Got my Licence !! - Initial Thoughts

Got my Licence !! - Initial Thoughts

This is a discussion on Got my Licence !! - Initial Thoughts within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thoughts on carrying for a couple weeks now. I live in Indiana. The process took 2 weeks for the county, plus a $50 fee. I ...

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Thread: Got my Licence !! - Initial Thoughts

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    Got my Licence !! - Initial Thoughts

    Thoughts on carrying for a couple weeks now.

    I live in Indiana. The process took 2 weeks for the county, plus a $50 fee. I then returned to the county office, was fingerprinted and put $75 MO in an envelope to send it off to the state. The state returned my license 30 days later. The whole process took 44 days and $125 total for the lifetime license.

    Made it to Wallyworld, but didn't buy ammo, it was $26+ for 100 rds or WWB ouch. Got a couple cheap-o shirts.

    Initial thoughts:
    -Concealing a weapon seems like a game of hide and seek, I'm sure this dies down in one's mind as time goes on. I take it in all seriousness, so don't get me wrong because I used the word "game"(speaking to the militant knuckleheads who mis-read into things and can hijack and derail a thread real fast ), but what I am referring to is choosing clothing to conceal(I am in the process of getting many more appropriate shirts), thinking about movements (how I pick up my child, where/how I reach or bend for something, which hand to carry things in so I have quick access to the gun if needed, etc.), all things trying to make sure others don't know.

    -After a while all of the thought that goes into everything was becoming quite tiring and I found myself asking if I really want to deal with this extra thought and caution that comes with concealment all the time. But I realized that most all of these things develop into more natural acts/traits over time, some have already, and become more second nature. I truly feel a heightened sense of awareness and responsibility while packing. I can't believe I wasn't as aware the rest of my life. no more!

    -I actually feel a little weird when I am without my gun now, found that quite interesting.

    -I now think more about where to sit in a restaurant, observing others around you, etc. I was in a restaurant recently and was amazed to see every man facing the entrance, there were about 8 tables occupied, I think this definitely is not a coincidence.

    -It is interesting that most people don't have a clue, it's quite easy to hide a decent sized weapon from everyone(Sig P229 for me). At first I thought I had eyes on me and would make a lot of eye contact with others to see if I was getting looks or "made"...but people just don't notice. Several times this past week I was walking on a windy day while wearing a solid color T-shirt. I was aware that the wind coming from my right side was making my IWB pistol handle print...but people just walked the other way on the sidewalk and didn't notice. They all smiled and said good afternoon. I couldn't believe that nobody noticed...I sure did.

    -Dark colors and printed fabrics can hide so so much, it's amazing.

    To my amazement also, my wife is cool with it. She isn't totally comfortable yet seeing the gun on the nightstand at night or bumping into it when getting a hug, but she never gave a second thought to the 12ga under the bed. I've got her shooting some, and she knows not to say anything to anyone. Several discussions with her about have her realizing where I'm coming from and that it's a good thing.

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    Well congrats on your license. Its absolutely normal to be overly aware about the pistol on your hip

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    Good for you
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    Just like carrying a wallet, you know it's there, get a little reminder when you sit a certain way, but the newness surely wears off. One thing that never fades is the feeling of security. Just my .02 worth.
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    Congrats!! Everything will become more like second nature over time and you will learn what shirts and set ups work best for you. It is kind of an on going 'game' trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

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    This gives me hope. I'm paranoid about how I'm going to carry when I get my carry piece in a few months.

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    The new will wear off and you will revert to your old sheep habbits unless you make conscious efforts to do otherwise.

    Congrats on your liscense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngda9 View Post
    ...but what I am referring to is choosing clothing to conceal(I am in the process of getting many more appropriate shirts)...
    I think those shirts like Charlie Sheen wears on 2 1/2 Men look like they would do the job. Especially in the summer. Hawaiian shirts have become a give-away.

    I asked the guys on CalCCW about them and one fellow knew right away what brand they were:

    Charlie Sheen's Wardrobe On 2 1/2 Men - CalCCW

    You're right about dark colors and patterns too.

    My favorite method of spring and fall carry is my P2000 in a Blackhawk SERPA covered by a longer waisted denim jacket. I carry the spare mag in the inside right-hand pocket and it keeps that side of the jacket down, even in the wind and I can brush it away easily when I draw.

    This summer, I'm gonna dress like Charlie Sheen; those shirts and cargo cutoffs w/an IWB.
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    It all does become second nature. Most folks will just think a budge on you side is a cell phone or PDA, if they do notice. Most don't.

    You soon get back to reality and realize not many folks really care what you are wearing let alone trying to figure out is you are concealing something.

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    Glad to see another from fort wayne with there permit!!
    I believe in gun control...... Thats why I use TWO hands.

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    One thing that you'll learn with time is that even if you're printing HORRIBLY, most people still won't notice. Most people =/= those on this forum.

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    You also notice that a lot of people carry or have a permit in this state!
    In another thread, I stated that almost all the people that I know or related to have a license to carry.
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    In a little while you're going to figure it out.
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    I sure like the "lifetime" nature of your permit, since I'm coming up on a renewal in my state.

    If you want to rid yourself of the bulky P229, send it to me--I've really got the itch to pick up a P229 DAK, and hope to do so later this year!

    Good luck.
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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