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Is a CCW for me?

This is a discussion on Is a CCW for me? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Everyone on this site is going to tell you carrying is a good thing. Its like walking into a car dealership and asking if you ...

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    Everyone on this site is going to tell you carrying is a good thing. Its like walking into a car dealership and asking if you should buy a car... We can only offer you our logic, the real choice is up to you. You have to understand that carrying is a lifestyle choice, and honestly I wouldn't reccomend it unless you are willing to dedicate yourself. Just getting the permit is the bare minimum, you also have to consider getting extra training, or else you are really just fooling yourself into thinking you are safer. Alot of people say atleast get it b/c its a "2nd amendment vote", thats nice, but I'd rather see you safe (not have a ccw) if you arn't willing to put in the required effort. Its somthing that shouldn't be taken lightly.

    On the flipside, yes one day unfortunatly you may need it, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

    I encourage you to get it and keep training and keep your skills sharp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo2 View Post
    I agree with all of the above, get it. Do you ever go too a bad part of town? Do you plan to have a family one day you would like to protect if the need arises. One other thing to think about, the anti-gunners are always trying to get laws past and there is generally (not always) a grandfather clause.
    If you think "Gee, I'm going to a rough section of town, maybe I should be armed.", you probably shouldn't go. But if you have to go to the all night Walgreen's at 2:00 AM cause your wife or kid needs a prescription filled ASAP, you should go armed.

    But the 'grandfather clause' is one of the things that prompted me to get mine. Last election, the state swung from RED to BLUE. They [the Dems] said they were gonna do stuff and they already have. They put in the Residents Only reciprocity and now they're working on mandatory locked storage. Who knows what will happen between now and the next election.

    PS, everyone stock up on high capacity magazines. They were 'grandfathered' in in 1994.
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    Sure is nice being able to walk into a gun store, whip out the CCW, and leave with the new gun in minutes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellman View Post
    I'm 23, and considering purchasing a firearm for daily carry. I'm very comfortable with firearms, and have been shooting/hunting since I was 6.
    Great. You've got nothing to lose by obtaining a CHL, then. You've done all the preparation and work, having been around guns and safety for that long. If nothing else, it is one more thing to show that you've passed muster and are one of the good guys. Given the risk of modern life and how little some value it, it'll ensure you can remain legally armed no matter where you go.

    I do not know how often I would be able to carry given my current place of work. I work at a government contractor, and I believe they do not allow guns on the premises. Given I spend 9-10 hours of my day there, I'd likely have to leave my firearm in my car, which I am not a fan of since it is easy to break into a car.
    You may well be working for this contractor today. Tomorrow, who's to say?

    I suppose my question is it worth obtaining a CCW permit if I'm unable to make use of it?
    If true non-use, then a CHL is irrelevant. But, IMO, everyone can find some use.

    My commute is short ...
    Today. If you change jobs, that'll change right then. Plus, I'm assuming that driving into town via car/bicycle isn't the only time that you're outside your home.

    I don't need a CCW for home defense ...
    Are you saying that your property and home are, by design, immune to all crime? You'll need to clarify what it is, exactly, about the design that allows for complete relaxing of defenses in this way. Short of a bunker with armed guards and dogs, I don't think there is any such thing. I have yet to see a home or property that couldn't benefit by hardening of the defenses.

    I guess I also wonder about the questions people would ask if they see I am carrying, and opinions people up here may develop...not that I care what they think, but I'd hate for someone to call the cops on me because I'm carrying.
    If not completely concealed and invisible, you'll likely get questions. Simply go about your business. Treat it like any other tool you've got in your pocket. Most folks aren't even going to know you've got anything with you.

    Read up on the relevant law. In Virginia, there have been instances of individual officers not having a clue about the subtleties of VA carry laws. Make contact with the Virginia Citizens' Defense League (VCDL), for good info on carrying in VA.
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    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    welcome to the forum from s.e. michigan. i agree with above posts.
    I"d get for those days off,nights out and about,etc. suppport your 2a.
    and the ever popular as stated before(just like your firearm) better
    to have it and not need it than to need it a not have it. plus you get to learn
    something new(ccw class). i"m not saying that you dont know, i myself
    learn something new this forum,to me DC is like an online
    school,great info,inputs and so on.anyway just my 0.02 worth.
    good luck in your desision.
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    I can't really add much more to what has already been said. I would go ahead and get it, you never know when you might want to carry and it is better to have it and not use it than want to and not be able to. If you ever travel just remember your permit is honored by numerous states and the list continues to grow.

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    Hi, I agree with Doc. I too do not have my permit yet but will remedy that next month. In addition, by obtaining your permit you add to the numbers of permit holders sending a signal to the state. Use it or lose it... In the past Virginia has been fairly gun friendly. Check out "" for current trends. Regarding the laws in Va., your CHP class should cover most (if not all) of that. Mike
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    I work for the Department of Defense and work on a military post. I cant carry while on post, I cant even leave my weapon in the car while on post. I am unarmed 40+ hours a week.

    But I carry 100% of the rest of the time. My family deserves it. My countrymen deserve it.
    Join the NRA!
    The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It is about keeping the government in check. This requires that the citizenry is well armed and at all times has immediate access to arms.

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    Something not touched on yet. When I first started thinking about getting a CWP, it was because I liked the thought of having a pistol in the cab of the pickup with me, not because I really felt a need to tote one around. A CWP circumvents a lot of problems during a encounter with LEO. In Arizona my gun can be loaded , in the truck but has to be in certain places without a permit, with a permit it can be anywhere, IE; in my briefcase, in the door, in the console,etc, etc.
    Today I carry everywhere I can legally, by choice, by habit, whatever you want to call it. My point is that a CWP is a good thing to have for a lot more reasons than just the ability to carry a gun.
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    what's that adage that us ccw'ers like to say?...

    Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it? :)

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    I originally got my permit for traveling, not knowing where or how often I'd carry. I just wanted the option to carry and ya can't do that without the permit (unless I open carry).
    Once getting educated on it, mostly on this forum, I now carry 100% of the time. Alot of people can't carry at work. That's only part of your day.

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    some great points were raised! :) Thanks to everyone for the responses...I didn't realize this forum was this active!

    I didn't think of a few things like the financial support of the 2nd amendment, and being able to purchase a firearm faster. So some great points there.

    I made the comment about not needing a CCW permit for home defense because I already have firearms in the home, I don't need a permit to allow me to use them.

    The bad neighborhoods i visit are pretty much in downtown DC...which according to them if you own a handgun legally, you must be a drug dealer/criminal/rapist...Hoping to see this law get changed.

    I also hadn't considered the grandfather clauses...Excellent points. After thinking about these, I've decided to go ahead and start the process of obtaining my CCW. Next comes deciding to carry, a decision only I can make.

    Thanks to everyone for the responses, much appreciated!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellman View Post
    is it worth obtaining a CCW permit if I'm unable to make use of it? My commute is short, I don't need a CCW for home defense, so what's the point of me obtaining one.
    I advocate CCW and agree with the points made earlier in the thread. Here are a couple of other points to consider:

    If you were ever to need the pistol for home defense, it must be instantly available. Since open or concealed carry is legal on your property, it's true that you don't need the permit for home defense. You could carry all the time on your property, and take it off every time you leave the property, but I bet you don't. If you get a permit and get in the habit of carrying all the time, I think you will be more likely to always have it on you when you are at home.

    You have probably already answered the following questions for yourself, but if the answer to any of them is "no", you are probably philosophically opposed to CCW:

    Am I capable of killing someone for defensive reasons?

    Could I live with myself if I killed in self-defense?

    If I find myself in what I consider to be a kill-or-be-killed situation, there are several possible results:
    (a) I do not act and am killed or otherwise victimized,
    (b) I kill and the DA finds my action to be legal,
    (c) I kill and the DA does not agree that I was acting correctly, so I am tried, convicted, and sent to prison.

    Would I think option (c) is preferable to option (a)?

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    Other than option C i had considered those questions already...and option C is much more preferable than option A to me :)

    As i'm reading through the applications, and rules/laws/reciprocity...I'm extremely annoyed that MD does not honor VA CCW permits. I frequently travel to MD, and through MD -- to many bad parts of town. to be frank, it sucks that states can't get along on this issue.

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    Yes, MD is a may-issue state, most of which do not recognize the permit of any other state. AL and DE are the only may-issue states (that I know of) which do recognize at least some others.

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