I'm glad I don't live in IL!

I'm glad I don't live in IL!

This is a discussion on I'm glad I don't live in IL! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ammunition ban bill. ISRA Action Alert - State Ammunition Ban I hope for the sake of IL gun owners that this doesn't get passed....

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Thread: I'm glad I don't live in IL!

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    I'm glad I don't live in IL!

    Ammunition ban bill.

    ISRA Action Alert - State Ammunition Ban

    I hope for the sake of IL gun owners that this doesn't get passed.
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    They'll soon be making a law to make it a felony to 'think' about guns in IL...you get what you VOTE for...
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    Would that really stop someone from crossing state borders and buying ammo in another state? How dumb can Illinois's lawmakers get?
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    no way will that ever happen

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    sounds like the latest knee jerk reaction of someone trying to make a name for themselves in the anti-gun capital of the world.....IL.

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    Again, the sheeple who live there are fine with this, afterall, they voted these morons in..am glad I dont live there!!

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    I wouldn't live there for a muti-million dollar salary. I also will not travel to the state to visit my stepson.
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    The assault on our 2nd amendment rights just never ends, does it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderdude View Post
    Would that really stop someone from crossing state borders and buying ammo in another state? How dumb can Illinois's lawmakers get?
    No, it wouldn't but now you would be violating the law because it read that you would have to turn in all of your unmarked unlicensed ammo to the state police. I'm glad there is a big river that separates our two states. We should fill it with alligators.
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    WHY don't all of the gun/ammo manufactures step up and quit selling, and servicing any and all guns, parts, repairs, accessories, and ammo to the entire state. Would like to see how long that would take to get their attention. Many would say "to big of a market to lose" well that big market is going to be the down-fall of the entire industry if things don't change.

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    Geez, what's next? Unique serial numbers on all ammo?

    Every one of these ideas, even when defeated, gives the loons encouragement and ideas for the next attack.

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    This is why I would NEVER live in IL!!!

    I wonder what that would do for the World Shooting and Recreation Complex in Sparta, IL. They have 120 trap fields!

    World Shooting & Recreational Complex - Sparta, Illinois
    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” Benjamin Franklin
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    This isn't an IL issue, this is an AMERICAN issue. What are we supposed to say? "Sorry for you poor saps in IL?" When legislation like this gains momentum, it will not end well.

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    I think this is just the beginning...the last week and half has done more to harm carry causes (and ownership) than I think the past 10 years...primarily because no one has articulated very well on a national level.


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    The sad thing is that this law will do the big, phat zippo for law enforcement. If anything, it'll make things ten times worse than before.
    First off, you can't just ban reloading of cartridges because many people make a living at it so it would be like banning a persons job. "Sorry, sir. Grocery clerking is illegal now. You need to pack your own groceries from now on." Any old reloading equipment and businesses that have done it in the past will have to be grandfathered in.
    Now imagine the database that now has to track each and every single bullet sale in the whole flippin' state. Talk about a frickin' beating for the budget to keep that puppy running smoothly. It'll be a new, proprietary system so you just know it'll lead to some serious FUBAR-zone situations when the po-po come kicking in the wrong doors or just can't look things up for weeks on end.
    And lastly, forgetting your brass at the range isn't a crime. Just the fact that you neglected to pick up a spent casing or two doesn't even come close to showing that you at "X" location at "X" time committing "X" crime. The fact that a bullet casing from your sale showed up at a crime scene sounds like a slam dunk if it wasn't for the fact that 1) shooting ranges and outdoor shooting spots tend to be used by a wide range of people of varying legality and education, 2) every gun throws the casing differently so my Glock is way easier to police up brass for than my buddy's SIG which tosses the brass for about 20 feet or so on average (and bounce off my hat which is really distracting) and then into other lanes as they roll around afterwards and 3) Whiskey Tango Hotel are you guys thinking?!? You even ask what the LE community thinks about this before you go dumping this horse hockey into their laps?

    Edit: And it's unconstitutional to boot. You can't just take someone's property in the US without due process of law. So by confiscation of ammunition, reloading equipment, gunpowder and other firearms-related materials without a specific crime being committed then they are only setting themselves up for the big hoseroo from the courts. Even if it's passed, it won't last too long once the LE guys realize how big a pain in the butt it is and they get punkslapped for illegal seizure of lawfully purchased goods.

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