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Do you wear your rig at home

This is a discussion on Do you wear your rig at home within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; yep, me too ( just to add to the numbers )...I find that it's simply easier to keep it on all day than to put ...

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Thread: Do you wear your rig at home

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    yep, me too ( just to add to the numbers )...I find that it's simply easier to keep it on all day than to put it on and take it off evertime I'm in and out the door.

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    Took me a while to get there, but I've been wearing even around the house for some time. One of the best things I did to make that more comfortable was pick up a P3AT. It can clip right in my PJs or tactical speedos and not drag them down. Carry at home.
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    I usually don't wear my rig, but when I'm home I always have a gun within a quick reach.
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    Do you wear your rig at home
    No, after I dump wallet, phone, and keys at "my spot" on the kitchen counter, off comes the holster and into the small safe it goes.

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    Impossible to predict when or where the next home invasion robbery will be. I carry at home every moment I'm awake!

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    Either my edc IWB or mouse gun in the pocket, but always something.

    All you have to do is look at all the home invasion news to know that doing so isn't paranoid, it's prudent!

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    Not at all. I put mine on when I get dressed in the morning and it stays on until I go to bed. Then it is on the nightstand, but I don't have kids at home.

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    You can also keep a few scattered around the house for a year or so. But after that keeping your gun on you while the rest are locked up is the safest way to protect your family.Cornered Cat has some information about carrying all the time with children around.

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    I wear mine until I go to bed also. I live in a pretty good neighborhood and have 6 LEO's within rock throwing distance. Even with them living there, it is not a guarantee that someone will not attempt to break into my home. If they do, I will try to be prepared to defend my family.
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    it just seems like in MI there is alot more crime coming to the country... i like on a 1100 acres and there is no one ever around... last time i called the law it took them 20 mins to get here ... so its clear... wear the rig

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    If I'm not wearing it I keep it nearby. My wife heckles me from time to time, but I live on the edge of the 'burbs, and I hold no illusions about the chances that someone could decide my house looks like a good target.
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    A gun in another room when you need it now is useless.

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    I used to catch crap from my family. I wear a G23 IWB until abt 2 hrs before bed. Then it is on a coffee table within 3 ft of me. My mom used to say "Why do you have to carry that thing all the time, nothing happens here....until her regular grocery store got robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. She has to ask if I'm carrying because she cant tell. Needless to say she doesnt mind anymore. My g/f id fine with it....and could no tell abt the first three times we went out, until i showed her when it came up inconversation. To which she replied "well that makes me feel even more safe when I'm with you."
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    If you're in the middle of nowhere I would make sure your wife knows how to shoot and that she carries when you're not home . I carry a .40 cal Astra when I'm working around my house or garage . I live in a decent area but you never know !!!!!! I refuse to be a victim !!! (you walk in, you're carried out) .

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    I have a firearm within arms reach 24/7, with the exception of --in the shower and "off limits" places.

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