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Dominican Republic

This is a discussion on Dominican Republic within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone on this board know about the Dominican Republic? From what I've heard the climate is fantastic all year around. I understand it is ...

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    Dominican Republic

    Does anyone on this board know about the Dominican Republic? From what I've heard the climate is fantastic all year around. I understand it is fairly easy to get permanent residency status there and that land is relatively cheap. I also heard that once a person gets permanent residency in the Dominican Republic the firearms laws are very reasonable and concealed carry permits are relatively easy to get. My sources also say no high powered center fire rifles and no .45 automatics.

    Has anyone visited/lived in the Dominican Republic and have first hand knowledge of this country as regards owning guns and CCW?

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    Pretty much the same rules as many European countries...shotguns are OK. Rifles are not and handguns require special permission. You WILL NOT be legally permitted to carry concealed ANYWHERE in the DR.
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    Don't know about the firearms laws.......did see some guys with M-16s closing off a portion of the road for maintenance(wonder if the road crews can carry assault rifles?)
    I went there last December,and yes, the weather is great all year round(except the monster hurricanes that come occassionally during the summer).
    When I went off the resort area,the one thing I saw everywhere were ReMax Island Realty signs. I think I also overheard a bus driver mentioning to a tourist that they have either little or no property taxes.
    It is a very poor country though, the people living in our inner cities look well off compared to what many of the Dominicans live in. Even the livestock looks depressed. It seems for most people except the few elites there that working at a resort is the best they could hope for.
    For the most part very friendly people though!
    Sorry mods if this got off topic a little........
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    I would call there embassy.

    I know Nicaragua has one set of rules for tourist and a totally different set of rules for property owners.

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    good friends of mine spend several years as teachers in Puerto Rico and St. Croix. Depressing is exactly what they called it. (not quite DR, but similar) Vastly different standard of living and outlook on life. That being said, if you are trying to escape the pace of 1st world life, it might be a great option.

    certainly go visit on vacation before seriously considering moving there. I like the Dominicans I have met in USA. They are easy to get along with.

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    I would think long and hard before going there right now.... Check out the news. One of my co-workers is an immigrant from there and still has family living there; he has been saying that it is just another banana republic with problems boiling to the surface.

    In general, I wouldn't want to be an American caught abroad anywhere right now.
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    I have spent much time in DR, on the south side in SantoDomingo. Climate is warm, muggy midday and torrential thunderstorms in the afternoon. Pretty much like southern florida plus 5 degrees.

    The FIRST thing i learned was to always have two an american $20 bills stashed somewhere on you.... The first $20, properly applied to LEO, will get you out of just about any bind. The second $20 will let the export imigration get you out of the country.

    It's been 5 years since I've been, but bribes are the norm. We were allowed to put them on our expense report.

    Never was CCW there (knives yes, no guns) but many places had visible armed security. I am talking parking lot attendants with 16" pistol grip 12gauges. Road repair crews with M16s as stated above. Some bouncers with openly displayed pistols at some night clubs. My plant manager was going to buy one from a lot attendant for $10, but didn't have a good way to get it back into the US. Even with
    all of the armed security, and the less-than-friendly places that I was, I had no issues in a year there. Cant even remeber so much as even seeing a fistfight.

    I have all the confidence in the world you could get a CCW or RPG if you were willing to spend( er DONATE!) a few hundred dollars.

    Land is cheap. Loans are not, expect to pay 25% *monthly*. If you are moving a business down there, DR was having a deal where they would give you land in a free trade zone for 20 years, just for opening up shop and employing the locals.

    Employment is another thing - we had folks quit after 6 or 8 months saying "they had made enough money for the year" It is a whole different mentatlity.

    Oh, be sure to stock up on groceries around election season and prepare to bug in for a few days. Political rallies tend to get unruly. I wouldn't exactly call it a riot, but they often are right on the border of riot !

    Which part/town are you thinking about ? I have spent lots of time on the south side. Working towns, industrial, slumms. I have heard the north shore is more touristy.

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    My wife and I lived there for 7 months for work in 2005. It was hot and muggy for the most part, but you really do get used to it. We lived in the SE part of the island near Higuey. The capitol is nice, but smoggy, but has most the American stuff that you probably want. I would not say that it's cheap. Housing and food can be very affordable, but other stuff is about the same... clothes, gas, consumer goods are not cheap and quality costs you down there.

    The lifestyle and culture is a LOT slower. Get used to standing in line and not finding stuff at the local Walmart.

    As for guns, you see them quite often. I recall more than once, while standing in the bank.. a guy would have a revolver hanging out of his pants, mexican carry, and a large bag of cash in the other hand. shotguns are very common for security guards and you'll see a bunch of no-name revolvers. for the rich, i knew a couple guys who had glocks.

    the DR is a great place to spend some time. i think it remains one of the cheapest places in the Caribbean to vacation. however, the new growth is on the east end of the island. the north was the hot spot about 10 years ago. most of the new growth is east and southest near La Romana and Punta Cana. The Punta Cana area is really nice.

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