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Do you CCW at the range?

This is a discussion on Do you CCW at the range? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Pete Zaria Is there anything illegal about doing this? I know most ranges have a sign that says something to the effect ...

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Thread: Do you CCW at the range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Zaria View Post
    Is there anything illegal about doing this? I know most ranges have a sign that says something to the effect of "no loaded weapons behind the firing line", but I assume that's a rule, not a law, and probably doesn't apply to a concealed weapon anyway.
    Hey Pete, here in WA, my take on it is that is a range rule, not law. Does it applies to a CCW? Hard to say without asking, but there is the saying about asking forgiveness vs permission.

    In any case, at a range with a rule like this I would probably feel fine carrying a CCW, but I would not shoot it. If I wanted to shoot my primary CCW, I'd carry an alternate.

    As they say, concealed means concealed.


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    At ben avery I carried OWB behind the firing line, and out to the targets. They really don't care b/c they a holstered weapon is a "safe" weapon.

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    My range has a sign on the door no loaded weapons past this point,It does not apply to CHL holders ,just people walking in the door with loaded guns in range bags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Our open areas here are often highways for illegals, and they're more frequently carrying contraband with them.
    Whats the law for using them as targets?

    Seriously though, I always take a gun for CC to range, I try my hardest not to shoot it but there have been times when ole Para wants to shoot ...

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    Yes!. Our range is a club for a for profit company. It is also predominately a Trap shooting club so while there are quite a few pistol shooters there are not too many on the range at any one time especially on week days.

    ON IPSC contest days I probably will not CCW as the rules are more rigidly enforced on those days. Other wise there is no range officer present usually and common sense prevails.

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    If it is at our indoor range, CCW can carry, no one else is allowed to enter with a loaded weapon. I have been there often enough to know why! At the outdoor range, the only restriction is when you go into the club house.
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    Yep, the range I go to has had two suicides in the last four years. You never know when a crazy may show up...Concealed means concealed, heck I even carry to church.

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    i ccw at my range, no problem in Leander Texas.i also run several mags through my cary gun while at practice.
    all the range marshals know i do this,and they all carry owb when at work.

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    No, because I can not draw from a holster at my range (range rules), and I always like to practice with my carry guns.
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    Sure do.
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    Carry on the range

    I belong to a club with several ranges open to everyone. It never fails when I am out shooting someone will come up and want to shoot on the same range I am using even with other ranges open. This drives me crazy. I have never seen the same subject twice, so you never know who you are going to see. I have always believed it is better to be safe. I will either carry openly or concealed when I am on the range, no matter what I always have a weapon close just incase I need it.
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    Always have one loaded and concealed at the range.The range I use is on a dead end road and pretty isolated. Can't even see the road from there.No range officer.Its a public range so you see some pretty wild stuff there.

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    Yes I do, so does the sales staff.

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