Moving to Northern Virginia

Moving to Northern Virginia

This is a discussion on Moving to Northern Virginia within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all, I'm moving to Northern Virginia (Stafford, Fredericksburg, Woodbridge areas), and am in need of some information. I know its fairly easy to find ...

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Thread: Moving to Northern Virginia

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    Moving to Northern Virginia

    Hello all,

    I'm moving to Northern Virginia (Stafford, Fredericksburg, Woodbridge areas), and am in need of some information. I know its fairly easy to find some of this stuff in the yellowpages, but I want the opinion of everyone here because you all would know better than the yellowpages which stores and shops are better to buy from (i.e. knowledgeable staff, good selection, nice people, small town feel, etc). So I'm going to list what I'd like you guys to comment on:

    1. Good gun stores/ gunsmiths

    2. Good ranges (both outdoor and indoor)

    3. For those of you that live in Virginia, do you really open carry into restaurants and other places that sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, and if so, what are your experiences?

    4. And anything else you would like to tell me

    As always, your opinions and thoughts are much appreciated!
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    This forum is more about concealed carry, rather than open carry.

    Regarding #3, you can find tons of data at

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    Hey Glock...
    I live in Stafford...there are a couple of gun stores in Woodbridge (can't think of their names off the top of my head)...there was Shooter's Paradise in Woodbridge--a really good range, knowledgeable staff, and broad variety of guns--plus a great range--until they had a fire over a year ago. Now I think they are selling guns out of a competitor's shop a few miles north.

    IRT Restaurants: Yes...we really do open carry....and have yet to have anyone react....checkout: OCDO and look under Virginia.

    VA issues Concealed Handgun Permits (CHPs)--and they are issued by the County. The short version is: you submit your application, a copy of your firearms training, $50 and wait no more than 45 days for the county to issue your permit. Some counties fingerprint initial applicants, but are prohibited by law to fingerprint renewals. Permits are good for 5 years.
    I recommend you look into joining the Virginia Citizens Defense League ( (we) are a grassroots organization here in VA...with no affiliation with the NRA.
    Are you military?

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    For #3, there is a good discussion in this thread.

    Also do a search using the keywords "Virginia Tuck".

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    I live in MD (sucks to be me) but am one of the lucky few to have an MD concealed permit. My girlfriend lives in Alexandria VA and concealed carry there also with a FL nonresident permit. The FL permit allows carry in more states than the VA permit so I went with that one. Check out the states here:

    Welcome to

    If you are a VA resident in certain counties you will be hasled more than some others so I would avoid the hastle and get the FL permit and as an added bonus it will be issued by Charles Bronson (not the actor but still fun). Info. to obtain the paper work for the FL permit is here:

    Form/Pamphlet Request - Division of Licensing, DOACS

    Click on form/phamphlet type.
    Select Concealed weapon or firearm permit and they will have the paperwork on the way to you. It took about 60 days to receive mine.

    There are some good gunshops around but can not recommend a particular one. Good buys can be found on and shipped to a local shop either where you are or a shop here when you move.

    I do most of my shooting at the NRA range. A nice facility if you are moving close to that area.

    For more info. on VA try:

    Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL)

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    If your close to Fredricksburg you will have a Gander Mountain store there. As far as other gun stores and ranges in that area I am not familiar enough with the area to help.

    As far as dining out goes. Open carry is the only way you can carry if they serve alcohol for consumption pn premise. I have never had anyone say anything to me since I moved here from Oklahoma in 98.

    With permit there is no waiting period to purchase a weapon, and the 1 gun per month rule is waived for permit holders.

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    I've escaped the NOVA bustle for western PA, but had a great experience with a gun shop in Manassas, Virginia Arms. The staff were helpful and expert. The shop is well-stocked with competitive prices, and helped me get a good price at reasonable transfer fee for stuff they didn't have.

    Enjoy the traffic! I can can now see more deer than cars on my 40 minute commute...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BentLink View Post
    a gun shop in Manassas, Virginia Arms. The staff were helpful and expert. The shop is well-stocked with competitive prices, and helped me get a good price at reasonable transfer fee for stuff they didn't have.
    Haven't been there myself, but have heard a lot of great things about them. I live near Fredericksburg, VA and there are a lot of gunsmiths in the area, only been to two of them, one for work, another for his FFL. Gander Mountain is also just up the road. There is a range, don't know much about it though 'cause my range is in my back yard. Yes, in some of the neighborhoods you can do that. Then again I have no HOA.


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    Outdoor Ranges

    Izaak Walton League, Alexandria

    You join the the chapter and the IWLA. They have good outdoor facilities and more improvements coming. This chapter is on Garrison Road near Fredericksburg in Stafford County

    Prince William Izaak Walton League

    This chapter is a bit north and west of Quantico in Prince William County. Same deal as above. You join the chapter and the IWLA.

    The rest has been well covered.
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    Gilbert's Small Arms range in Springfield is a good indoor pistol range.
    I second the comment about joining the Virginia Citizens' Defense League.

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