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Thread: Just A Warning

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    What that ok?
    What CC said better than i would have . You made yourself a felon, the dealer made himself a felon , your buddy came out allright . I would respectfully suggest Bline that either you edit your post or a mod do it so as we do not have illegal activity's on the forum oO( if a mod does it remove the name here and in cc's post too please tho i did not quote any admission of a crime )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bline View Post
    Ok, been following this and just thought of somthing. I was in a shop a few years ago and found a G26 LNIB fro $399. Dailed up a buddy who was looking for one(I'd trust this man with my life, money, and wife!!). He said he wanted it so I grabbed it stating to the dealer I was buying this for a friend, did that make a difference. He said no so I filled out the paperwork in my name. My friend reimbursed me for the purchase price and I wrote out a bill of sale and have a copy like I do with all private sales. What that ok?

    This is what not to do and is highly illegal. This should be left as an example of how not to buy a firearm.

    See Captain Crunches previous remarks
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    I guess I would be going to jail then.

    At my local gun shows there are always a bunch of cops walking around. So my initial thought was to say "yes, follow me." and walk up to a cop and tell him what had just happened, and let them sort it out.

    I guess I would have been arrested before I made it to the cops.
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    I guess no one sw this the first time....
    On this note, say you are offered an extravagant amount to go in and buy a gun for someone, would you be arrested upon receiveng the money or producing the firearm??
    I would suppose it would have to be after the firearm is handed over??

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    On this note, say you are offered an extravagant amount to go in and buy a gun for someone, would you be arrested upon receiveng the money or producing the firearm??
    probably providing the firearm. Taking the money is only conspiracy to xxx. handing the gun over is actual xxx, plus they can ding you further for falsifying the 4473 and the dealer for going along with it.

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    Ok sort of on topic here, but not really, I bought a pistol for my wife about two years ago, its in my name, etc, yes it was known to me that it would be for my wife, was I breaking the law in buying a pistol I was going to give to my wife? Secondly, my wife decided to upgrade in caliber, so the pistol I bought for my wife is now "officially mine again", But does it really matter in a spouse relationship where it is considered community property?
    So anyway we go to the store and of course I talk her into upgrading caliber, she says the following to me.

    I want this to be my gun,, not your gun that I am using,
    So I said sure you fill out the paperwork and I pay for it with my credit card.
    Is this what I should have done the first time? does it even matter? We are married, my understanding is that anything aquired in marriage is community property. (oh man i really hope BATF guy with nothing better to do is not reading this today)

    Food for thought, if we ever did get divorced is a court order showing which gun went where enough or should I make a bill of sale for the firearms that she would be getting? (ok laugh all you want but I have a lot more invested in firearms than we have in home equity in this manufactured house)

    More food for thought, if my wife reads this is she going to assume I am thinking about divorce because I mentioned the above? and if so does anyone have a vest I could borrow?

    **** note to wife in case she reads this,

    I was just trying to put thoughts out there for others, please unload that shotgun you swore you would never shoot again and go to sleep, really honey its ok. (mental picture now, wife at divorce attorney ALL I WANT IS HIS SHOTGUN, that no good rat fink loves it more than me blah blah blah)

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    Prior to even knowing who it was. I would have looked for a legitimate law enforcement officer alerted him to an attempted felony & let the BATFE work it out for themselves

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    it doesnt matter who pays for it, it only matters who fills out the paperwork.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southtexas View Post
    Ok sort of on topic here, but not really,
    This was covered in an earlier post in this thread.

    If your wife didn't pay you for the gun, it was a gift. - no leagal issues. Add to that there was no intent to acuire a weapon for somebody who is forbidden to have one, and it seems to get even clearer. I, for example can go buy a gun for my nephew at the gun show this weekend without worries... I'd be going to give it to him, not sell it to him.

    And IANAL, but it seems the relationship between spouses receives a lot of special consideration in a great deal of legal issues. - even IF you later get divorced.


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