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Thread: "Almost Violence"

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    First time was in the mid 70s, I was in college in the limestone country of southern Indiana and we often went swimming in the quarries that dotted the area. Now remember this was the middle of the "hippie", free love, if it feels good do it age and just about everyone went skinny dipping, on the weekends there would be 100 people or more out swimming. It was a weekday and I was out for a swim before class and there were only a couple girls besides me that morning and we were on the same rock pile (the “rocks” are about 4 feet square and 10 feet long, scrap stone just left in big piles), they at the end close to the water and I was on the top near my favorite diving spot.

    3 Hell’s Angles wana-bes from the local “biker gang” came along and started hassling the girls who were sunning on their stomachs, they started throwing rocks to make them get up to “see their titties”. The girls wrapped up in their towels and went out of sight behind some rocks, but the wana-bes couldn’t leave it alone, one said “Let’s just go down there and have some fun while we’re at it” and they started coming out on the rock pile. I said “We come out here to get away from people like you; why don’t you just get on your bikes, ride out of here and leave us alone”. The biggest bad ass of the bunch pulled out a stiletto with a blade about 8” long and said he was going to cut my nuts off and shove them down my throat, I said I had no intention of fighting him with that knife, he laughed, said that would make it all the easier and came towards me. At that point I reached behind me, pulled out a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt, aimed it just below his belt buckle, thumbed the hammer back and asked just how easy he thought it was going to be. He literally pissed his pants, I told him he had 2 choices, throw the knife in the water and leave, or try to take one more step and I would gut shoot him just to watch him rolling around on the ground kicking and screaming till he died. He nearly threw that knife all the way across the quarry, turned around and all 3 ran out of sight.

    I was young and still wanting to be a pilot in the Marine Corps (later took out my right knee with a dirt bike) and afraid a brush with the law could jeopardize my chances. Now, after having had 2 buddies murdered by scum suckers, and the distance was clearly less than 21 feet, I’d probably go ahead and smoke him.

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    Well I have already posted one or two of mine, but here is a quick summary.

    Unprovoked road rage incident, where the other vehicle was larger and faster than mine, attempted to bump me off the road. I was just a dumb kid at the time and had no weapons, but fortunately my Monza (hunk O turd) managed to barely hang onto a sharp curve that the old beater caddy could not. Even as an "invincible" teenager, I was well and truly shaken.

    A year or so later, a guy in an old primered beater followed me home. At that time I was driving an antique pickup that looked pretty good and more than one person had stopped to ask if it was for sale. When I got out of the truck I expected him to ask if it was for sale. Instead he got out of the car with a baseball bat, took a couple of steps toward me. I grabbed a big chunk of wood off of the bed, that I used as a wheel chock, and was preparing to chuck it at him, when he stopped, cocked his head to one side, and then, actually apologized. It seems I wasn't who he thought I was. He turned around and got back in the beater and left. The only plan I could come up with at the time was to toss the chock at him and dive into the truck, it was big and slow, but it was so heavy, hand had monstrous pipe bumpers on it, he would have been hard pressed to run it off the road. LOL

    Aside from that, there have been a few potential situations that would most likely bore you guys, but one of the more recent ones bears mentioning.

    It was near midnight, on a Friday and I was on call. I got unlucky enough to get a page to go work on a piece of equipment near the front entrance of a major dept store, which required my customer (the store) to block off one of the electric doors. They locked them and put bright neon colored "out of order, please use other door" signs all over the outside of them. They also propped open the other set of doors 5 feet away from the ones I was working behind.

    I was on my ladder, elbow deep in the machine I was working on, when I hear a loud "THWUMP!" and then muffled cursing. I looked down to see some guy who had just bounced off the closed doors, shoving on them and uttering a stream of curses. After a few moments, he walked over to the open set of doors and came in, he promptly crossed back over to my side, of the lobby(stepping over my caution tape on the way) and proceeded to yell at me for closing the door and not putting up a sign. I calmly explained that the store had shut them, and I was just there to work on the machine I had apart. He then started in about how he ought to sue both me and the store, because he had hurt his nose (where is the graemlin when you need it?) and that there most definitely no signs on the door. I probably shouldn’t have, but I pointed out the signs on the door, and the guy then announced to the world that he hated smart ^$%s like me, and he was going to knock me off my ladder and teach me a lesson. By now, my hand was on the grip of my weapon, and I was trying to think of a way to de-escalate the situation. Fortunately the guy's wife/girlfriend/whatever, and another guy show up just in time to hear the last of what he had said. The took his side, (or pretended to), but they managed to calm him down, enough to get him to go on into the store with them. After he was out of site, I went to relay the whole sorry situation to the security guard just around the corner from where I was, only to find out he had watched the whole thing. (gee, thanks for stepping in, or at least calling for the off duty cop who regularly hangs around the other entrance on the opposite side of the building)At any rate, I finished the repairs, and kept my eyes peeled for this jerk the whole time, then went home.

    Not to hair raising, but definitely a threat.
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    Just the other night I got home to see the back door open. Not a good sign. Apparently one of my kids unlocked it and it wasn't latched all the way when we left that afternoon. I was alone at the time. Just as I walked in the house, I saw the door and something fell off a shelf downstairs. I pulled my SW 642 from my pocket holster and lit up the stairs with the CT. Right as my my sight hit the top step as I was bringing it up, a cat ran through it and out the back door. Apparently I had startled it when I came in and it bolted. God my heart was racing. I quickly secured the door and made a check of the rest of the house. Because the cat had been spooked by me, I felt that no one else was there but you never know so I checked every nook and cranny of the house. On a bright note, I found a remote control that my 2 year old misplaced a while ago.

    The cat certainly wasn't a threat but the potential was there. I got a confidence boost by identifying the cat and not shooting the first thing that moved. That would have been hard to explain to quite a few people, including the cat's owner.
    There are 2 sounds in the world that strike more fear than any others. A click when you should hear a bang and a bang when you should hear a click.

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