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Does your wife carry?

This is a discussion on Does your wife carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by takurpic Hmmm... couldn't vote. My wife is taking her class later this month, but it will be at least 45 days after ...

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Thread: Does your wife carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by takurpic View Post
    Hmmm... couldn't vote. My wife is taking her class later this month, but it will be at least 45 days after that before she gets her permit. Then she will carry.
    Same here. She picked up the forms on Friday and is planning to schedual her testing later this month.
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    I selected "no, but thinking about it". She is a vocal supporter of gun rights, but she has been a little hesitant to handle them. I don't want to pressure her, so I've left her alone aside from the random gun conversation about this or that.

    She signed up for a Pistol Level I class, and has started talking about asking the instructor for help picking out a pistol. She's partial to revolvers, and the Lady Smith in particular. Once she has that and we can spend some quality time at the range together, I'm hoping she will enjoy it and start looking into CCW.
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    I said no, but then she never has - unless you count evil black rifles...

    I told her I would be getting hers before the election...

    she used to fire expert in the Military...

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    Selected "No, But thinking about it." She used to carry a Browning Hi Power years ago but sold it when she moved to Florida. Hasn't shot in about 10 years. Now it's one of those "yes, some day" things. Just not high on her priority list I guess. I'm not going to push her because we all know how well pushing our wives to do something works....

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    Wife carries a 357 snubbie. I do NOT mess around with other women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apierce918 View Post
    My gf doesnt want to get her permit before she gets into a teaching job because her dad and herself think that they might look at it the wrong way when doing a background check and not hire her.
    Unless the school paperwork demands to know if you own/carry a gun, what makes you think that a CCW would show up on a "background check"?

    TTBOMK, a background check should include any criminal activity only. They might do a credit check too, to see if she pays her bills, but I can't imagine that having a CCW license would show up.

    I can't say what they do do or not, as none of the corporate jobs that my Wife or I ever had even did a background check first (exception was the jobs where I had a DOD/NRC/USNavy security clearance). My Wife was a teacher in two states but that was a very long time ago . . . if you were breathing, had a BS and a teaching certificate they could hire you. Even the computer support job I took at a college in 2001 didn't require any background check, and it was an all female college (even very few male staff).

    As to my Wife, she only became interested in shooting recently (few years ago), although she's had her permit for ~30 years (at my insistence). Just a week ago she expressed interest in a small carry gun, but I don't believe that she is anywhere near ready to carry a gun . . . typical female behavior of dropping her purse on the floor by the front door, anytime she enters anyone's house and I can't see her ever wearing a concealed holster on her person, plus she's nowhere near proficient with a handgun (she owns/shoots a .22 target gun most of the time, her .38 revolver and 9mm Glock only some of the time due to pain in her hands - carpal tunnel). After two outings with my Ruger 10/22 she's deadly accurate with it and really likes it, but it's a bit too big to conceal (and illegal to carry any long gun on a public way in this state).

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    im not sure if it would, her dad is very big into guns and it was him who told her that. So i dont know

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    My wife carry?

    Did hell just freeze over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    ....Do I even need to explain?
    I was actually going to put in a special category and/or exemption for you, jd.
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    I think worrying about whether or not a CHL will show up on a background check is like worrying about if my Navy Security Clearance will show up...

    As a side note, my wife teaches chemistry and biology and she was looking at moving to a closer school district. There have already been 4 schools that asked her not to put in her application to the district until a certain moment so that they can hire her first. I'm thinking that the school districts are trying too hard to get teachers to worry about if that teacher is licensed to carry a gun.

    I'm willing to bet a large portion of this forum has background checks done on them for gov't sites or other places where weapons aren't allowed(me included), and I doubt anybody has ever been turned down for a job because they can carry a weapon. I know some have turned down jobs because they couldn't carry there, but never heard of it happening the other way around.
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    well. i am the 'wife'. and yes i carry more than him
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    My wife has had her permit for five years. Her gun is a custom Para P12. She shoots in action matches, however has only carried a couple of times. Her work doesn't allow weapons on the premises. Holstered carry doesn't fit her fashion style. Someday...

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    I think worrying about whether or not a CHL will show up on a background check is like worrying about if my Navy Security Clearance will show up...
    One day I asked my chief if any background check would show my past (or anyone's current) security clearances and his answer was "No, never". The databases that the US Gov't (and military) use to store this info is never co-mingled with the civilian side databases.

    I would not worry about it.

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    Makes me sad to say but my wife would never carry.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    My wife does not carry a gun she prefers the C2 or X26 taser no permit required in MO.

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