hip and an AMT .380 in my pocket.

    If I am heading out on a trip, even if I will be home later that night, I will often have three. One on the hip with a spare mag, one in the pocket, and one in the trunk with two spares.
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    Sure, why not carry 2?
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    But on ocassion, I have taken either my NAA .22LR, or my KelTec .380 (in a front pocket) to keep my IWB Kimber company...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I think it is a bit of overkill. I understand its great to have options, but the reason we carry a gun in the first place is for that slight chance, the gravest extreme. Most of us (hopefully) will never need to draw. Probabilities of needing an additional FA are even slimmer. Nothing wrong with it, to each his own, but I feel its preparing for some very slim scenarios.

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    I only carry one and have not felt a need to carry more.
    The most exhilarating thing in life is getting shot at with no results.
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    If your car has an airbag, why bother with a seatblet, car insurance? How about some real driver training?

    I always find it odd when people who own a handgun, don't carry it routinely, are appalled by higher capacity semi automatics, or find more than one gun for EDC or the need for a SD knife foolish. Having multiple guns doesn't replace proper training.

    I'm a fan of good training programs that test the limits of man and machine; train for failures. Carry two? Heck yes when I can.

    P.S. I routinely carry two when my wife is wearing clothing that limits her ability to do so. Being able to pass off to another doubles your ability to deal with issues.

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    I only carry one, but that is because I really don't have a good BUG yet. I'm saving up for a small pocket revolver.
    "All war is deception" --Sun Tzu

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