Does your wife carry?

Does your wife carry?

This is a discussion on Does your wife carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just a quick poll to find out if your wife (sorry, but wives only) carries....

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  • She would never carry

    30 10.95%
  • No

    62 22.63%
  • No, but thinking about it

    67 24.45%
  • Yes

    99 36.13%
  • Yes, she carries more than I do.

    16 5.84%
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Thread: Does your wife carry?

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    Does your wife carry?

    Just a quick poll to find out if your wife (sorry, but wives only) carries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    Just a quick poll to find out if your wife (sorry, but wives only) carries.

    (Dang. Thought I proofed that. The first one should read: She would never carry. Any way to fix that?)
    Hmmm... couldn't vote. My wife is taking her class later this month, but it will be at least 45 days after that before she gets her permit. Then she will carry.

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    My wife isn't here and until she gets her green card couldn't carry,but as soon as she can legally she's going to chl school

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    Yes, she carries a .38 snubbie, but usually in her purse. I'm working on getting her to carry on her person, but style and fashion seems to be more important to her than choosing clothes that more easily conceal a firearm. We will be trying out a Kahr PM9 for her soon though, that may help change her mind. I have been reading about the new Ruger LCP also, but to me, .380 is just not enough gun, but I guess it's better than a .38 in a purse that just got snatched.


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    I voted no, but thinking about it. I've just now been able to get her to carry OC and a jungle dart. It wasn't easy...she keeps giving me the old "I'm not going to live in fear" crap. I don't want to push her too hard as she may start to reject the idea outright. I'll give her a little while to settle in with the OC and dart and then gradually begin to suggest she get her permit. I have to use baby steps with her as she tends to be set in her ways.
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    Finally took her class a few weeks ago. Waiting on her card now.

    We're shopping for her carry gun now.......that's kind of fun!

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    Years in progress though

    After years of trying, I fonally got her in a class and she's got her non-res Florida and her non-res Utah. A huge downside to this story is that we currently live in Illinois so we can only carry when were over in Missouri shopping or out of state on vacation. The up side is that we are planning to move within the year!

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    ....Do I even need to explain?

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    She's thinking about it. The first time she fired a gun was in February, but since then we have been making trips to the range every weekend. She needs some more practice before she takes the class. I am sure she could pass it, but we feel like she should have more experience before she takes the course. On the plus side, she bought her first pistol last week...I even made her fill out the paperwork herself. So, we're getting there.
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    Yup. She carries more than I do. I work at a nuke plant, and we are not allowed to bring them on the property, let alone carry. The guards carry Beretta M9's and Bushmasters. They also have access to shotguns, and are allowed by law to have full-auto weapons, but they don't (to the best of my knowledge).
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    I said "never," and I hope I'm wrong, but that's how it looks for now. She's got that whole "it'll never happen to me, that doesn't happen around here" attitude.

    She just asked the other day if I walk around in fear all the time and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "No, and that's precisely because I'm prepared to defend myself." (I'd already lost the 'discussion' by then so it would have been pointless.)

    As a subscriber I know on another forum has said, "A gun is not the answer to all your self-defense needs, but when you need a gun, you really need a gun."
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    She won't carry. We've looked at alot of pocket pistols from 22lr to .380. She's just not comfortable with the idea or the pistols. She does have some K.A. pepper spray though. Gets me to thinking I should carry some form of non-lethal self defense tool also.

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    My wife is not yet a U.S. citizen so she can not get a CCW yet in my county
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    Having a pistol is worthless, unless you have the mindset and training to use it. While she loves to go pinking with her 22, and she says she would use it to protect herself at home, I do not believe she has the attitude to use it.

    That being said; having a firearm and not using it can get you in more trouble than not having one.

    So her pistol stays at home, and there is no reason to get a CCL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    My wife is not yet a U.S. citizen so she can not get a CCW yet in my county
    clicked 1 too many times maybe?


    My gf doesnt want to get her permit before she gets into a teaching job because her dad and herself think that they might look at it the wrong way when doing a background check and not hire her.

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