Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED)

Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED)

This is a discussion on Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do, and everyone thinks Im nuts. Even some of my friends who carry (all 2 of them) think its overkill. I say I carry ...

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Thread: Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED)

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    Who Regularly Carries More Than One? / Do You Carry a BUG? (MERGED)

    I do, and everyone thinks Im nuts. Even some of my friends who carry (all 2 of them) think its overkill.
    I say I carry two for the same reason I carry one.
    Just in case.
    Glock 26 on the hip, and Smith 340pd on the inside of the left ankle (right hand draw).

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    I guess ''regularly'' is a variable ..... but more times than not apart from EDC 226 - I have my NAA .22mag mini in one or another pocket.

    It is of course a minimalist BUG but - it's still something to fall back on.

    The ultimate is maybe the guy who carries two of same - and thus all ready for the famous ''New York Reload'' if need be
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    Kimber 5 inch 1911, and Colt Defender.

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    I very seldom carry one gun off duty. Here's a rundown on what I frequently carry. I may carry something different every now and then, but these are the most common for me when I'm on my "own time".

    S&W 22-4 and 442
    Ruger GP100 and 442
    Glock 19 and 442
    Glock 19 and Kahr PM9

    I also carry reloads for each gun carried. My favorite combo is the Ruger and the 442 followed by the Glock and the 442. I like having a gun accessable to either hand because I never know which hand I will have free to draw with.


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    I carry two. I carry a backup on my ankle. The backup is a 40 s&w. My main carry is either a 40 or 45 in a shoulder holster. If something happens to your main carry you are good to go. My backup has night sights. Its the only way to go.

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    I wish I could carry two, the whole lack of a second gun kind of gets in the way. My CZ RAMI is awesome don't get me wrong, though I have been contemplating getting a CZ 75B Compact .40 as primary and bumping the RAMI over to the left side. Something to look forward to :)

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    i did'nt think we could carry more than one pistol ccw in mich.
    i know if we're hunting,you can carry as many firearms as you want.
    please correct me if i'm wrong.
    (SHERIFF BUFORD T. JUSTICE) "what the hell is
    the world coming too"



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    In a nasty area i'd carry as many guns as i leagally could. EDC = 1 gun and 1 extra mag.

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    More often than not. Not much hassle and there are plenty of good reasons to do so.

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    On duty I always have two, a G23 on my duty belt and a 640 in a vest holster. Off duty I usually just carry one with a reload. Sometimes I'll carry two depending on where I need to go.
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    It is better to have your gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it!
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    I always carry two.

    The primary is for the mall shooting or when you have more time to draw.
    The bug is for "get the beep off me" in a pocket holster for weak hand. When walking to the car or in downtown Minneapolis because a gun in your hand when you need it is better than one you have to sweep a carry garment and draw. IMHO

    Combo for me are. Note: All are "DAO" with no safeties

    M&P 40compact and P3AT or M60
    Kel-tec P11/PF9 and P3AT or M60

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Always two, G23/J-frame
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    Back when I worked for the Feds and had to go to meetings with BG’s, I would carry the NAA 22 in my back pocket, along with the G19 on the hip. And back in the 70’s when I worked for the Sheriffs department; we always kept a 12-GA riot shotgun even in our own vehicle.

    But, today as a private citizen, with CCL I never do. Just don’t see a reason. If I think an area is that dangerous I don’t go there.

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    On extended outings, or to riskier areas, or outside of town, I certainly do. It isn't every day or every week, even, but it's regular enough to matter. Most of us go armed with a firearm and knife already. Some, with two firearms. Crazy nuts? Not if the original motivation to be armed holds any water.
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    Living in probably one of the safest places in the country I feel one is plenty. The odds of ever needing it are high. The odds of needing a bug are astronomical. I mostly carry because it's my right to do so. Also chances are if it's needed there's going to be other guns close. This is a large gun population state with many people carrying and most know how to use them very well. Not a lot of here
    "Those who would give up essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety" -Benjamin Franklin-
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