Carpal Tunnel Syndrome......

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome......

This is a discussion on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The doc says I've got it. So far, just the first two fingers and thumb of my right hand have moderate numbness and pain. The ...

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Thread: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome......

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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome......

    The doc says I've got it. So far, just the first two fingers and thumb of my right hand have moderate numbness and pain. The left has a slight bit of the same.
    Anybody else have it? Does it affect your shooting? What about carry issues? Anybody had surgery or other treatments? Any effective remedies? How about reloaders? Has it slowed down your ability to make ammo? (I'm not reloading yet, but hope to soon..)
    Any feedback is much appreciated.
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    Hi Fjol'.

    I have a bit of numbness right hand but not sure it is actual CTS - it is possibly from my neck.

    My son's step uncle has had surgery on both sides now because his got so bad - it was very successful tho a bit protracted re recovery time.

    IIRC the tendon sheaths where they go thru the carpal tunnel become irritable and inflamed - sorta tendinitis and then, the effects spread to nerves. I am trying to remember my darned anatomy now - I think ulnar nerve feeds pinkie and ring finger on anterior surface - median nerve does thumb and forefinger and ''bird'' finger on anterior surface. The radial nerve does posterior surface of all digits.

    Surgery basically tries to free up the area so as to relieve pressures.

    It can and does affect shooting - but often it is proportional to amount of grippping and maybe even recoil trauma. If squeeze excercizes (like rep's with tennis ball) increase the problem then could well be CTS.

    As far as reloading - well I think bottom line will be how much gripping and repetitive movement involved - so could be problematic or bearable - hard to tell.

    This is only my 2c from a very rusty medical background... I have forgotten a lot.
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    Interestingly, the mild case I had was related to wearing my Casio divers' watch! I switched to a Ti Skagen, and it has pretty much gone. The only exception being when I do a lot of strenuous gripping; even a full coffee cup can get me tingling, if I don't switch hands.

    Affects me more when loading lots of mags, or tinkering with parts-fitting more than shooting. From people I know who've had serious CT, they have found relief going to .38/9mm, and using recoil comp technology (Haart's recoil rods, Buffer Tech buffers, etc..) Sometimes surgery is neede/helpful, but I don't know how bad it has to be for that to be recommended.

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    I've got it so bad they call it Sargent Tunnel Syndrome. If I can get by without typing for a few hours, it seems to be manageble. Too many days I can't do that though.

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    Mine was getting pretty severe. Had the surgery about 4 years ago, was out of work for 6 weeks, no shooting for 2 months. Now, the surgery has you out of work for a week, and no shooting for a month. Since then, everything has been great!

    HAVE THE SURGERY! Was worth all the time I had to spend off, and it's a lot less time now.
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    This Usually ALWAYS Works For Minor Carpal Tunnel.

    You can EASILY splint your own wrist.
    Do it on a weekend if you're self-conscious about it.
    Use a wooden paint stirrer like the ones you get free when you buy a gallon of paint. Put it lengthwise down your arm to include your wrist & under your palm.
    Splint the wrist straight with an Ace bandage wrapped not too tight but, enough to keep your wrist straight.
    Take a good over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and the MAXIMUM daily amount for at least three days.
    Try not to use those fingers or that hand unless absolutely necessary. That includes the keyboard.
    Of Course....remove the bandage & splint before you shower but then put it right back on again! Don't cheat.
    Practice using your weak hand & fingers for a few days.
    Make a game of it.
    It's great survival conditioning anyway.
    You need to get the inflammation down that is putting pressure on the nerve.
    The above is exactly what my Brother does (he refuses to get operated on) & works for him.
    Don't get operated on unless the pain won't go away or it's a constantly recurring problem.
    It's POSSIBLE to have a temporary bout of Carpal Tunnel pain that won't come back for quite a while...depending on what exact activities you're engaged in & to what degree.
    Buy a mercury filled shock watch for $50.00 and wear it before you go shooting - play golf - tennis etc.
    I hope that helps. I would not have you waste your time with it if it was not working for my Bro.

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    My Dad has it and it effects him loading mags and shooting anything to powerfull he can shoot 44 mag but limited shots same as a 357.

    The 38's i load he can shoot all day so i figure thats good enough he is more Dangerous with a hammer swinging it has no feeling in palm or fingers for grip ive seen the claw hammer fly more than one time ..

    Sister has had surgry recently but its to early to tell how it did for her

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    CTS - My Tale

    Being a professional (ie paid) computer geek I developed CTS after almost 20 years. So painful I could hardly drive let alone run a mouse or keyboard. Got a steroid shot and started wearing a wrist support at night and when driving for a couple of months. I was told that when sleeping we clench our fists and that affects the already inflammed tendon / sheath. Nowdays, if I feel it coming on, I wear the wrist brace for a few nights and it clears up. Has not affected my shooting.
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    I had a similar injury, but the nerve damage was at the elbow, not the carpal tunnel. Back when I was in grad school and churning out papers. Had to do with the way I rested my arms on my office chair. I had to wear a brace for about six months. Couldn't manipulate a mouse, touch-type, or even grip a glass of milk. Had I been carrying at the time, it would have affected my ability to carry and shoot. The doctor did not advise surgery. I stopped wearing the brace after six months and have had no further problems in the past 10+ years.
    - Tom
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