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No CCW Sign at a gunshop

This is a discussion on No CCW Sign at a gunshop within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by 45MINK Alot of florida shops have that sign .Working in a shop before I understand it ,there're alot of people with permits ...

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Thread: No CCW Sign at a gunshop

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45MINK View Post
    Alot of florida shops have that sign .Working in a shop before I understand it ,there're alot of people with permits that have no common sense and should not be carrying because of inexperience . I've been swept a few times and pointed at point blank !!!!!!! Most of our regulars carry and we know this and have been shooting with most of them so them carrying in the shop dosen't concern us .

    I do not understand it! If you do not trust people with guns and they have no common sense than why are you selling them more guns? You feel for your own safety but not those of every other person in your area?

    I do have some experience as a range officer so I know mistakes happen. Ask people to keep CCH guns concealed. If somebody does remove their gun or makes an error in gun handling correct them ASAP and I will bet it never happens again. If you are not willing to do that then get out of the business and get as far away from guns as you can.

    As for letting regulars carry but not those you do not know or like, man that is about as bad as it can get. We are all guilty until you decide we are worthy to carry. This kind of attitude from a gun shop is amazing. It seems that we as gun owners are our own worst enemy. If we do not want guns carried around us than why should any state legislature vote to let any of us carry around other people? This would look good in an anti CCH discusion, "Look here even gun shops and gun owners do not want guns carried in their stores".
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    The range where I shoot has a store attached to it. The owner is a competition shooter for many years and very vocal about our 2nd Amend. rights. He wants people to carry, on their person, when they enter. BUT, no loaded handguns are to be UNHOLSTERED in the store area. If you've got to empty the gun, go into the range, into one of the points, aim it down range, shoot it or remove the cartridges.
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    I agree with letting the new management know why they have lost your business and that you will be spreading the word!
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    although i understand why they would have that sign, i also think its crap and they wouldnt get my business if i had a choice
    maybe have a sign similar to this one:

    "All firearms being brought into the store must be unloaded and checked in at the customer service desk. This does not apply to lawfully carried concealed firearms."

    but then also say that lawfully carried concealed firearms must STAY concealed at all time, and have a 'safe area' where someone can unload their carry gun if they for example, are looking for a holster for it
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    There is a gun shop here with a sign that reads "All firearms must be in a holster OR unloaded." I can understand that, but no CCW?? That's intersting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsebens View Post
    I think a better alternative to those signs are the ones that read "Please keep CCW weapons holstered at all times while in the store. If you wish to show it to a salesperson, we ask that you clear it before bringing it inside." I've seen a few of these, and have never been offended by them.
    One of the ranges here in Northern VA had a similar sign...only those who have a CHP may carry "hot" into the store, as long as it stays in the holster.
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    Gander Mountain has a signs here in MN that say no loaded guns, except CC permit holders. This keeps people from bringing in their gun for trade or repair loaded but also acknowledges permit holders as having training and a background check. That is how it should be done IMHO. Did you give the manager/owner a "no guns, no money" card? That is what I do along with my phone number if they choose to discuss the incident. I also inform them that I will be spreading the word in the gun community about their policy. I have gotten signs removed with this approach. One hint, I am never loud or obnoxious, I am calm and know my facts when discussing this. If they choose not to reconsider I take my money elsewhere. By the way, why didn't you name the gun store so others can avoid it?

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    That's like putting a "no drinking" sign in a bar entrance. Our Gander Mnt here has a sign that says "All firearms must be checked out customer service counter EXCEPT those with CCW permit. (which are permitted).
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    I'd take my bidness elsewhere; there is only one person I trust my personal protection to: ME
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    The shop I frequent has a sign welcoming all concealed carriers but must be holstered at all times. I ask if I need to unholster for any reason.

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    If I were a gun store owner, I'd have a sign along these lines:

    "Personal firearms are to remain cased or holstered until permission to handle them is granted by staff. Handling is to be done in accordance with store policy."

    Then I'd provide an area with a safe backstop that is solely dedicated to uncasing/unholstering/unloading ALL firearms brought in by a customer. Then all employees would be trained in how to supervise and would be expected to actually supervise every uncasing/unholstering/unloading.

    Employees would also be informed that that shortcuts in the area of safety will not be tolerated.

    Sure, it'd be an expensive use of space resources. And sure, it'd offend those who think they know what they're doing. You'd probably lose the business of a couple of these whacks, but likely you'd be able to reason with most that you'd rather be overly cautious than dead, especially if you can relay stories about how often customer bring in "unloaded" guns that turn out to be loaded.

    The great thing about doing it this way is it doesn't paradoxically introduce any notion that a gun is ever unloaded which would be directly in conflict of the notion of Rule #1.

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    I'm sorry for my ignorance with this question, but how many other states (besides Texas) are ok with CHLs walking right by that sign? The indoor range and gun shop I go to has that shop, but I confidently walk right by it each time and am more comfortable knowing that idiots aren't walking in with their loaded gun and finger on the trigger sweeping the whole store. I am somewhat regularly saying things to people on the range about keeping it pointed down range.

    Anyway, so I know in Texas all I have to worry about is a legal 30.06 sign or a red 51...all other signs are not applicable to me. How many other states are the same way? It sounds like most others are not.

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    Of the two gunshops I visit, neither requires me to be unarmed...if that changes, so do my visits to that shop. I would not mind the 'except permit holders' sign.

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    While our place is primarily a training facility and not a gun shop, the sign we've used for the past 12 years reads:

    !!! Loaded or not, all firearms should remain CONCEALED until inside on the firing line !!!

    This is reinforced verbally in initial orientation and all students are instucted just to leave their guns where ever they are until told otherwise. It's worked pretty well thus far ...
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    There's a reason they don't want loaded guns being handled in the store...

    Just last week:
    The Denver Post - Gun shop worker shot by accident

    There were (at least) two mistakes made:

    1. Handing a firearm to someone else without clearing it or detemining its condition.
    2. Accepting a firearm without clearing it or detemining its condition.

    I hope the fellow survives.

    Just my two cents.
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