Maybe the tide is turning in our favor after all.

This is a discussion on Maybe the tide is turning in our favor after all. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was just asked to recommend firearms for home defense and carry by a fellow associate at work. I went through the standard set of ...

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Thread: Maybe the tide is turning in our favor after all.

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    Maybe the tide is turning in our favor after all.

    I was just asked to recommend firearms for home defense and carry by a fellow associate at work. I went through the standard set of questions and recommendations with this kid and he will be shopping for a handgun and a shotgun in the near future plus he is getting his CCW and I am baiting him to start shooting IDPA.
    Talking to him he admitted that he had a couple of weapons before but got rid of them during a bout of "guns are Bad, root of all evil" period but he has realized the foolishness and wants to get back to be responsible for his own safety which is something I have to support fully.

    Afterwards I got to think that he is like the 5th or 6th person that I know of at work who has turned into our camp while I've been working here. I don't wanna toot my horn but I do admit I feel proud that I've been able to gather more people into depending for themselves and taking up shooting. There are some others that already had their CCW and we have engaged in conversations and discussions about guns, self defense and the Second Amendment. Even more amazing is the fact that we have not had one incident with an anti-gunner. No foaming at the mouth Brady supporter anywhere or at least with guts to confront us. I also like the fact that those not interested (yet anyways, I ain't quitting!) who witness our chats, do not feel threatened and are confident enough questions, specially stuff they see on TV and is so outlandish and biased we cringe.... but they do not know better! We try to clear doubts and misconceptions plus they see us, regular joes having fun and not being the NRA-Kluker-Redneck that shooters are portrayed to be.

    And the best guilty pleasure of all.... I work in a corporate-mandated Gun Free Zone. I love being a Fifth Columnist!
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    Keep up the good work. You are changing the world, one person at a time.

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    Good job!
    I believe in gun control...... Thats why I use TWO hands.

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    Good stuff Miggy. Keep it up.

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    Great job, this is how we are starting to win.

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    Good "Missionary" work Miggy - keep it up.

    Any and every one any of us can ''bring in'' is a step towards improving things - slow but sure.
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    Perhaps you could be a 'guest speaker' for our school staff?
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