Positive encounter with LEO

Positive encounter with LEO

This is a discussion on Positive encounter with LEO within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last evening I had just left work where I am not permitted to carry and had my gun in my glove box when I was ...

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Thread: Positive encounter with LEO

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    Positive encounter with LEO

    Last evening I had just left work where I am not permitted to carry and had my gun in my glove box when I was pulled over. I screwed up and was in a hurry and didn't completly stop at the stop sign. As the officer came up and asked for my info I had my walet in hand and told him, "Before I go for my registration I want to inform you I have a License to carry and my firearm is in the glove box." I then handed him my LTC and DL and he verified whose name the care was in never asking me to get the items out of my glove box. My gun happened to be sitting on top of them so I would have had to move it to get to them.

    No problems except a bit less money in my pocket. Darn I should have left my EMS uniform shirt on as I left. Oh well.

    Grace and Peace

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    Glad everything worked out alright. I have yet to be pulled over when I have my hangun.. I think the best policy is to tell them upfront, to help the saftey of you and the LEO.
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    Glad it went well.

    The few encounters I had with LE while I was carrying have all been positive.
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    Sounds like everything went well and you did the right thing.

    Have only been pulled over once while I was armed. No ticket but took me a long long long time to live it down.

    When I got pulled over I was on my way to the driving course while I was going through the police academy
    the Sergeant who was teaching the course knew about it before I got there.
    at the time I would have rather got the ticket than having him and my whole class find out about it on that day.
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    Glad everything worked out as it should. This is exactly why I use my center consul for handgun storage and glove box for insurance and registration documentation.
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    In Texas we are required by law to hand over our CHL and our DL if we are carrying or have a weapon (handgun). If you don't you will get you license subspended.
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    I just bought some little folding plastic booklets designed to hold car registration and proof of insurance. I clip them on the sun visor, so if I get stopped they are easier to retrieve rather than digging around in the glove box and possibly making the leo nervous.
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    By way of suggestion, have you ever thought of a separate lock box instead of consoul or glove box? Much more secure and liability resistant. Also is separate from your other stuff and can remain close and accessable when you are in the vehicle.

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    Let me put in my 2 cents. LE correct me if i am wrong. Think about how a traffic stop happens. You do something wrong. red light,stop sign,ect. The LE now has to speed up to catch you. Lights and sirens going. Pulls directly behind you.bumper to bumper to get your attention. What you do next is going to get you into or out of that summoms. DO NOT step on the brake pedal. Give the LE a simple wave while looking thru the rear view mirror.(At night turn of interior light)The LE will back off. If you step on the brake LE will spill coffee.soft drink and be really angry. Do not want a angry LE. 2nd thing The only thing wrong with having all your papers in hand when the LE approaches is that you have no time to talk your way out of the ticket. As stated in other post. Hands on the top of the steering wheel. Of course your seat belt is on. Ask the officer is it ok to remove the seat belt to get your DL and CHL from your pocket. By asking this simple question it normally put the officer at ease and you already cut down your chance of getting the ticket. The normal question next asked by the officer is going to be" do you have family in law enforcement?" Normal people don't explain what they are doing.The Le is still on edge. Reply truthfully Yes,my xxxx . No but I have friends that are. We are all friends on DC. No, I work with xxxx or I was taught by XXXX when I got my CHL. No I am a EMS worker,Nurse, My wife/husband is a Nurse. My friends are nurses,doctors at the local hospital. LE hate to give a ticket to a nurses.Never know when they will need a nurse. Explain to the officer"I have a clean DL and like to kept it that way.It does not make a diffrence to the LE if they give you a ticket or the next person that they stop. two things happen next. Hand your stuff back and tell you to have a nice day or ask for the reg/ins card. I have my firearm with the reg/ins card located in my glove box. He will either tell you to leave it or get the reg/ins. Remove the reg/ins card from the glove box then CLOSE to door. The officer will be more at ease because the door is closed. It would take another step for you to get your gun and use it against the LE. I would say that two things could happen next. One your stuff is now handed back to you and told to have a good day. Leave the glovebox closed until the LE is on this way. Two the LE will tell you I will be right back. History has proven to me that LE will return with either NO summons or a warning Summon. Either way no $ out of pocket and a good interaction for the next CHL.

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