Tips for CCW class inTennessee

Tips for CCW class inTennessee

This is a discussion on Tips for CCW class inTennessee within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The wife and I will be taking the class on Saturday. What are some tips and info about the class? Is there any online docs ...

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    Tips for CCW class inTennessee

    The wife and I will be taking the class on Saturday. What are some tips and info about the class? Is there any online docs that I can read over. I am not too worried about the class but the wife is a little un-easy about it. I've been working with her using a Ruger 22/45 and she does pretty good. When I put the 9mm in her hands she gets a little shakey! She has a little problem dropping the barrel and shoot a little low. She keeps it in the black on the target but not exactly where she's aiming. Any way, any tips and advice, docs would be great.


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    Don't know where you are taking the class but you should have no problem, pay attention during and all will go well.

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    She'll do great. My class had 3 women over 70 years old that had never shot a gun in their lives. They passed Just fine....which makes me a little nervous now that I think about it. Just tell her not to get hung up on getting it perfect. If she can shoot in the black she's fine.

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    If you have any common sense you can pass the written part noooooooo problem plain jane simple...dont even bother studying like its an exam...

    shooting if you're not a shooter you may want to go practice but even then its easy and you can pass before you get to the furthest point...

    edit to add what you shoot the test with isnt what you're required to carry like some states..take what you/she shoots the best

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    focus on the front sight, squeeze. Only one thing can happen.

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    The shooting test is pretty lame, the written test is like open book so you can refer to notes if want to.Gun does not have to be your carry gun so a 22 would be real easily for your wife.
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    My class was super easy. I have to honestly say that the only things I learned were legal facts.

    The shooting part was really easy as well. There was a woman that had never fired before the class and she passed.
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    More range time and she will be fine, if the gun fits her.
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    Most of the written test is practically spoon fed to you in class. Live fire is usually known distance with start from the ready position instead of from the holster. You'll be fine.

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    Well, first off, it is not a CCW class. It is a State Handgun Carry Permit class. We do not have Concealed Carry Permits in Tennessee, we have Handgun Carry Permits. The law does not mandate concealed carry. Open carry is 100% legal in Tennessee.

    Second, you are not terribly far from me here in Arlington in Shelby County. Where are you taking your class? I am an Assistant Instructor at a school down here. PM me and ask any question you might want to ask. I think I can answer most if not all of them.

    Third, you will most likely be told not to bring live ammo into the class room. Live ammo is any ammunition at all. If you put it in the gun and it will go bang, it is live ammo. You would be amazed at how many people mess that up.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    My wife and her 60 year-old mother took the class together about a month ago. Neither had fired a firearm of any type before. Both used 2" S&W snubbies, and had a blast. Your wife is already ahead of the game. She'll do great!

    My wife's instructor told her he would rather have a class full of naive women of all ages, than a class full of seasoned police officers... primarily because of the 'teach-ability' factor.

    Class was in Clarksville, BTW.


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