Good news for Tennessee?

Good news for Tennessee?

This is a discussion on Good news for Tennessee? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't seen anything about this lately. It looks like they're finally going to decide on concealed carry ...

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Thread: Good news for Tennessee?

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    Good news for Tennessee?

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't seen anything about this lately. It looks like they're finally going to decide on concealed carry in alcohol-serving restaurants where there isn't a "no weapons" sign.

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    good luck fellow tenn. members.
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    ""Senate Bill 23, sponsored by State Senator Doug Jackson (D-25), will be heard by the full Senate on Wednesday, January 16. SB23 allows a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm in a place where alcohol is served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions."

    I think it's in a step in the right direction. But I don't like the fact you can't drink and carry. Now before you all jump on my case, hear me out.
    It's legal to drink (along as your under the limit) and do other activities, such as drive a car. My friend owns a bar, and I like to stop by and visit with all my friends that go there. This bar is on the "bad" side of my town, my car has been hit in the parking lot (hit and drove off) and a buddy's car has been broken into. I feel safer when I carry as i have to walk 2 blocks to the bar/eatery from the parking lot. If I know im going to be drinking to the point were I can't drive the gun doesn’t come with me. But I see no problem having a beer with your friends. If you are responsible to carry a gun, you should be able to be responsible with your habits and friends.
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    Great for Tennessee! Hopefully it'll pass.

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    Not saying I don’t have a beer while enjoying a great cheese burger in paradise, and in Florida it’s legal so long as it’s at a restaurant, not a bar.

    But interesting enough, it’s against FDLE policy for an LEO to drink an alcoholic beverage while carrying.

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    Good luck TN, from your neighbors to the south!!!
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    Good Luck Tennessee
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    Quote Originally Posted by imatt View Post
    Great for Tennessee! Hopefully it'll pass.

    Good luck from your northeast neighbor.

    Hope the Governor has more sense than Kaine -- VA's dork!
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    we aren't holding our breath...but we're hopeful. They ran a bash story on it on the local news tonight with the "chief" of police saying guns and alcohol don't mix. Then they had several "civilians" that just happen to say the exact same thing on cue.
    They DID have the decency this time to interview the sponsor of the bill calling the open letter the opponents to the house "misleading" and they they conveniently forgot to mention the part about the CCW'ers not being allowed to have one drop of booze.
    Our chief of police is one of the most loathed people in the state. He has done nothing but destroy the moral of the LEOs on duty and basically lie about the stats he reports to great fanfare to the media.
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    I have said it before and I'll say it again....It isn't the Senate that kills this bill every single time it comes up. It is Jimmy Naifeh. That jackass kills the bill by bottling it up in committee every time it has been passed by the Senate and sent to the house. He has said it will not pass as long as he is Speaker of the House.

    The bill did in fact pass in the Senate by a large margin in our favor. It is even now dieing a quiet death in committee in the House.

    If this passes the House, I will be shocked.

    And for the record, it will not decide on Concealed carry in restaurants, it will decide on carry in restaurants, there is not legal requirement to conceal your gun in Tennessee. Open carry is legal everywhere it is legal to carry your gun at all.
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    Great news... much like it is already here in Texas.
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    I've already contacted my Rep, and he said he was very much in favor of the bill I've got my fingers crossed!

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    Go TN...hope it passes this time!
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    We are in the same boat in GA. A small chance or bill will get heard this year after being sent back & forth. I am on the border of GA & TN - so both will benefit me and others on the border with TN. Maybe if TN passes, GA will rethink

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    I REALLY hope this passes..I go there often. living in Ky, I'm spoiled.
    ( and should be )

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