What does your state teach?

What does your state teach?

This is a discussion on What does your state teach? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am curious about what different states teach on shooting someone, to stop or kill? The reason I ask is that I see alot of ...

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Thread: What does your state teach?

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    What does your state teach?

    I am curious about what different states teach on shooting someone, to stop or kill? The reason I ask is that I see alot of people talk about head shots, yes I know that will stop but Instructors in Texas are to teach center body mass shots. Our targets count less in scoring if you do head shots.
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    We don't have to take Classes in WA.

    But if you voluntarily took a class, they teach standard NRA center of mass etc. most places.
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    We are not required to take a class in Alabama.

    Any classes I have taken always taught COM or the largest available target (head, hand, foot what ever was exposed)
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    The class I took taught us to start at COM ending at head but do not quit shooting until weapon is empty and threat is over.

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    For one Shooting to kill is admitting murder in most places.

    Regardless of what your state teaches if somebody leaves their state and use that defense in VA. That person is probably going to prison for a LONG time. You shoot to stop. If stopping his actions means you need an immediate electrically shut down of his body. (i.e) Craniel Vault shot to break the electrical signals the brain sends to the body, and the by product is the bad guy succombs to his wounds and expires so be it. It was a by product of your true intentions which where shoot to STOP not to kill.

    The General area where your going to shoot somebody can depend on the senario. If the guys flat out attacking me. I'm aiming for the largest most vital area I can hit when Im' under stress. COM. Ultimatley I proably aim for the head if it was danger danger close and I coudl get my gun up to a good shooting position because I need to shut the BG down Electrically right friggin now.
    However the reality of getting the gun up to extension is unlikely so I'll probably be shooting from a retention postition (the HIP).

    On on the last part of your question.

    Shooting for the head have reduced score? In some cases yes. The GSA Target aka The Transitional Target which is also used by IIRC FAMs and may SS have a lower score count the head.
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    The Kentucky class requires you to hit the black area of the target 11 of 20 times.

    I remember getting bored and shooting the sleeve and head a bunch, but it didn't count off any.
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    Virginia, shoot to stop the threat.

    Warning shots are illegal.
    Shooting to wound is illegal.
    Shooting to kill is illegal.
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    Indiana does not require classes. We do have a law saying we do NOT have to retreat, so that makes me feel better if I do have to shoot. I still won't shoot to kill right away, I would go to a failure drill. If two COM shots stoped the attack thats all thats needed. If the BG takes another step towards me after the two in he chest, checkmate.
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    Course not required in Mississippi.

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    I'm not sure what Ohio instructors teach. I use my Army training and my Florida CCW. COM for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob99VMI04 View Post
    You shoot to stop.
    +1. Shooting to kill is what someone who wants to commit murder thinks. If you are forced to shoot (i.e. use deadly force) shoot until the threat is stopped- on the ground, lost weapon, running the other way and no longer a danger... (if you are a Castle state you may have more flexibility here)

    COM is generally taught as it's the biggest part of you and most likely to be hit under stressful conditions.
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    We teach to shoot to stop the threat. The first shots to center of mass would probably do the job, but in case it does not then a head shot is next.

    The major problem with head shots is that they are difficult to make in the "credit card" area especially with the target moving, or at other than a short range. Next trip to the range see if you can place your shots within a 3x5 card without careful aiming. In other words it must be relatively fast, and is harder to do than one might think. Try it at various ranges, and probably most will have difficulty shooting within the proper ares at ranges longer than 5-7 yards shooting fast.

    But a head shot is not meant to kill but to stop the threat. Do not ever say that you shot to kill or that you shoot to kill. You shoot to live or save your own life or others.


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    We teach shoot to stop the threat, that is what is required in MN. Center of mass is about all you can expect from a victim under attack. Try hitting a bobbing target the size of someone's head while under attack in low light or darkness. By the way, it is not the State that teaches this, it is the instructor in MN. The state does not require us to teach where to shoot an attacker.

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    I have always heard shoot to stop, but I have heard that some law enforcement agencies teach their officers to shoot to kill if necessary. I heard it 2nd hand from a security guard that works for me who used to be LEO, so you know how that goes. If I am in a life threatening situation, I will shoot to stop that threat. If drawing the gun ends the threat, I no longer need to shoot. If 1 shot to COM stops the threat, etc, etc.
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    I've been license in 3 states, VA, OK and PA. All 3 were the same, shoot to stop the threat! That being said, why would you want to shoot at the head? If I have to shoot under pressure, I want to maximize my percentage of hitting the target, which to me is center mass!

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