CCW in Famous Dave's BBQ?

CCW in Famous Dave's BBQ?

This is a discussion on CCW in Famous Dave's BBQ? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I took the family to dinner last night at Famous Dave's in Colorado Springs. This a big chain with locations in lots of states. ...

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Thread: CCW in Famous Dave's BBQ?

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    CCW in Famous Dave's BBQ?

    So I took the family to dinner last night at Famous Dave's in Colorado Springs. This a big chain with locations in lots of states.

    As I approached the front door and looked inside, the first thing I saw was a big sign with a cartoon bear and goofy foot-tall lettering saying "No loaded guns in or near camp." I looked for, but could not see, any other signs regarding CCW - was specifically looking for the handgun with the red circle/slash over it. Nothing. After an excellent meal, I looked for signs again on the way out. Nothing visible but the big cartoon inside the front door.

    Colorado law does not specify required language, it just says that owners may prohibit concealed carry on their private property. Does anyone know if Famous Dave's has an actual 'no guns' policy?

    The restaurant isn't anywhere near a "camp" and when I carry it, my MK9 holstered IWB is damned hard to detect. I'm not saying that I did or didn't have it last night, I'm just wondering if this is somewhere that I should avoid while carrying. Anyone have experience with this chain of restaurants?

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    It’s to my understanding the BATF as very specific signs that must be posted, however don’t know the specific laws. This signs seems like a personal request, I think you might just be asked to leave if they found out. Head over to the BTAF website and do a search, seems like I have seen the material there, just can’t remember it.
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    We have a Famous Dave's and the food is top drawer. If you havn't tried the pecan pie with vanilla ice cream then you've missed one of the best deserts on the planet.

    I havn't noticed any signs re weapons, but then again I havn't been looking for them. It's not a government building or school and there is no metal detector. Come to think of it I've never had anyone pull up my shirt while I was in a resturant.

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    Famous Dave's just opened up a place in Kalispell, Montana, a couple of months ago.

    Nary a sign anywhere.

    Wouldn't fly in Big Sky Country anyway.

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    ummm....and I don't think I would bring it to their attention if they had "improper wording"....sometimes I think managers or corporate folks try not to alienate they do the minimum to meet insurance requirements...and while they may not encourage people who carry, they don't actively discourage it either.
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    Dont think anbody is alowed to pull your shirt up-they can ask Mabey LEO can if got a resson. Any LEO can eat canot be denied justMO

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    In Missouri if you enter a posted store or restaurant you are not breaking the law unless you are asked to leave and you do not. I wiill not give my money to an estabishment that does not honor my rights. If us law abiding, carrying citizens quit spending our hard earned money in these places that do not honor our rights, you will see many of these signs going away. Just my opinion.

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    No signs that I can recall in the two of them in Denver..

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    That sign sounds more like a joke.
    I wouldn't pay it one bit of mind.

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    I have been to numerous Famous Daves, never seen a sign posting them. As to the one you saw, it sounds more like a poster they picked up for decoration than a sign posting no carry.

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    We ate at the Famous Dave's in Manchester, NH last Fall. No signs . . . but they don't mean anything in NH anyway.

    Can't recall if FD's had joke signs up around the restaurant or not.

    Sounds like a joke sign and I'd pay it no heed.

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    Famous Dave's restaurants each have a unique theme, and no two that I have ever been in are the same. I suspect that what you saw had something to do with the theme at that location.

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    No sign, even in PRKA

    If it's the BBQ Famous Dave's you're discussing, we have no signs at all, even here in the Republik at the Simi Valley location. That may be just because there probably aren't 6 CCW holders in 100 square miles, though...

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    I will atest that Famous Daves is top notch! Anyone had the 3 meat combo? (I go with Brisket, Pulled Pork, Chicken Breast)
    But in North Dakota our serves beer and state law prohits carry of any kind in an establishment with an on-sale liquor license.
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    The BBQ at Famous Dave's isn't worth eating anyway.

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