I guarantee everybody here that a favorable Heller ruling will be used to challenge all kinds of stupid laws and policies like the ones at VT that allowed the tragedy to happen.

Because if they acknowledge that the RKBA is an individual right, then where does the individual right to defend yourself suddenly "end"? If they define it as a property line, then the owner of the property suddenly becomes liable. If they have some sort of "I am not liable policy", then that is going to be subject to challenge in court. Depending on the circumstances, and if the courts and legislatures decide there IS an individual right to self-defense, then these formerly civil issues could turn into criminal civil rights violations someday.

And on another subject: As far as who should be "qualified" to carry concealed weapons on campuses? To me, if they can hold a real qualification course of fire, then so be it. it would have to address the time factor, shooting in a crowd, etc. I am sure IDPA or IPSC clubs could come up with a good test that would address these issues.