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Do you CCW at the range?

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Thread: Do you CCW at the range?

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    No. I don't CCW to the range. I Open Carry.
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    private range. Sales staff is always armed, we are always armed. I would not go to a public or private range that didn't allow it.

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    Our local range has an entry checkpoint - no loaded weapons allowed beyond that point. You can load them after being assigned a shooting position. It also applies to police officers who wish to use the range. Don't think you would have to worry about being unarmed for that short period - the owner and range officers are all armed - open carry.
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    We have a strange range situation.

    The land is owned by the City, but the range is operated by the gun club.

    The PD used it as a range before the gun club did.

    I have a family membership in the gun club.

    The gun club rules are "chamber empty, action open" when not in use.

    PD SOP is hot range.

    I CCW, and almost always fire my carry gun as well as the others I brought. I just keep a mag full of JHPs handy.

    It's an outdoor range, and if the gate's open, any fool could just drive on down in there. Not legally, but when has that ever stopped anyone but the law-abiding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Yes, I carry at the range, I generally run one mag through my carry gun, reload and re-holster my carry gun.
    Same pretty much goes here. I double checked w/range officers last monday about carrying while I practice my target shooting. They've got NP as long as the gun in holstered and NOT handled during cease fires on the line.
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    Sure do, but for the most part, it's a state gravel pit.
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    yup: yup:
    do what you can with what you have where you are at (theodore roosevelt)

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    I always carry either concealed or openly at both of my gun clubs. I've also belonged to 2 other gun clubs previously and none of them have/had a problem with it. One of my prior clubs was inhabited by strictly skeet/trap/bullseye shooters and a number of members told me that they didn't understand why I would ever carry a gun there! <DOH> None of them ever thought that "defensive carry" was necessary anywhere . . . to them the 2A means the ability to hunt or target shoot only. Don't belong there anymore, but quit for other reasons.

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    I always carry at the gun range. There isn't any rule against it there. You're just not allowed to draw from a holster there. I will also pull out my carry gun and shoot a few through it while I'm there too. I usually just pull a bore snake, if anything, through it before I load it back up and re-holster.

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    I shoot at an outdoor range and I do carry concealed at the range. And if it is only my wife or daughter with me I'll shoot a couple of mags in my carry gun.

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    I carry at my range. I practice drawing and firing my carry gun from my IWB holster along with all the other drills I do. My range is very pro CCW and teaches CCW classes. Everyone who works there carries either open or concealed also.
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    The range is really the only place I open carry. Everyone there has guns, so I don't think anyone will be freaked out by a guy with a pistol that's holstered in the open.
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    yes, i carry at the range. gotta practice with what you carry and all that. it helps that I only have one pistol at the moment.....
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    No, I use a reaching into my pants while at the range might get misunderstood. I typically place my XD in it's case before getting out of my car.
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