I actually usually cary with a "backward" holster.

I carry IWB and I keep my rig at the 5:00 position. (I used to carry in SOB - 6 o'clock, but I got talked out of it by people who had been injured doing that)
I found that using a left handed holster is much more comfortable for me when the position approaches SOB... I just practice with my wrist facing the other way than most people .

So since my weapon is in a LH holster anyway, if I were to have a long term injury, I would just have to rotate it around to th 8 o'clock and just use it as it was designed.

Of course, if I were to have a need to draw it immediately after injuring my strong side (without time to rotate it) my time-to-target would be pretty ugly.

But, for me, the level of conceilment afforded is worth the risk of that one rare posibility.